Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Searching the identity of the egg



That was an abandoned small fortress.

It has been hundreds of years since it was built and no one knows what purpose it was made for.

It is far away from the road, and numerous monsters live in the surrounding forests so no one would approach it.

It is a forgotten fortress.


However, it is because of that.

For people who do not want to be found, there is no better place to be in.


Up until earlier, that place was a goblin’s nest.

However, the goblins are driven away by the bandits.

The band of thieves’ name is Gray Night.

They are the infamous people that rampaged around the Falleon Kingdom recently.   

That fortress, it changed into the hideout of the Gray Night.


Deep within the fortress, they discussed their conspiracies relying only on the light of the candle.

Like, “which merchant caravan should we attack next”.

Like, “let’s occupy a whole village”.

Like, “let’s aim for carriages carrying jewels from mines”.


The six members that have gathered were thinking about their next “job”, using the information they collected.

What they have in common is that they wish for it not to be a simple job.

They do not want to earn profits from simply attacking travelers and take their belongings.

They even fell to the identity of a thief.

There is nothing lower than that.

If so, there’s no use of steadily earning.

They wanted to gain a lot once and use it grandly, die when it’s time to die.

“For guys like us, what is the best fitting job?”, they thought.


「By the way, it looks like Haku is about to reach the end of its life soon 」


One of the members muttered.

Hearing that, the other five focused on him.


「Is that information true?」


「Yeah. I went to check myself, disguising as a merchant to the beastkin’s village, and saw it with my own eyes. Haku’s egg is being enshrined in the middle of the village. There’s no doubt」


「……Haku lays its eggs when death is near, creating a copy of itself. If it’s Haku’s egg, I can’t even imagine how much it can be sold」


「It’s not only the egg. Haku’s corpse will be sold highly too. It’s worth getting even if we kill all the beastkin」


They licked their tongues because it seemed that it would be a big job after a long time.

The beastkin has high physical abilities but that is all.

If they move carefully, it is not difficult to kill all of them.

And although Haku is strong, there will be a way if it’s about to die.

When it comes to the egg, it doesn’t even need to be discussed.


「It’s decided then. Our next target is Haku’s corpse and its egg. If the beastkin are going to be in the way, killing all of them is fine too……no, kill only the men. We’re going to take the women, taste them, and sell them. Many perverts wants beastkin slaves after all」


The axe wielder that seems to be the leader summed up and made a cruel smile.



It is still in the summer vacation.

Many students returned to their family houses, go on a journey, and enjoyed their long breaks in each of their ways.


And that was the same for instructors.

They got released from the days that they need to take care of the students and visit the adventurer’s guild after a long time, take a quest, go far away with a party made between instructors, and visit dungeons. They spent the summer vacation in each of their ways.


Also, the principal the Great Sage gathered the Magic Department instructors and held a one week concentrated strengthening camp.

Its pretext is『Study session to give the very talented new students a fulfilling education』.

However, in reality, the Great Sage became enraged to the helplessness that the instructors showed during the tournament within the school that was held recently, so it is『Training camp to beat some character into them』.


They were taken to the uninhabited island that the Great Sage owns as an individual. They were made to fight spirit beasts far stronger than dragons and chased by the Great Sage for three days and three nights while being poked from behind. It was a hell of a week.


However, thanks to that, the instructors of the Magic Department became stronger. Probably.

At least, Emilia thinks so.


However, it was such harsh days so after they were released, the instructors could not stand with their feet.

All of them returned to their house and did not get out of bed for days.

So it was really good that they regained their health before the summer vacation ends.


「There’s only one week before the summer vacation ends. What should I do to spend it?」


Emilia suddenly whispered while she rests her chin on one hand.

Although it is the summer vacation, there would be a problem leaving the faculty room empty so it is decided that the instructors would stand-by in turns.

Today is Emilia’s turn and she is free once it is over.


This Gyrdorea Adventurer Academy also has track and field club and art club, so the instructors who are also advisers of those clubs were also busy during the summer vacation, but thankfully for Emilia, she does not handle club activities.


She can return to when she was active as an adventurer, and she could also go out and just play.

And, Emilia is still 23.

She wants to experience love or something.


