Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Helping desu



Okaa-san’s omelettes that I ate after a long time was super good after all.

The ingredients used is different every time and it is leek and ground pork meat today.

Also, it looks like cheese was mixed in the egg.

I do not know the specific reasons for it, but anyways, it is delicious.

While she was eating, Laura could not help her cheeks be loose.


And that was not limited to Laura, but when Charlotte and Anna took a bite, they also widened their eyes to the deliciousness.


「W-What is this, what is this soft and fluffy, melting omelettes……!!」


「This, it’s my first time」




Seeing the girls eating the omelettes wholeheartedly, Dora made a happy face.


「It’s is fun as if my daughters increased at once. The three of you, stay here for a while. There is still more than a month on your summer vacation right?」


Today is the end of July, and the summer vacation is for the whole August.

The drop out request that Bruno has sent was quickly taken care of, so they could play all that they want.


「I want to stay for a while, since I came back but……is Charlotte-san and Anna-san okay?」


「I’m normally free, so it’s okay. But, I can’t pay lodging fees you know?」


Anna said while munching omelettes.


「Oh really〜, what are you saying〜. There’s no way that I’ll take money from Laura’s friend right」


「I’m relieved. Please take care of me」


Anna bowed her head.


「I also do not have anything in schedule but……I do not want to rest my magic training, so can I do that nearby this place?」


「It’s okay. The only good thing about this place is that it’s peaceful. There are no monsters that can be your target, but you can ask Laura to be your opponent instead」


「Un. I’ll be your opponent anytime〜」


Hearing that, *Girari*, Charlotte’s eyes shined.


「Anytime……it means that I can train with Laura-san from morning till night?! Well then, please let me stay here for a while! Please take care of me!」


「Ara〜ara. Laura and Charlotte-chan are friends and rivals at the same time huh. What a wonderful relationship〜. Ahh, but, hold back on destroying the environment okay」


Just seeing Charlotte’s expression, Dora had guessed the two’s relationship.

As expected of an A-Rank adventurer and a mother.


「Even so, the three of have quite a lot of appetite. It’s a special large omelettes but you already ate it?」


「Okaa-san’s omelettes is the best in the world after all!」


「The food is better than our chef desu wa」


「My cheeks will melt if I eat this everyday」


Dora is in a great mood being praised a lot.

Laura is also in a great mood having her mother praised.

And when Dora was about to pick up the emptied dishes to wash, unexpectedly, Anna said that she would help.


「I’m good at washing dishes」


Although it is rude, Laura got surprised.

It was because Anna always had a spaced out face, so she thought that she does not have anything to do with household chores.

“One shouldn’t judge people how they look huh〜”, Laura reflected.


「If so, I shall help as well!」


Charlotte said.

If it comes to this, Laura could only help as well.

She had washed plates and wiped tables before she entered school so she is good at helping chores.


「Everyone, thank you. It’s very helpful with a lot of girls」


Dora happily said.





The breaking of a dish echoed in the kitchen.

It is Charlotte who dropped it. This is her second time.


「I-I am very sorry……it slipped out of my hand……」


Charlotte hurriedly gathered the broken pieces of the dish.

While helping her do that, Laura said out her doubt.


「……Charlotte-san. Is it that, you’re type who’s bad at household chores?」


「Uu……the maids would do everything so……I’m sorry」


「There are maid-sans in Charlotte-san’s house huh……」


It looks like she is rich.

Laura knew that the house of Gazard is a magician’s house with an ancient and honorable origin, but to think that she is an Ojou-sama just like she looks.

However, finding out that Charlotte who is a person of firm character has faults, Laura felt that it is a little interesting.


On the other hand, just as confident as she is, Anna did it properly.


「Thanks to Anna-chan, we finished washing so quickly. Thank you」


「You’re welcome」


Anna who was praised made a shy face.


「Gununu……to think that I would lose to Anna-san here……!」


「Fufu. Would Charlotte-chan like to train with household chores not only training with magic during the summer vacation?」


「Is it alright?! Please let me do so!」


Just like that, Charlotte decided to apprentice to Dora.










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