Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Beastkin-san’s appearance desu



After the girls had advanced their homework at a good place to take a break, they decided to go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast.

Laura worried that they might think that a monster horde had invaded inside the school because they are with Haku and still wearing their stuffed toy pajamas.

However, it was a needless anxiety.

Not only that, the Oba-chan in the cafeteria even praised them, 「Ara, you girls. What a cute pajama」.


「To think that she saw through our identities although we’re in our PajaRangers appearance……that Oba-chan, she might be a detective……!」


「No, that logic is weird」


Anna calmly pointed that out, and Laura droops.

In fact, Laura had already noticed.

She had already noticed the fact that their pajamas did not have the ability to hide their identities.


「Well, today’s omelettes was good so let’s leave like that. If omelettes are delicious, it will make a person’s life fruitful」




Haku also thought so. To think that she understands the greatness of omelettes although she was just born, what a promising God Beast.


「Well then……let’s return to our room and continue our homeword」


Laura stood up after checking that everyone’s dishes were empty.

And then, Anna let out a deep sigh.


「It won’t end no matter we do it. How depressing」


「Ara. I might finish it tomorrow desu wa」


「……this is why, rich people」


「Being rich and homework has nothing to do with each other!」


Charlotte protested against Anna’s unreasonable words.

However, it was true that Charlotte’s pace of advancing was gorgeous.

For both Laura and Anna, it is a situation which they might only be able to barely finish all of it before the summer vacation ends, but Charlotte was advancing at twice their speed.

It might be forgotten from time to time, but Charlotte is not only excellent in practice, but also in studies.

It is envious, but it is reliable.


「When necessity arises, Charlotte-san. Please be my home tutor!」


「I’ll ask you too」


「Yes, I do not mind」


With Charlotte’s cooperation, the possibility that the homework will be finished will quickly rise.

Laura returned to the dorm with a feeling that a heavy thing was taken off her shoulders.

And, once again, they continued their homework.

It was at that time.

*DonDonDon*, the room’s door was suddenly knocked violently.


「I wonder who it is? Is it Emilia-sensei」


「Emilia-sensei will not make such a vulgar knock」


「It might be a robber」




Laura was surprised to Anna’s words and pulled out her sword from the bottom of their bed.

However, will a robber really intrude this school dormitory that really seems like it lacks things that can be exchanged for money?

On top of that, all of the students are adventurer candidates. Their battle strength is fundamentally different from civilians that could be seen anywhere.

All of the instructors are previously first-class adventurers, and the principal is even called the history’s strongest human.

Robbing a bank instead of this place might have a higher chance of succeeding.


「Haku-sama! Haku-sama! Misaki has come to pick you up! Haku-samaaaa!」


A girl’s voice could be heard from the corridor.

However, it is not Laura’s acquaintance.

She does not know anyone of the name Misaki.


「W-Who is it?」


「My name is Misaki! I am a shrine maiden that serves Haku-sama from generation to generation! Please open this door!」


*DonDonDon*, the knock became stronger and stronger.

If this continues, the door might be broken.

Laura gave Charlotte and Anna eye signals and decided to remove the lock.


「I’ll open the door right now, so please stop hitting the door〜」


She opened the door carefully in the case where the opponent is really a robber.

And then, a girl slid into the room like a wind.

She is wearing a strange red and white clothes that really feels a different country’s culture. Her flax-colored hair swayed and her ears and tail shook.

That is right. Ears and “tail”, it is.

A flax colored tail similar to her hair has extended from the top of her butt. It is a splendid fur.

And on top of her head, there are two big ears. It is not a human’s. It is probably a fox’s.

In other words, Beast-kin.





「Ohh, Haku-sama! This is the place you are in!」


Misaki did not care about the other girl’s surprised expression and jumped to Haku who was relaxing on top of the bed.




It looks like Haku did not know what was happening as well. She cried in confusion.

However, only Misaki was different, she hugged Haku with satisfaction, and rubbed her cheeks to her with sitting in seiza on top of the bed.


「Come now, Haku-sama. Let’s return to the beast-kin’s village. You might be sold away if you stay in a human town」


Misaki tried to leave the room without explaining anything while hugging Haku.

Of course, Laura tried to stop her.

But, the first one to react was Haku.


「Pi〜! Pi〜Pi〜Pi〜!」


Being taken away from the room by a girl that she does not knowーー.

It would seem that Haku felt frightened from that, she cried vigorously, moved her limbs and wings, and escaped from Misaki’s hands.

And, she flew towards Laura and hugged her arm tightly.




It was a voice that seemed to declare that she would not leave from Laura’s side.


「W-Why is it, Haku-sama! Haku-sama is the beast-kin village’s God Beast. Why doting on a human?!」


Haku chose Laura over her. It seems like Misaki was shocked by that fact, she shouted with teary eyes.


「E〜to……when Haku was born, she met eyes with me first……was it called imprinting? It looks like she thinks that I’m her mother」




Haku climbed Laura’s body and sat on top of her head like usual.


「No way, Haku-sama……what the Great Sage-dono was saying was the truth……?」


Misaki pulled back staggeringly with a face full of despair.

And after that, she rushed out to the corridor, and almost fell down. However, her shoulder was supported by a silver-haired girl, and was able to not fall down.


「Okay, that’s enough. Oh really, Misaki. Why did you rush out before finishing what I’m saying? I’ll tell you this, but these girls are benefactors who picked up Haku’s egg and take it under their wing when it was being carried away by the Mezzel River. Give them respect properly」


That is this school’s principal. The Great Sage, Calrotte Gyrdorea.

It looks like the Great Sage knows about this Beast-kin girl called Misaki.

However, what will happen with the talk about Haku?

The Great Sage said something like she’ll negotiate with the beast-kins, but why did a beast-kin personally came to this place.

And, would the girls, Laura, Anna, and Charlotte have enough time to finish their homework?

All of it is shrouded in mystery……




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