Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Picking up a huge egg desu



In the day where only one week remains before the summer vacation ends.

The training in the morning ended just as usual.

It was when the three girls, Laura, Charlotte, and Anna discussed like, “well, what should we play then”.


「I-I have realized a very important thing desu wa!」


Suddenly, Charlotte raised her voice.


「What is it? Did you come up with a great game?」


「Laura-san, how carefree you are! We have not yet done our home work at all……!」



“Hmm, what that does mean again?”, Laura’s brains fell into panic.

But of course, she knows its meaning.

It is because she knows, that she did not want to understand.


「There were a lot of homework given for the summer vacation……but we have not even brought them here desu wa!」


Laura felt cold sweat dripping from her back.

Her body shivered and her teeth clattered.


「Charlotte……what in the world are you making us remember……I wish that we have not remembered it at all」


Anna also shivered just the same, and her face was very pale.

It is the example of an expression when one feels life-threatening danger.


「What will you do not remembering it?! There is still one week left desu wa. We need to hurry up and return to the dormitory, or else sensei will kill us after the summer vacation ends!」


「……we won’t make it right now. Either way, we’re going to get killed, so I want to be happy, at least during the summer vacation. And so, I shall erase the homework from my memories」


「It is not good to escape from reality desu wa! Come now, Laura-san should also stop being white-eyed and hurry up preparing to return!」


Laura and Anna got petrified with the white of their eyes showing, to Charlotte organized the baggage for the three of them.

And they explained the situation to Bruno and Dora, telling them that they would return earlier.


「Ara, ara. It can’t be helped if you forgot about your homework. When you come next time, make sure to bring them with you okay」


「Come and play anytime. And, Laura and Anna! Don’t skip sword training!」


Being sent off by Dora who waved her hand with a smile and Bruno who had tears in his eyes, the three girls moved with the royal capital as their destination.

They are in a hurry, so they did not use a carriage and went on foot.

Just like they did some time before, with the slipstream with Laura in the lead, pulling Charlotte and Anna, they sprinted through the road.

With this, they would be able to reach it before the sun goes down.

However, after they returned to the dormitory, what waits for them is their homework.

“Is there any ways that we would not need to do our homeworkーー”

But when Laura was thinking of that misconduct, they road merged with the Mezzel River.

It is this Mezzel River where the mysterious trio “Paja-Rangers” defeated the Leviathan, and saved a major party “Crimson Shield”.


「A-re? A-re-re?」


Laura found a strange object flowing through the river and stopped.

It was very sudden, so the rucksack on her back hits Charlotte’s face.




Furthermore, Charlotte’s rucksack hits Anna.




And Laura who was pushed from behind……*Pyoo〜n*, flew.

She was just pushed by two small girls, but they were running with the added speed of the strengthening magic and the slipstream.

That kinetic energy could only be described as huge.

It was enough to launch the 9-year-old Laura.


「Uwaa〜, Uwaaaaa〜〜!!」


If she was a little calmer, there might have not been any problem by using flight magic, but her head was full of the worries towards her homework and the strange flowing object. And in that condition, she took a surprise attack from behind, so she had no leisure to use flight magic.

Laura fell into the river in vain.



「Laura-san?!! Laura-saaaaa〜〜〜n!!」


「This is bad……the flow is faster than usual, so she might get carried up to the sea」


「I’m not!」


Laura finally activated her flight magic and safely returned to the road.

Her whole body is drenched, but there should be no problem with using flame magic to dry her.

Rather than thatーー.


「Laura-san, thank goodness that you’re fine. By the way, that thing that you are holding……?」


「I’m also not exactly sure, but. It was being swept away so I picked it up. I stopped earlier because I saw this」


The thing that Laura is holding with an embrace is an egg-shaped object.

It has a light cream color and light blue stripes.

It is quite large, about twice Laura’s head.

If it is really an egg, it would be quite a large organism.


「Don’t tell me, you’re planning on bringing it back?」


Anna whispered that, and *Juru*, gulped her saliva.


「If it’s an egg this huge, lots of omelettes would be made……hey, I won’t eat it! I’m sure that it is a rare organism’s egg. I’ll investigate this, and submit it as the homework for free research!」


「What a nice idea desu wa, Laura-san. If we make it as joint research with the three of us, the free research shall be finished quickly」


Charlotte brightened her eyes.

She is someone who is more serious than anybody when it comes to magic training but it seems like she plans on finishing her homework in an unserious way.


「But, what will you do if it’s not an egg?」


「T-That is……」


Laura could not find her words with what Anna pointed out.

If they submit a research result about the identity of the thing that was flowing in the river was just an egg-shaped object, Emilia-sensei would not be convinced.

However, that was a needless worry.



「Wa! This egg, it moved right now!」


The thing inside the egg moved that Laura who is embracing it with her arms could clearly tell.

There is no doubt that there is a living thing inside.




The problem wasーーwhat is inside?


「What will you do if the thing inside is a tremendous monster?」


Anna said a simple question.


「If it’s really a monster, the more it is that we cannot leave it here. We must bring it to the school where the principal and I is in!」


「Well, that is true」


Anna was convinced.


「Fu, fu, fu. I am also around desu wa!」


「T-That is true……!」


And so with that, it was decided that they would return with the egg.









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