Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Bruno becomes cheerful



Bruno Edmonds has currently lost his will, sat within the mountain, and stared at emptiness.

He felt that he would never regain himself.

After all, all that he had was denied.


Being defeated by his own daughter was alright. He brought her up wishing that she would someday become stronger that himself. He thought that it is just too early, but it is not something that would bring him despair.

About his daughter using magic. He could barely forgive that. No, actually, he cannot but, because of the other problem that was raised, it was overshadowed.


That is right. The number one problem is that the person called Bruno Edmonds, he have unknowingly used magic.


(To think that the fired up Serious Mode was strengthening magic……! Damn it!!)


He somewhat felt that it was strange.

To think that he would become several times stronger with his fighting spirits.

On top of that, his body would glow and *ShuwaShuwa* the wind would burst out.

However, he was convinced that “My fighting spirits are just that amazing”.

He even felt proud thinking that even if humans do not use magic, they are able to do that much.


But that, in reality, it was magic.


It is too ridiculous.

Why did not anybody pointed that out, he thought.

But no, there was only a few times during his active days that he must use the Serious Mode.

And when during the times that he would use it, he had already left those who would pull his leg, and be only with his wife.

This time, it was the first time that he used it in front of people.


And, his daughter told him “that’s magic you know”.


Coming up to this, it was already impossible for him to preach Laura not to use magic.

After all, he himself have been using it.

On top of that, he even thought that “Me on my Serious Mode, aren’t I so cool?”.

Although in fact, it’s magic!


(What kind of mentality should I believe in, to live from now on……)


It was a simple story if he just starts to like magic.

He thought of that, and tried to organize his heart.

However, whatever he did, the face of his older sister comes to his mind.

He remembered about the magician that ran away from the Leviathan using Dora and himself as decoys.

However, at the same time, the appearance of Laura who fought joyfully while using magic comes to his mind as well.


(She should’ve hated magic at first. I raised her up after all. So why, why did she start to like magic in this short span of time? Damn it, I don’t understand!)


Bruno held his head with worry.

He even thought of just returning to dust.

And to that place where Bruno was worrying, his beloved wife’s voice had reached it.


「Otou-san, I found you」


Saying that, Dora crouched down in front of Bruno.


「Did you came to pick me up? I’m sorry but, leave me alone for a while……」


「I cannot do that. Laura’s friend came so I will be very troubled if you remain just like that. And so……Anna-chan, do it!」


「……here I come!」


Dora made a huge leap to the side.

And soon after that, a red-haired girl holding a giant sword slashes towards Bruno.




The girl swung her sword toward his brain together with her fired up shout.


(Ohh! What a good swordsmanship for a brat)


While praising his opponent, Bruno grips his own sword that is stabbed to the ground, and swung it up.

It clashes with the girl’s sword, pushed each other, and naturally, he won with the clash.




The girl who rebounded, took a huge jump backwards.

While looking that, Bruno stood up, and carried his sword on his shoulder.


「Kaa-san. What the heck does this mean? Are you planning on assassinating me using Laura’s friend?」


「Ara, that’s wrong. You can understand if you look at that girl’s eyes right. Those are not killing intent but battle intent」


Without being told that, Bruno knew in an instant.

He knew that the swordsmanship and gaze of this red-haired girl is straightforward.

Confronting with her, he could not help but want to correct his posture.


「……Bruno-san. During the summer vacation, I want you to make me your disciple. No, please let me be your disciple」


It looks like she is not used in using honorific expressions, and rephrased it with difficulty.


「A disciple, huh. Ojou-chan, do you want to get stronger?」


「I do」


He received an immediate answer.


「Why do you want to get stronger?」


「……to return my gratitude for the people who brought me up, money is needed」


「I see. Then, if you have money, then is it alright if you’re not strong?」


The red-haired girl thought for a moment, and shook her head.


「Even so, I want to get stronger. I want to get better with the sword. The sword is fun, after all」


That is right, the sword is fun.

Bruno was able to get happy as long as he swung his sword.

It was alright if there was no magic.


「Then, this is the last question. Why do you want to be my disciple? Yesterday, I lost to Laura. If you want a master, then isn’t Laura better?」


「It’s true that Laura won. Laura is strong. But, she is just strong. With sword techniques, Bruno-san looked cooler」




Bruno felt something deep in his heart.

What is this, he thought.

Up until earlier, he was feeling down, but right now, he is full of motivation.


「I got it. The questions are over here. The remaining thing is the practical test. Even if you have the will, if you’re just decently strong, you can’t become my disciple」


「I know……here I come!」


And so, the sword fight of Bruno and the red-haired girl have started.

Of course, it is not a proper fight.

To see the strength of the girl, Bruno started to defend at first, just to see what kind of attack would come from her.


The giant sword that is as tall as her, she used it at great speed.

If it is just with speed, she is already first class.

There would be no problem even if she immediately debut to a C-Rank adventurer right now. No, it might be no problem with B-Rank as well.


However, he weakness is clear.

If it is against weak enemies, she would be able to overwhelm them with just this speed, but her swordsmanship is very simple.

She is doing her best adding feints here and there, but her experience is not enough at all.


「I see. This time, I’ll attack. Defend properly」




The girl hesitated for half an instant to the sudden change of the flow, but she was able to barely receive Bruno’s sword.

For a kid, she has good reactions, Bruno thought.

It was as if she knew the movement of Bruno’s sword.


「Ojou-chan. Is it that, you have received Laura’s sword in school?」


「I’m training the sword everyday with Laura」


「Ohh, I see. Laura, that girl, she really haven’t started to hate the sword huh」


While getting cheered up with that, Bruno sent out slashes.

Of course, he is holding back very much.

If he did not do so, the red-haired girl would already be cut in slices.

Even so, he thought that the girl’s movements are worthy of his praise.

She could even respond well towards the slashes that he thought he had overdone.


「……Bruno-san. It’s boring just to defend, so I’ll attack as well」


「Ohh, that’s some good spirit. Do it if you can!」


In a blink of an eye, the girl’s movement changed dramatically.

Her body glowed faintly and her speed became almost double.


(This is the Serious Mode with fighting spirits……no, it’s the strengthening magic!)


With that, even Bruno was caught by surprise.

However, he is not someone who would get injured because of this much.

He only got a little cold sweat.


「Ojou-chan, you’re good. What’s your name again?」


「Anna Arnett」


「I see, Anna-chan huh! As you wish, during the summer vacation, I’ll let you be my disciple. But, this is fun, so let’s fight like this for a while!」


「Just what I want, desu」


And from there on, for a few minutes, Bruno played with Anna.

It was a very, very fun time.

He remembered the times when he taught the sword to Laura.

He did not mind at all that his opponent has used strengthening magic.


Vanguard is good. Sword is good.

And even if magic mixes in with that, good things are good things.


(I see, it was such a simple thing!)



Laura and Charlotte are looking at Bruno and Anna’s fight from the nearby shrubs.


「Anna-san, thank goodness that she safely became a disciple desu wa」


「Yes. Also, Otou-san cheered up. Thank goodness〜」


And when they were talking like that, Dora quickly approached them.


「Fufufu, just as planned. He’d get so down when he’s feeling down, but he would cheer up with just a little opportunity. What a simple person」


Dora let out a voice that it was as if she reminisces something.

There must be many things that Laura does not know.

“The two of them, before being my father and mother, they’re husband and wife huh〜”ーーLaura had those thoughts that is a little grown up.









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