Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – It was decided that we will go to the beastkin’s village



The Great Sage said that she used a carrier pigeon to send a letter to the beastkin’s village.

Its contents are of course, about the God Beast Haku.


A student of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School picked up an egg that was being carried by the Mezzel River.

That hatched and the baby Haku was born.

Haku is currently recognizing a student named Laura as her mother and likes her very much.

I wish to make a discussion on what to do with Hakuーー.


When she send that kind of letter yesterday, it seems that Misaki came very quickly.


「Haku-sama is the beastkin’s Guardian God de arimasu. I have been told by the Elder to bring Haku-sama back. If Haku-sama does not wish to leave your side, then I will take you as well!」


Misaki said with a serious face.

And then, she pulled Laura’s right arm and tried to take her out of the room.


「No way, I’ll be troubled if you say that so suddenly〜」


「That is right! Laura-san is my roommate desu wa. If you wish to take her with you, you must take my permission first!」


「Also, our homework is not yet finished. If you take her to the beastkin’s village, there is no way that she would make it on time」


Charlotte and Anna pulled Laura’s left arm.

It was completely a tug of war. On top of that, it was not with a half-assed strength.

The person being pulled would have been torn into two if it was not Laura.

Regardless of that situation, Haku is taking a nap on top of Laura’s head.

Does she think that nothing else matters as long as Laura’s near?


「Alright, alright. Stop fighting」


The Great Sage said that and snapped her finger.

The next instant, Laura felt weakness throughout her body.

And Charlotte, Anna, and Misaki slowly sat on the floor.


「I-I cannot muster strength desu wa〜」


「I’ll even lose to a beetle right now」


「Is this the work of Great Sage-dono……?」


The three of them were instantly nullified without being touched or wounded.

What kind of magic is it?

Laura can trace most of the magic just by looking at it, but the Great Sage’s magic is too advanced that she was unable to understand it.

She could only tell that it is probably a kind of a special magic.


「I casted it on Laura-chan too, but are you okay?」


「I feel, very very tired though」


「He〜, that’s all huh. Laura-chan’s really amazing」


The Great Sage grinningly stared at Laura.

For some reason, Laura had cold sweat because she had an illusion that she became a small bird being targeted by a bird of prey.

Is it that, the Great Sage really wants to fight meーー.

Laura had guessed that, however, there is no doubt that the Great Sage would win if they fight right now.

Is the Great Sage, a person who is interested in fights with clear results like that?

Or maybe……she is waiting for Laura to become stronger.

Laura was terrified how a scary person she is although she is usually carefree.

But regardless of that, everything was only her guess.

She does not know how it was in reality.


「Well, for the meantime, I think that we should follow what Misaki’s saying right now. It’s clear that Haku came from the Beastkin’s Village too. Since Haku won’t leave from Laura-chan’s side, Laura-chan can only go there as well」


「As expected of the Great Sage-dono. You are very understanding!」


It looks like the magic was removed, Misaki’s expression did not look painful.

Not only that, she smiled happily, and her ears and tails moved as well.

The urge to MofuMofu her increased within Laura.

However, it was not the time for that.


「No, no, Principal-sensei. If I go to the Beastkin’s village, wouldn’t I be unable to return? After all, Haku needs to stay at the Beastkin’s Village right?」


Misaki responds to Laura’s protest with a cool face.


「Of course. Haku-sama will be brought up by a Beastkin」


「But, Haku won’t leave my side you know. Won’t I need to continue staying at the Beastkin’s Village!」


「You will be treated warmly as a guest. It is alright」


「It’s not alright! I’m a student here!」


It’s okay right now because it’s summer vacation, but I can’t stay leisurely at the Beastkin’s Village when the classes start.

Whether Haku would be brought up in school, or Haku would get independent from her parent.

It would be disastrous if the problem wasn’t taken care of quickly.


「I will graduate together with Laura-san desu wa. I shall now let her stay in the Beastkin’s Village forever!」


「If Laura leaves, I won’t have anyone to practice my sword with. No way, absolutely. We will follow her to the Beastkin’s Village. And absolutely bring her back to school」




Laura was moved by her friendship with the two girls. Her heart felt very warm.

As I’ve thought, Gyrdorea Adventurer School is a great place.

Thank goodness I became a student here.

It would have been greater if there was no homework though.


「It’s not like I will let you girls go by yourselves, I’ll go with you as your guardian. I need to negotiate with the elders too」


「Ohh! It is great if Principal-sensei is with us!」


「Fufu, I’m happy if you would say that」


The Great Sage seemed very happy being praised.

If so, I should ask her about the homework while we’re at it.


「I want to ask something to that strong, kind Principal-sensei. If we go to the Beastkin’s village right now, our summer vacation homework won’t be on time, so……can you please ask Emilia-sensei to wait for our submission」


「Ara. You thought of such unscrupulous thing huh. It’s alright, but for how long?」


「U〜n……please let her wait for a month!」


「Isn’t a month a little too much? Horns would grow from Emilia’s head you know」


「Uu……two weeks!」


「Does your homework really seems like it won’t end?」


The Great Sage picked up the girl’s notebooks scattered on top of the bed and flipped its pages.

And「Ara〜」, she whispered.


「You girls. You played during the whole summer vacation huh?」


「N-No……it’s not like we were playing……we were busy on convincing Otou-san!」


「That is right. We did this and that to convince Laura-san’s Otou-san!」


「We discussed day and night, so there was no time for homeworks」


The three girls had their eyes swimming all over the place and desperately made excuses.

However, the Great Sage’s eyes shone as if she saw through everything.


「Well, whatever. I’ll do something about your homework’s time limit, but……do it properly next time okay?」




We should be able to finish it with two weeks.

I can focus now on Haku’s problem with this.

The most difficult task for Laura, her homework, was taken care of, so she felt relieved.

But in reality, it was not taken care of, but only postponed, but it is as good as finished for Laura.


「Rather than that, let’s hurry up and depart de arimasu!」


Misaki moved her ears and tails while pouting.

It was Laura who almost cannot help herself to MofuMofu her.




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