Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – School Principal sensei is in an afternoon nap desu



According to Emilia, the Great Sage is currently in her afternoon nap.

“Come to think of it, the Great Sage was sleeping when we first met”, Laura thought.

Doubts like, “Don’t tell me, the time she’s awake is shorter?”, appeared within Laura.


「And so, where is the Principal-sensei sleeping?」


「It’s in the School Principal’s Exclusive Napping Room, beside the Principal’s office」


「Eh, there’s a room like that? There’s a room just for the Principal-sensei to sleep in?」


「That is well, yes it exists」


It was such a ridiculous thing but thinking of the Great Sage’s achievements, having one or two napping rooms is well, might be forgiven.


「I, I have passed by the principal’s office many times but I have never seen a napping room」


「I also don’t know」


Charlotte and Anna said their doubts.


「Well, of course. It’s made that you can’t enter from the corridor. There’s only the door directly from the principal’s office. On top of that, there’s a very strong barrier in that door that even I cannot open it」


「A barrier that even Emilia-sensei cannot open……why in the world, such a mechanism like that in the napping room……?」


While guessing half the answer, Laura could not help but ask.


「That is, of course……so that no one could disturb her afternoon nap」


「It was really like that after all……」


Laura said in amazement and Emilia shrugged her shoulders as she made a wry smile.


「It’s alright. The school is made that even if the Principal is not around, it can be won’t have impediments from operating. Rather, if the Principal comes out, she would always ask absurd requests of it’s good enough that that person is always taking an afternoon nap」




It was probably what they call as let sleeping dogs lie.

It looks like if one becomes a Great Sage, they would be treated as inhumans already.


「When the Principal wakes up, let’s ask her to take a look at this egg. Also, we need to report that Laura-san’s dropout request has been cancelled」


「U〜n……when will she wake up?」


「Who knows? That person, she sleeps for about 3 days in a row after all……」


「3 days……」


Laura also likes to sleep soundly with a warm futon, but she doesn’t think of sleeping for three days.

The things that the Great Sage does exceed the common man’s understanding.

“However, if we wait for so long, the egg might hatch”, Laura thought.

The girls picked it up for an observation diary so they would welcome if it hatches.

However, if they do not know what kind of creature it is beforehand, there is the possibility that it might die from hunger.

If soーー


「Laura-san. In times like this, we could only breakthrough desu wa. Let’s destroy the napping room’s barrier!」


「As expected of Charlotte-san! I also thought the same thing! With that decided, let’s go to the principal’s room!」


While embracing the egg, Laura ran towards the principal’s room with Charlotte.

It is a room that has an expensive looking table and paintings.

They did not care about it when they came before but there is really a door that is not facing the corridor.

Right there a sign board saying『Currently sleeping. Open it if you can』, hanging on the door.


「This is the room to the napping room huh. The Great Sage’s barrier, let me see how strong it is!」


Charlotte grabbed the door knob and turned it while she fully activated her arm strength strengthening magic.

And, she pushed! It didn’t open when she pushed so she pulled! But even so, the door would not open!


「Gunu!……well then, I’ll analyze the barrier’s formula and disassemble……!」


After she muttered, Charlotte placed her palm on the door and closed her eyes.

The Installation-type Magic is an advanced technique belonging to the Special Magic but it is not very rare.

They say that there are various kinds of Installation-type magic in the country’s important bases or hideouts of criminal organizations that eliminates intruders.


A magic like this one that closes the door tightly like a barrier.

An exploding magic when the proper procedure was not done.

A magic that makes people go around the same place suddenly although they think that they are going straight .


Finding Installation-type Magic like that and disassembling them is also an important job of magicians.

However, disassembling is a more advanced technique than installing.

Not to mention this barrier that the Great Sage created to sleep soundly. There was no way that Charlotte could break it.


However, Charlotte did not give up and continued with patience for a while.

While Charlotte was like that, Emilia and Anna finally came to the Principal’s room.

While everybody is looking, Charlotte did her best for five minutes.



「Haa……haa……what a complicated barrier! How frustrating, how frustrating desu wa!」


She finally gave up and sat on the ground.

Her body is full of sweat and her face is red. She might have taken stress from it.


「Well, of course. None of the instructors of the Magic Department has broken it after all」


Emilia said with face saying it is a natural result.

And then, this time, Anna stood in front of the door holding her sword.


「If magic doesn’t work, I’ll hit it physically. It’s the time to show the result of my training」


During the summer vacation, Anna asked to become Laura’s father’s disciple and trained.

It looks like she felt some results so her expression is full of confidence.

With that confidence in her blade, she slashed the door with all that she have.


An ear-wrecking explosive sound echoed.

It was as if a cannon ball hits a castle wall.

It shows the strength of Anna’s attack.

However, the door did not have any scratch.


And, Anna dropped her sword.


「M-My hand got numb……」


She just sat on the ground weakly like that, and lined up with Charlotte.

The door that both magic and slash didn’t work on.

The Great Sage’s strong will that she would have an afternoon nap whatever happens could be felt.

However, “I’ll break that will”, Laura roughened her breathing.


「It’s my turn! Emilia-sense, please take care of the egg just for a while!」


「Yes, okay, but……I think that it’s impossible even for Laura-san……no, Laura-san might be able to……?」


Emilia whispered with interest while she lifted the egg.

The Great Sage’s Afternoon Nap VS Laura’s Free Research clashes.

Who would win……?!









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