Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – I shall not yield to the punishment



「Fuee……I don’t want to anymore……why do I need to study all this much……this kind of thing, it’s not a human’s life……uu……gusu!」


The three girls who were glared by Emilia in the cafeteria stayed in their dormitory and fought against their homework since morning.

Summer vacation homework is originally given with the assumption that it would be taken care of for a whole month.

However, the girls have forgotten the existence of the homework itself, and did not to it up until now.

There is only one week before the time limit.

It won’t be on time if they do not do it desperately.

But, regardless of that, Laura started to give up on the first day.


「Laura-san, do your best okay! I’ll teach you what you don’t understand, so!」


And that Charlotte, she was smoothly doing her homework.

After all, she is a daughter of the prestigious magicians, the House of Gazard.

She has an abundant knowledge of magic even before she enrolled and it would seem that this level of homework was easy.


「Thank you very much, Charlotte-san……but, I’m at my limits……」


「Ahh, Laura-san, you must not sleep. You shall die if you sleep here!」


「I won’t die even if my homework don’t make it on time〜……」


「Wake up, wake up」


Charlotte slapped Laura’s long face on top of the bed.

However, Laura did not have the strength to stand up.

It the first time in her life that she would study continuously like this.

It was easier just to swing the sword.


「I’m tired too. It’s not good to push ourselves. Let’s take a bath to refresh」


Anna closed her notebook and quickly stood up.

Laura heard that suggestion as a voice of salvation.


「Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s enter the bath and sleep soundly after」


「You should not sleep! But, it is true that we need to take a break」


The girls went to the bath and washed their sweat.

And they changed to their stuffed toy pajamas and faced their homework again.


「I want to live a human’s life in a hurry……」


「We, right now, are animals. It’s impossible to live a human’s life」


Anna said with a serious face.


「We are just wearing animal stuffed toy pajamas, but human inside……and, animals wouldn’t study more right……」


「Laura-san. Stop moving your mouth and start moving your hands!」


「……Charlotte-san’s so strict. I feel like I’m starting to hate her」


「Wha!……however, if she doesn’t do her homework, Emilia-sensei would scold her. I will harden my heart and make Laura-san do her homework desu wa!」


「Shouldn’t we do the others tomorrow. Look, Haku’s already sleeping……」


The white God Beast curled up on top of the bed, and went to journey the world of dreams a little earlier.

Her sleeping face seemed very happy, so Laura was being urged to be her comrade.


「If we do not do today’s quota, tomorrow will be more difficult! I will not let you sleep!」


「No matter what Charlotte-san says, my sleepiness is at its limits……」


The clock already points to 11.

Charlotte and Anna might be fine, but it already very late for the 9-year-old Laura.

It is physically impossible to continue studying more than this.


「No way, if you are saying you’re sleepy, you need some punishment! Take this, fuu〜 to your ears〜」




Laura jumped up while screaming as she got some breath to her ears.

It is Laura who is almost invincible when it comes to fights, but for some reason, she normally has a lot of weaknesses.

Specifically, she would lose her strength when she got blown air to her ears. Also, she is unable to resist when her neck, back, armpit, sides, thighs, and back of feet were tickled.

In short, her whole body is weak.


「See, Anna-san should fuu〜 Laura-san’s ears. I’ll attack to her right so Anna-san, please take care of the left」




And after more than ten minutes.

Laura was attacked not only to her ears but to her whole body’s weaknesses.

The initial objective of obstructing Laura’s sleepiness and make her do her homework has already been forgotten, and both Charlotte and Anna were clearly having fun.


「Stop, no, not there……ah! Hyan!……no, please stop, I’ll do the homework, just, just stop please……」





「Fufufu, that cannot be trusted. If we do not punish you for some more, I am sure that Laura-san will not do her homework」


「I also think so. Let’s move to the bed, and thoroughly punish her」


「Exactly desu wa, exactly desu waaa〜〜!」


And after that, Laura was punished even more, and it was already morning when they noticed it.

The sparrows are chirping outside.

It is a morning bird’s call. (TL: 朝チュン)


「W-We have not done our homeworks at all!」


Charlotte’s face was stiff with despair when she woke up.


「This is terrible. It’s all because Laura seduced us with her cute voice. We might need to punish her again」


「It’ll be an infinite loop so please stop!」


Laura was almost attacked again, however, at that time, Haku woke up and cried「Pii〜」annoyingly.

It was a voice of protest with her sleep being obstructed.


「See, Haku’s saying it too. That we should do our homework properly. That’s why it’s not the time to blow air to my ears or write letters in my back using your finger! If you’re going to stop doing your homework more than this, I won’t give you mercy!」


「Our positions from yesterday exchanged, why?!」


「Laura’s released an aura of anger……so scary」


And so with that, the girls started doing their homework after washing their faces.

The reason why Laura had seriously motivated to do her homework was all because she did not want to be punished again.

It means that, the fuu〜 to the ears and tickling tights or feet had an effect. And it is extremely effective as well.

However, both Charlotte and Anna were unable to notice that.

And even for Laura, she does not want to admit that she had yielded to that idiotic punishment, so she became serious about doing her homework, so she closed her mouth and silently does her homework.





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