(I wonder if there’s a good man out there……)


And when she’s thinking of that, *KonKonKon*, the faculty room’s door was knocked rhythmically.


(Don’t tell me, a prince……!)


Emilia who was making delusions thought of things that she would not normally.

However, seeing the person that appeared after the knock, she returned to reality.


「First year of the Magic Department, Laura Edmonds desu!」


The girl with a lovely voice that named herself.

She is none other than Emilia’s student.


「What……Laura-san huh……haa〜……」


「Why are you letting out a sigh after seeing my face?!」


「Ah, no, I’m sorry. It’s not like its Laura-san’s fault」


It was not like she could say that she was having delusions about her fateful prince, so she could only dodge the question.

「Muu〜」, Laura puffed her cheeks with a pouting expression but did not pursue any further.

And from behind that Laura, Charlotte and Anna appeared.

It is the usual three girls’ gathering.


「From how you look, it seems that your discussion went well with your Otou-san huh, Laura-san」


「Yes! Thanks to everyone, I won’t be dropping out!」


Laura answered with a smile.

It is really cute.

Hearing that she would not be leaving school, Emilia also became happy.


「Fufufu, I was with her after all, of course desu wa」


「I became Laura’s Otou-san’s disciple. It was a very meaningful time」


Both Charlotte and Anna also had satisfied faces.

In fact, it is something to be celebrated. Emilia did not have any objection about that.


However, in front of Laura, Charlotte and Anna who are excellent students but problem students at the same time, Emilia became nervous.

It is the summer vacation.

Emilia wanted to spend it without any serious problem.

That is why, she wished that the girls would not bring problems to the faculty room.

However, in Laura’s two hands, she hugged an unknown thing and literally brought it.


「And so, Emilia-sensei. We picked up an egg like floating in the Mezzel River on our way to go back. Do you know what egg it is?」


Laura slowly placed the egg on top of Emilia’s table.

It has a light cream color and light blue stripes. It is larger than a person’s head.

Just seeing it, Emilia had a bad feeling.


「Floating in the Mezzel river? Come to think of it, I heard that yesterday, heavy rain fell on the mountain’s direction and the river has risen. Is it an egg that flowed from the mountain?」


Emilia lifted the egg.

That instant, she felt a presence moving inside.


「……don’t tell me, it’s about to hatch?」


「Who knows……? I do not really know but, I thought that maybe the school’s sensei might know. Thank goodness Emilia-sensei was around!」


Laura made an innocent smile.

However, Emilia was not happy at all.

“Why did you bring this suspicious egg on the day I’m on duty?”, Emilia thought.

She even wanted to tell the girls to immediately return it to the place they picked it up.

However, there is also the possibility that the egg is a tremendous monster’s egg and make huge casualties because of throwing it away.

That’s right. Laura, the girls, they might have prevented a huge calamity beforehand.

Emilia could not treat them improperly.


「From its size, I’ll be convinced even if I’m told it’s a dragon’s egg. But, dragon’s eggs shouldn’t have this patterns. It’s not like I completely remember the eggs of sub-species like Wyverns or Leviathans, but……I think I’d remember it if it has such a unique pattern like this」


「Emilia-sensei also have things that she don’t know about huh」


Laura whispered as if she thought it was unexpected.


「Well of course. No one knows everything……ahh, but. I know someone who knows almost everything」


And then, Charlotte blinked her eyes and tilted her head.


「Was there a scholar-type instructor in this school? This might be rude but, I completely thought that all the instructors are people who specialize in battle」


「U〜n……in fact, it’s like that. Think of it, there’s one sensei on a different dimension right? Have you forgotten?」


Emilia said it as if to speak of a riddle.

And then, the girls, Laura, Charlotte and Anna looked at each other with a strange expression.

An expression that says, “was there someone like that?”.


They cannot be blamed.

It is not a person who appears in front of students after all, and there are only a few opportunities for her to show off her knowledge.

However, that person, she made the aptitude measuring equipment, writes the textbooks used in the school, leaving achievements when it comes to brains as well.

Her combat ability is standing out too much that it is almost forgotten.


The Great Sage Calrotte Gyrdorea. This school’s principal.

That is the answer to the riddle.









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