Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Mountain hunting desu



Laura, Charlotte and Anna entered the bath and washed each other, wore their pajamas that they brought from their dorm, and returned to the living room.


「Okaa-san, the bath is open now〜」


「Ye〜s……oh, ara, ara. Those pajamas look so cute. You’re very cute from that start, and that……!」


Dora hugged Laura, Charlotte and Anna together, and patted them all around.

And after being released from that, when they moved to the room on the second floor, Anna pulled the hem of Dora’s clothes, and opened her mouth looking up at her.


「Charlotte became Dora-san’s disciple. And there, I want to become Bruno-san’s disciple. Please introduce me」


It was an unexpected subject.

For Laura, Bruno is her father. And Anna is her school friend.

She could not imagine that the two of them would be in a master-disciple relationship.

However, thinking about it carefully, the name Bruno Edmonds is some kind of a brand name for swordsmen.

Some say that just being together in the same party is something to be bragged off.

Seeing the sword techniques of such a man, there was no way that a swordsman like Anna would remain calm.


And here, Laura understood how fortunate she was training every day with Bruno.


「Otou-san’s disciple huh〜. But, that person, I think that he’s in a shock right now so he does not have time for that……no, maybe the more it is that he needs stimulation? Well then, tomorrow, let’s go to the mountain Otou-san is. I don’t know his specific place but……well, everyone let’s go mountain hunting!」




Hearing the words mountain hunting, Anna raised her fist with a cheer.

However, Dora said “everyone” right now.

It means that Laura and Charlotte would be going along with her.

Laura thought that if it were for Anna’s sake, she would always do something for her, but she feels bad hunting her own father in the mountains.


「Fufufu……mountain hunting against that Bruno Edmonds……I am fired up desu wa!」


There is that blonde Ojou-sama who is really fired up.

It looks like it was only Laura who did not want to.


「If that is decided, let’s sleep early today desu wa!」


「I look forward sleeping with the three of us」


To Charlotte’s suggestion, *KokuKoku*, Anna nodded.

The two pulled Laura’s arms, and went to the room on the second floor.


Andーーthey started to quarrel which one of them would sleep with Laura as a body pillow, and slept late in the end.



The next day, with Dora in the lead, the four of them went towards the mountain.

Although it is called as a mountain, it is not that huge.

It is possible to reach its peak within half a day from the town.

Even the monsters living here were all weak ones like the one-horned rabbit or three-eyed lizard.

However, it is very hard to find one man who they have no clues to where he is.


「Okaa-san. Do you have an idea where Otou-san is?」


「An idea, well, in times like this, Otou-san’s footprints is easy to tell after all」




It is true that Bruno’s feet are huge, but it is not like its tracks would clearly remain on the ground.

The three girls looked at each other thinking about it strangely, but still followed Dora.

And then, a large severed tree appeared.


「Eh, what’s this? It clearly has the marks of being cut by a blade……on top of that, its leaves are still green so it should not be a long time since it was cut」


「However, it is very hard to cut such a huge tree desu wa.」 Normally, trees are cut to be sold as wood. So thinking that it was just left like that……」


「It’s like a random attacker」


Laura, Charlotte, and Anna stared at the stump and the fallen tree.

It is a thick three that they cannot embrace even if they used both of their arms.

The cut section is very smooth and looked as if it was cut by a sword rather than a saw.

There is no doubt that the person who cut this huge three with his sword is a master swordsman.


「Don’t tell me, it’s Otou-san?!」


「That’s probably right. He stopped doing it since Laura was born, but Otou-san, you know, when he gets angry or feels down, he would hide in the forests or mountains and vent it out to the trees nearby. No matter how thick a tree it is, he would cut it with one slash」


「Eh, but, the trees, its wasteful」


Laura was not impressed to the random environmental destruction.


「That part is alright. After he gets calm later on, he would sell the logs properly. We had great profits when we were skill rookie adventurers」


「Hee〜……Otou-san did something like that」


Laura found out an unexpected face of her own father, and felt a little complicated.

However, thinking about it carefully, she does not know anything about her parents before she was born.

Of course, they are famous as adventurers so she could easily find out about their adventures.

There were also times when Bruno bragged about it.

That is why, Laura have only seen the light side of how her own parents were great adventurers.

However, she found out the episode that the reason why her father Bruno hates magic was unexpectedly childish, and how he vents off to the trees, she found out pathetic things about him.

However, even so, Laura skill loves her father very much.


「Earning from logs……what a great idea」


Anna nodded in amazement.


「Ahh, but. The forests near the towns are the Lord-sama’s forest, so you’d get scolded if you cut them without permission you know. It should be deep in the forest. We are very friendly with the Lord-sama here so it’s fine though」


「……that sound not worth it」


「That’s true. If you’re thinking only about the profits, I think that it is better to just hunt monsters」


Hearing that, Anna dropped her shoulders.

Seeing that, Charlotte and Laura whispered secretly to each other.


「……is Anna-san troubled with money after all?」


「U〜n, that seems to so. But, it’s hard to ask her in person」


Leaving aside if one would live a camping lifestyle, one needs money to live in a town.

Even the 9-year-old Laura knows that money is very important.

Being poor is a very difficult thing. Well at least, it is not something to brag about.

That is why, it is hard to ask “Are you poor?”.


「Ne〜, everyone. Come over here」


Called by Dora, Laura, Charlotte and Anna went to her side.

There were trees cut down here and there.

However, it was not only one or two.

There are ten or more.

It was as if they were cut down in a straight line as if to open a path.


「Otou-san, it looks like he is further ahead」


「If I ask him to make me a disciple, will Bruno-san let me be a disciple?」


「Who knows? Shouldn’t Anna-chan show him her talents there?」


「……I got it. I’ll do my best」


Anna made a fist.

However, being told to show her own talents, she was clueless about what to do exactly.

It is not like, she needs to slash towards him suddenly.

No, if it is against Bruno, that kind of way that is easy to tell might be effective.


Anna’s sword, her swordsmanship is straightforward.

If Bruno sees that, he might get worked up from feeling down.


(A-re? Okaa-san, did she bring Anna-san for that?)


Laura felt that, she found out a little about what being husband and wife is.









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