Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – A double, triple-fold trap desu



“Open it if you can.”

Those taunting words are written in the napping room’s door.

Since something like that is written, the Great Sage should not have any complaints even if the door was destroyed.


Nonetheless, destroying it with a kick has a low girl’s power.

Laura decided that she would break the barrier gracefully as one of the girls.


「First is analyzing it」


Laura placed her hand at the door like Charlotte from earlier and closed her eyes.

She makes her magic powers flow into the door and read the engraved formula.

Doing that, a magic circle of complex and mysterious appearance appeared inside her head.




Laura could not help but moan.

It is finer and efficient than whatever magic circle is written in the textbooks.

Something that could be called as art is written in that door.

And looking closely, there is one, two magic circles above each other and they are affecting each other.

It means that it is not a plane but a three-dimensional magic circle.

At that point, Laura wanted to give up.

However, there was the letter of challenge from the Great Sage.

She stared at the “Open it if you can.” message once again.


(I’ll open it then!)


Laura closed her eyes once again and let her magic powers flow into the magic circle.

Which symbol does such effects, what part is it connected?

She analyzed all of it and removed them one by one.

It is a painstaking work, but Laura solved the puzzles with a concentration that surprised even herself.

That must be the work of the 9999 magic aptitude value.

She felt that her world became wider and wider.


「I did it!」


*Gachari*, the door knob turned.


「No way, in such a short time?!」

「I have somehow guessed it, but how frustrating, how envious desu wa!」


Emilia and Charlotte shouted with the back of their voices.


「I don’t even feel resisting」


On the other hand, Anna let out a voice of resignation.


Anyways, Laura was praised.

“Fufufu”, Laura opened the door while she laughed smugly like that.

The next instant.

A tremendous amount of magic powers overflowed from the back of the door.

Laura was pushed back as if she got caught by an avalanche of sand and stone and got blown away to the wall on the opposite side.


「Laura-san! What happened?!」

「Laura was suddenly became something like a billiard ball」

「Are you alright? You crashed on the wall from your head……」


The other three approached Laura who collapsed on the floor worryingly.


「I-I’m okay……the instant I opened the door, I was blown away by a mysterious power……」


Laura stood up as she rubs her head.

Her Defense Magic made it in time somehow so she was not injured.

But even so, to think that there’s a trap after the door.

It looks like the Great Sage does not really want anyone disturbing her afternoon nap.


「Ara? It is a corridor inside the door desu wa」


「It’s true. It’s my first time seeing it as well」


Just like Charlotte and Emilia has said, it is a short corridor across the door and not a room.

And at the end of the corridor, there is another room.

Will it be the napping room this time when that is opened?


「I’m getting pushed back when I try to move forward」


Anna tried to pass through the corridor, but *Zuzuzu*, she gets pushed back.

And when she still continued to advance forcefully, she was blown away to the wall on the opposite side just like Laura.

*Babyuu〜n*, she got blown away, charges in once again, and *Babyuu〜n*.


「If you know you’re going to be blown away, it’s easy to break the fall. It’s getting fun」


Anna jumped all over the principal’s office like *Babyuu〜n, Babyuu〜n*.

“I see, it really looks fun”, Laura thought.


「Well then, I shall *Babyuu〜n* as well……」


「Let’s fly together」


Laura and Anna held hands and tried to charge to the corridor at the same time.

However, the next instant, Charlotte shouted angrily.


「The two of you! You are forgetting the goal! We are searching for the egg’s identity for the free research right?!」


「Ah, that is right!」


「It was too fun, so」


This might also be a mind trap which diverts the intruder’s goal.

The Great Sage, she’s not simple at all.

They cannot leave their guard down.


「Free research? Although there’s only one week for the summer vacation? Isn’t that too late?」


The girls Laura, Charlotte, and Anna had a cold sweat to those Emilia’s casual words.

And Emilia who saw that slowly narrowed her eyes.


「……you girls, don’t tell me you haven’t done your homework for the summer vacation as well?」


「The-T-T-T-T-There’s no wayyy〜〜. We did it properly. The only thing that remains is the free research. Right? Charlotte-san, Anna-san」


「O-Of course desu wa! This Charlotte Gazard. It is impossible for her to forget about the homework for the summer vacation!」


「The progress is going well. There’s no problem, there’s no problem……」


The girls said together desperately.

Their voice and body are trembling, but they were sure that Emilia would be convinced.

And even if she founds out the truth, all that they need to do is to finish all of it before the summer vacation ends.


「Fu〜n……well, I won’t pursue the matter anymore right now, but. If you don’t finish it before the summer vacation ends, you know what’ll happen right?」


「……i-is it spanking?」


「Yes? Do you think it’ll end with just that?」


Emilia said with a very low voice that has never been heard before.




Laura instinctively raised a scream.

And then, she ran towards the napping room as if to escape from Emilia.

Laura resisted the pressure that pushes her back using Physical Strengthening Magic.

The pressure becomes stronger with every step, but she pushes forward using more enormous magic powers.

And with that momentum, she tackles the second door.

Laura thought that it too troublesome to analyze anymore.

She breaks through using power.

*Dogan*, it exploded, the barrier got broken, and the door’s fastener was broken at the same time.

Laura successfully broke through the corridor.


The place where she landed to was a small room.

However, the bookshelves that stood by each other had hundreds of books inside.

Furthermore, there are also books piled up in towers on the floor, some seem to be half-read, they were left open.

And in the middle of that room, a bed with a roof.

Behind the thin curtains hanging down, a small figure could be seen lying down.

A beautiful woman with a long silvery-white hair.


Finding the person she was searching for, Laura jumped onto the bed to interrupt her afternoon nap.

Laura shook her shoulders while she called out to her.


「Principal-sensei, please wake up. Please wake up〜〜」


The Great Sage opened her eyes slightly.


「U-U〜n……Laura-chan……? Why are you here? Did your talk with your father went well?」


「Yes! Please take care of me in the second semester too!」


「Ara, ara〜. Thank goodness. I’m relieved. Well then, good night……」


「Yes, good night……oh, hey! That’s not it! Please wake up!!」








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