Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Being thought as the god beast baby’s mama



Dragon is called as the strongest monster.

Well then, what are monsters in the first place?

Even the adventurer’s guild uses those words ambiguously, but the definition is properly listed in the dictionary.


It says that monsters, they are living weapons that the ancient civilization made.


It is being told that thousands of years ago in the land above, there is a far more advanced civilization that we have today.

And to show proof of that, there are ruins of the ancient civilization sleeping all over the world.

And the magic weaponry that was excavated from there cannot be reproduced with the current technology.


And if one is to ask what the ancient people were doing using those powerful weapons, it would seem that they are having wars.

They split into several countries and killed each other because of interests and honor.

Well, it is not that different from today.


And within those ancient civilization’s weapons, the monsters are excellent in each stage.

After all, they are living things so they would reproduce with themselves.

When released to an enemy country, they would trample on the farmlands and eat humans.

They were too excellent that the people after the ancient civilization was destroyed are very troubled.


The main job of adventurers is to clean up the monsters, the troubling inheritance from the ancient civilization, and bring peace to humanity.

However, there are cases where the adventurer’s guild would release subjugation quests that treat natural animals which are not monsters as monsters.

The argument of which is the monsters made by the ancient civilization and which are the animals that existed even before are continuing between the scholars up until now.


However, it is proven that the dragons are the inheritance of the ancient civilization.

It is because several descriptions of such remain in ruins.

There are even jokes between archaeologists about the ancient people bragging “We’re the ones who made this strong monster”.


And that strongest monster, it broke the shell of the egg that Laura is holding and showed its face.


「Uwaa! Dragon! It’s not a God Beast but a white dragon!!」


「Calm down, Laura-chan. It looks completely like a dragon, but that is not a monster. The God Beast living in the upstream of Mezzel River is a White Dragon-type. I have seen it. So don’t worry」


「Is that so……ah, come to think of it, I feel like I learned it during class……thank goodness!」


If this were a monster, I would have needed to kill it.

Although it is an enemy of humanity, I feel bad about killing a baby that was just born.


「……God Beasts, they are the existence that the Supreme God-sama sent to Earth right?」(TL: I’ll use Earth in the meaning of land above from now on. There’s nothing to do with earth like Earth in reality)


「Yes, that is right」


The Great Sage answered to Charlotte’s question.


「Why is it that the monster that the ancient civilization made looks similar to that God Beast?」


「Good question, Charlotte-chan. This will be a speculation since it’s not like even I lived from the ancient civilization but……the God Beasts seem to have existed before those ancient times, so don’t you think that they made the dragons copying their appearances?」


「Ahh, I see. Everything goes into places with that」


If the Great Sage’s speculation is true, the white God Beast that cries「Pii〜」within Laura’s arms can be told as the dragons’ original.

It is not at the level of a summer vacation’s free research.

Writing one thesis is possible.

……though it would be impossible for Laura’s head.


「Even so……it really looks cute〜」




The God Beast cheerfully cried and crawled out of its egg. It climbed up through Laura’s arms, and when it reached the top of her head, it sat like “heave-ho”.

It is as big as a kitten, so she felt quite some weight.


「A-re? You like me?」







A satisfied cry was heard from above her head.

It looks like it liked Laura’s head.


「……rather than being liked……don’t tell me, it thinks of Laura-chan as its mother?」


The Great Sage looked at the God Beast with dubious eyes.


「Eh, Laura-san’s a mother?!」


「It’s early to become a mama at 9-years-old」


Charlotte and Anna raised a surprised voice.


「I’m this baby’s mother? Although we look so different?」


「U〜n……there’s a phenomenon called imprinting. They would think that the thing that they first saw is their parent. It is commonly heard for birds, but……to think that imprinting will occur with a God Beast」


Even the Great Sage made a troubled face.


「Hey, Emilia. Can you pick up the God Beast from Laura-chan’s head?」


Emilia picked up the God Beast just like the Great Sage said.

The next instant,「Pii〜Pii〜!」, the God Beast started crying, and started struggling to get off Emilia’s hands.

However, when it was returned to Laura’s head, it suddenly became calm and sat obediently.


「……this, it completely thinks of Laura-san as its mother」


Emilia whispered.

Her voice was filled with ambiguous colors, uncertain whether it is of surprise or amazement.

She was probably confused as well, having a student who is the mother of a God Beast.


「Apparently, it seems so. What should we do? It does not appear to leave Laura-chan too……I could only bring Laura-chan to the beast-kin’s village huh……」




Laura panicked to the Great Sage’s words.

I just returned from convincing Father, do I need to leave the school again with a different reason?

On top of that, the place we are going is the beast-kin’s village.

I don’t know what kind of place that is.


「That is too much!」


「That is right! If Laura-san is going to the beast-kin’s village, I shall go too desu wa!」


「Of course it’s just a joke. There’s no way that I will let Laura-chan go right?」


The Great Sage said while waving her hand.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief after hearing that.


「……however, Principal. What are you planning to do, really? This is the beast-kin village’s God Beast right? Even though it thinks that Laura-san’s its mother, it is not like we can keep it in the school without permission……I mean, “keeping the God Beast”, how presumptuous……」


Emilia pointed out the problem in reality.

This God Beast, it can be described as something that was lost.

Since they know who’s the owner is, it is reasonable to deliver it back to them.

However, because it would leave Laura, they need to deliver it with Laura in the set.

However, Laura is the school’s student, so she has the rights and obligations to receive the school’s lesson.


「What a difficult problem. For the meantime, I’ll go and negotiate with the beast-kin, so Laura-chan should take care of that God Beast. Ah, by the way, that God Beast’s name is Haku. I’ll leave it to you okay」


「Leave it to me! Come now, Haku. We’re going to live together for a while okay! Please take care of me!」


Laura carried Haku from her head and greeted properly while she stares at its face.




It was not like Haku understood her words, but it cried happily.


「Since you are living together with Laura-san, you will also live together with me」


Charlotte patted Haku’s head with her fingertips.

And then, Haku closed its eyes and had a very relaxed face.

It looks like it accepted Charlotte.


「How envious……I want to join too……」


Anna stared at Haku while sucking her finger.


「Join us too then. Anna-san should stay in our room too. There is still space in the bed even if the three of us sleeps together!」


「……is it okay?」


「Of course! Right, Charlotte-san!」


「…………I’ll welcome it, if it is Anna-san」


「There was a pause. Does Charlotte want to keep Laura all to herself?」


「That is not true! I just thought whether the room has enough for three girls and one God Beast!」


Charlotte made excuses with a desperate face.

I don’t think that it’s that much of a misunderstanding that you need to solve though.


「The three of us are small even for the bed, so it’s alright〜」


「I know! I do not have any complaints! I shall make Laura-san and Anna-san my double hugging pillows desu wa!」


Unbelievable. To think that she was planning such luxury with that pause.


「As expected of Charlotte-san. What an amazing ambition!」


「Fu, fufu……this much is natural for the House of Gazard desu wa」


「Wait. I do not plan on being a hugging pillow obediently. Rather, I’m the one who would make a double hugging pillow with Laura and Charlotte」


「Ara, Anna-san. Is that a letter of challenge? I shall accept!」


Sparks went flying between the two’s gaze.

While that happened, Haku started to sleep peacefully within Laura’s arms.

Although it is small, it is a God. It probably does not have eyes for fights between humans.





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