Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – God beast’s favorite food is omelette desu



According to the Great Sage, Haku is an omnivore so she would eat anything. (TL: It’s not mentioned yet whether there is a “she” or “he” for God Beasts, but I’ll use ‘she’ instead of “it” or “he”)


「Well then, let’s eat omelettes!」


While on their way to the cafeteria, Laura let Haku who she was hugging how wonderful the food called omelettes was.


「Laura-san really likes omelettes huh」


「Your health would be bad if you eat the same thin everyday」


Charlotte and Anna said amazed.

Laura shrugged her shoulders like “Yare yare”, to those amateurish opinions.


「The two of you knows nothing」


Eggs have a lot of nutrients, and by changing the ingredients inside, the variation of the taste is infinite.

The school’s cafeteria also seemed to know about that, and changes the omelette’s ingredients everyday.

Laura would always eat omelettes once a day and write in her diary about its taste.


「But, Laura-chan. In fact, it is not good to always eat just omelettes. You should eat more vegetables」


Even the Great Sage complained about the omelettes.

“When did the world became full of anti-omelettes.”, Laura’s mind was full of the feeling of surprise.


「No, don’t make such a stunned face. I don’t remember saying something that you’d feel the difference with culture though?」


「It’s because, you know, Principal-sensei. Don’t omelettes have vegetables too? There was leek yesterday!」


「That’s true, but their amount is not enough. If you don’t eat a balanced diet, you won’t get bigger you know」


The Great Sage patted Laura’s head after saying that.

“Won’t get bigger” Laura fiercely reacted to those words.


「……can I become bigger if I eat vegetables? Would I have a nice body like Principal-sensei or Okaa-san?」


「Not only vegetables, but you should also eat anything like meat, fish, and eggs. If you do so, you’ll become bigger」


「……I understand! Well then, I will add a salad with today’s omelettes!」


It seemed like a betrayal against the omelettes for adding a different dish, but Laura’s growth is more important.

I feel sorry for the omelettes, but I’ll cheat with a different dish.


「P-Please wait for a moment! Laura-san must not get bigger! Her current size is suitable for being a hugging pillow!」


「Exactly. I will prevent Laura’s growth no matter what happens」


Charlotte and Anna started saying gibberish.


「I am not a hugging pillow!」


「Ara. Although you say that, are you not making eyes during the night that you want to be hugged?」


「Uu! That is……」


It is true, Laura likes sleeping while being hugged by Charlotte.

And Charlotte also likes sleeping while hugging Laura.

They had mutual interests, and it can be said that they have a very good relationship.

However, giving up the nice body for that……the night relationship with Charlotte ends……no, it was not something that can be thrown away.

Being embraced tightly by Charlotte was something that Laura must not lose right now.


「……I understand. I won’t……become bigger anymore!」


Laura declared with a bitter resolution.

And then, Charlotte and Anna both made guts poses.


「The world’s peace was protected!」


「As expected of the chairwoman of the Stop Laura’s Growth Association. Great job」


I didn’t know that such a wicked association existed.


「I think that she would grow no matter what you do though」


The Great Sage whispered from the side, but it looks like it did not reach Charlotte and Anna’s ears.

The two girls exchanged tight handshakes and indulged in the feeling of victory.

And, Laura thought twice and decided to eat properly and get bigger.




「Ah, sorry, Haku. You’re hungry right. The cafeteria’s right there」




The Oba-chans was working at the cafeteria just as usual.

It’s currently the summer vacation, so their numbers were fewer than usual.

However, it is very thankful that they are open like this although it is at a small scale.


「Please give me omelettes and a salad〜」


When Laura asked like that, the Oba-chan replied「Alright」, with a loud voice.

However, she pulls back after seeing Haku within Laura’s arms.


「D-Dragon’s baby?! What, why are you bringing something like that to the school. It won’t breathe flames right!」


It was a natural reaction.

After all, dragons are the monster that is said to be the strongest.

Specifically, it is a dragon-type God Beast, but it is extremely difficult to explain that to the cafeteria’s Oba-chan.

“How can I make Oba-chan calm down”, Laura got troubled like that, but the Great Sage on her side helped her.


「It’s alright. This dragon is docile. I’ll guarantee it」


「If the Principal-sensei says so……hahaa, looking closely, what a lovely looking dragon」




The Great Sage’s words also have great influence to the cafeteria’s Oba-chan.

Unknown whether Haku knows she became the center of attention, but she is relaxing in Laura’s arms.


And so, Laura safely got a salad and her omelettes.

Charlotte asked for hamburger.

Anna asked for curry rice.

The Great Sage had an extra large size of pasta.


「Haku. Are omelettes delicious? It’s delicious right?」




Haku sat on top of the table and dexterously held the plate with her front feet and ate the omelettes.

Her expression seemed very happy. At the least, Laura saw her like that. After all, she’s eating omelettes so of course she’s happy.


「Both Laura-chan and Haku, you have ketchup around your mouth you know」


「I will lick……ehem, wipe it for you desu wa」


Charlotte wiped off Laura’s mouth using a napkin(serviette).


「……Charlotte beat me to it. It can’t be helped, so I’ll wipe Haku’s mouth」


「Thank you very much, the two of you!」




Finally, everyone finished eating and they started discussing what to play for the whole day today.

Even the Great Sage participated in their discussion.

“This will be a wonderful day.”, Laura thought but it was only for a brief time.

Emilia suddenly came and poured cold water.


「Wait a minute, the three of you. It is fine to discuss how you will play, but I’m sure that your summer vacation homework will be on time right?」




The three girls remembered something bad and became disappointed.

The Great Sage laughed like「Ara, ma〜」

For the mean time, I should write in the free research notes『The God Beast’s favorite food is omelettes』after returning to the dorm.




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