Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Enjoying training with everyone desu



And so, Bruno went down the mountains, and fiercely clashes swords with Anna in the next day.


「Don’t look away from your opponent’s sword! Also, at their eyes and feet! If possible, capture all the movements of their muscles! However, there are also cases where that is used as feints instead!」


「S-Shishou, even if you say that at once」


「Don’t be naive!」


In front of the house before breakfast, *KanKanKan*, the metal sounds echoed.

Hearing all of that, Laura started to want to join.

However, fighting with the three of them would be a melee, and it would not end with just training.

Because of that, Laura kept her own desires for her friend, and focused on watching.


「Laura-san. Is it not boring just watching? Would you like to have a match with me?」


When Laura was sitting in the garden watching the training, Charlotte came to her side.

Looking at her, she is wearing a skeleton pendant with a bad taste dangling around her neck.

It’s the “Pendant of Magic Sealing” that places burden on one’s magic powers.

It is a very convenient item where one could train their magic powers just by wearing it, but Laura thought that there was no need to wear it from the morning.


「A match you say, do you mean a magic fight in this place? If Charlotte-san and I do that, the house would disappear you know〜」


「Fu, fu, fu. We will use magic but……it is with the sword desu wa!」


Saying that, a sword of light stretches out of Charlotte’s right hand.


「Ohh?! A sword made with magic powers! That’s amazing, I’ll copy it!」


When she tried to copy it from how it looks, *Bun*, a sword of light stretched and bellowed from Laura’s right hand.


「S-So cool!」


「It is a technique that I have practiced for three days……well, whatever desu wa. I know that Laura-san is that kind of organism after all. Well then, let’s collide!」


「It is fine but……even if it’s a sword made out of magic powers, the sword is the sword you know. Charlotte-san, do have understanding of the sword?」


「I do not. So, I will learn it while fighting Laura-san」


「Hohou. By the way, Charlotte-san, what is your aptitude value for the sword?」


「It’s 75 desu wa」


Charlotte said with a composed face.


「It’s unexpectedly high! You have the image of being full of magic though……it might be enough in the warrior’s department too」


「A good woman is god at everything desu wa. Come now, Laura-san. I shall steal your sword techniques」


「It’s not something that can be easily stolen! Please steal it if you can!」


Laura readied her sword of light, and slashes towards Charlotte.


「Eh, oh no, are you serious from the start?!」


「This much, it is far away from being serious. Here, you, go!」


「Ughu! Laura-san have sadistic eyes」


Charlotte heightens her physical ability to the limits using strengthening magic.

On the other hand, Laura is swinging her sword with her normal arm strength.

However, all that Charlotte could do was defend.

She was barely able to block Laura’s sword that she held back a lot.

It is natural.

Laura has not swung her sword since she was 3 just for show.


「It is unbearable. I will withdraw once desu wa!」


「Ah, Charlotte-san, it’s cheating to run to the air in the middle of a sword fight you know!」


Chasing after Charlotte who flew using flight magic, Laura also flew up to the sky.

*Gyuuーn*, *Gyuuーn*, they flew in the sky cutting through air, and clashed their swords the instant they passed each other.

In this irregular kind of fight, the sword techniques were not very useful.


「Charlotte-san, was it not a sword fight?! If it’s like this, it’s a magic battle!」


「I have only said “let’s have a match” desu wa!」


「Gununu……then, I’ll go seriously okay!」


「If so, I shall remove the Pendant of Magic Sealing as well!」


The two accelerated, and the sword of light clashes.

From the middle, spears of ice or flaming bullets started crossing.

They even forgot why they were fighting, but there was no problem since it is fun.


「Even so, Charlotte-san. After that final fight, although your magic powers have returned, you can fly in the sky huh!」


「Even though my magic powers were reduced, my skills did not disappear!」


「I see! Also, your magic powers too, I feel like its increasing bit by bit everyday」


「I have seen the top once……since I know that place that I aim for, it is only appropriate that I improve quickly desu wa!」


Although the scale of their firepower could not be compared, during their final fight, Laura and Charlotte released magic into the sky just like this.

It was true that their hearts danced at that time.

In that instant, Charlotte stood at the same stage as Laura.

And it seems like that experience pushes Charlotte’s growth.


And while they are fighting right now, Laura could feel that Charlotte is slowly getting stronger.

That felt very fun, and Laura got absorbed into fighting.


And finally after several hours.


「Hey, everyone. How long are you going to fight〜. It’s already lunch you know, come back here〜」


Dora who’s in her apron shouted in the entrance of the house.


「Kaa-san, just wait for a little longer. Anna-chan is growing so quickly, it’s so fun」


Bruno in the ground said something like that.

And because of that, Laura copied him and said something similar.


「I’m also enjoying Charlotte-san’s growth, so I want to fight a little longer desu」


Making up reasons, those on the ground and those in the sky tries to continue their battle.

However, magic powers raised up from Dora who heard that.


「Ahh, I see. I even did better than usual, making special omelettes for everyone. But you don’t want it huh. If so, I should eat all of it」


「「「「Special omelettes?!!!」」」」


Laura, Charlotte, Bruno, and Anna, they all shouted at once, and rushed to the front door.

After eating the special omelettes, it’s time to play in the afternoon.

Swimming in the lake, fishing, or hiking in the mountains.

In the next day as well, they trained in the morning, and played in the afternoon.

With those fun days, the time passed very quickly.

And soon, the end of the summer vacation approached.









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