Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Bath with everyone desu



「Fuu……it’s been a while since I entered the dorm’s bath, but it is as wide as usual. There’s no one too because it’s the summer vacation. Having it reserved just for us is wonderful」


Laura entered the bath with a towel on her head and relaxes her whole body.

There are Charlotte and Anna at her sides and had a similar relaxed face.

And, Haku seemed to get excited at the bath that he saw for the first time in its life, it swam around cheerfully.


「It is wonderful that is reserved just for us, but……why is the Great Sage-sama entering the bath as well?」


At Charlotte’s vision who said that question was a silver haired woman who washes her head.

It is precisely the Great Sage. This School’s Principal, Calrotte Gyrdorea.

The reason why such a great person, is washing her head in the student’s dormitory……it is all because of the God Beast Haku.


「Even if the three of you girls are excellent students, there is no way that we can leave the God Beast to students. I’ll stay in the student’s dormitory tonight as well. Didn’t I explain that earlier」


「It is true that I heard that, but……I did not think that you will also enter the same bath」


「I thought that since it’s a good opportunity, I should get along with you girls」


After saying that, the Great Sage washed off the bubbles and entered the bath.


「Ahh〜……wide baths are really good〜. You girls, how envious it is that you can enter everyday. I should also become a student」


「If Principal-sensei becomes a student, Emilia-sensei would be worried all the time」


「Fufu, that is true. That girl, she has a serious personality so she might get a hole in her stomach」


The Great Sage said that happily for some reason.

Is it because she wants to put a hole in Emilia’s stomach?


「……Principal-sensei. I have a question」


Anna who has been silent up until now raised her hand as if it was in class.


「n? What is it, Anna-chan」


「How do chests get that big?」


Anna whispered as she stared at the Great Sage’s chest.

Laura and Charlotte were petrified to the unexpected question.

However, the Great Sage, the person in question, did not falter and laughed while saying 「Anna-chan no ecchi〜」.


「It is not the problem about being ecchi or not. This is a serious conversation. I am already 13, but it has yet to grow at all. How would it become as big as Principal-sensei’s that it would float in the bath?」


Just like Anna had said, the Great Sage’s chest packs quite some volume.

It does not stand out that much when she is wearing clothes, but when they are naked like this, the girls could not help but notice it.

The more it is because it is floating in the bath.


「Ara, ara. If you’re 13, you still have a lot of time. It is going to grow bigger and bigger from now on」




「Yes, really. Rather than asking me, isn’t there a wielder of big chests near you? Look, isn’t it cheating having these breasts at 14?」


The Great Sage reached out to Charlotte’s chest while saying that.




Charlotte who had her chest touched unexpectedly raised a weird voice.

However, the Great Sage did not mind, and *MunyuMunyu*, moved her hands.

“I see. It is true that Charlotte’s chest is huge”, Laura thought. This is amazing for a 14 years old.


「It’s frustrating so I did not ask up until now, but if it comes to this, I’ll think of it otherwise. Teach me the trick. Rather, give some to me」


And, Anna also started to *MuniMuni* Charlotte’s chest.


「Hyaa!! What are you doing the two of you! There is no trick. It just became like this by itself!」


「……by itself? I don’t want to hear those excuses. Hurry up and surrender」


「Fufufu. You will have it easier if you surrender quickly〜」


「Hey! The two of you, please stop……! Laura-san, stop looking and help me!」


Charlotte asked Laura for help.

Laura who received that went to Charlotte’s back……and started to *Munyu* her chest with the two.


「Ahya!! Laura-san, what are you?!」


「I have the smallest ones here. It means that, I’m the one who wants to know the trick to make one’s chest big the most! Now, Charlotte-san, obediently say the trick!」


「T-That’s why I’m saying, there’s no……ahh, no, stop……anyone, help〜」


Charlotte whispered with a very weak voice.

However, there is only Haku in this bath other than them.

And Haku is concentrating on swimming in the bath that it did not have any interested in them.

As a noble existence like a God Beast, it does not care about human breasts.


「Hurry up, hurry up and surrender Charlotte-san!」


After that, Laura, Anna, and the Great Sage’s questioning continued for more than a dozen minutes.

But in the end, Charlotte only raised a scream and did not teach anything.



After taking their bath, the girls changed into their stuffed toy pajamas.

One upon a time, a mysterious group of three called『PajaRangers』wore the same kind of pajamas and subjugated a Leviathan.

There is nothing to hide, their identity is Laura, Charlotte, and Anna.

It’s what they call『Keep it a secret with everyone in class okay〜』.


Strangely, their identities were found out by Emilia, but that is because she has unparalleled deductive power.

That is why, there is no problem wearing it in front of the Great Sage.


「Oh? A-rere〜? Principal-sensei’s also wearing stuffed toy pajama?!」


「Jaja〜n. I bought it quickly earlier just to match you girls」


「Ohh〜. The Great Sage, so fast!」


It is a shark stuffed toy pajama that the Great Sage is wearing.

It is like the face of a person who is being eaten by a shark could barely be seen from its mouth.


「Shaa〜! I’m going to eat you girls〜!」


「Uwaa〜, a predator! Everyone, let’s run away!」




「Those are eyes which are really hungry desu wa!」


「I’m a cat, so I’m not delicious even if you eat me. You should eat Charlotte, the bunny」




The girls ran at the hallway to run away from the Great Sage.

They were too loud that they were found by the dormitory leader and got scolded.


「You girls, did I not tell you to not run on hallways!」


The dormitory leader is a woman in her forties.

She is a civilian who has nothing to do with adventurers, but her sermon has a strangely strong pressure.

When she gets angry, all of the students will get dispirited.


「That’s right. Don’t run and get eaten by me obediently」


The Great Sage stood at the dormitory leader’s side and said with a proud face.


「You’re the noisiest one, Principal! You’re playing with these kids at your age……are you not ashamed?!」




The person called the Great Sage became small in front of a normal middle-aged woman.

After getting scolded thoroughly, the group of four +1 went to their room, and entered the bed obediently so that they won’t get scolded.

Haku, the most important guest, had curled its body on top of the sheets and slept ahead of them all.

Fortunately, the four of them are small statured, so the bed did not feel narrow.

There are two who have abundant chests, but they would be great for a pillow so for Laura, they are welcome.




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