Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Everyone omelettes desu





Laura laid her father down in front of their house.

Although he got directly hit by lightning, there were no conspicuous burns.

Laura furrowed her brows, wondering what kind of training he does because she was sure that she nullified his strengthening magic.


「Congratulations, Laura. With this, you can now go to the magic department with ease」


Dora welcomed her with a smile.


「Un……but, Otou-san, will he be alright?」


「It’s alright. He won’t die just by getting hit by lightning」


「No, I’m not worried about that. I don’t mean that but, I told him that his serious mode with fighting spirits was actually strengthening magic……」


「Ahh, come to think of it, you said something like that. It is true that it’s surprising. To think that this serious mode is magic……ei!!」


Together with her cheer up call, Dora also released light and entered Serious Mode.


「Okaa-san can do it too?!! I mean, how good are your ears to hear the conversation above the lake……」


「Both Okaa-san and Otou-san has good ears you know. Ah, not just ears but also eyes and nose」


It looks like Laura’s parents have exceeded human limits even if they do not use strengthening magic.

“But still, it sounds stupid”, Laura couldn’t help but think like that.

She wondered in the past why she was able to use magic even though she had not practiced, but the reason is obvious. It’s because her parents also used magic without practicing.




Charlotte’s voice could be heard from above.

Almost at the same time, Charlotte fell down from above.


「Laura-san, ahh, Laura-san! With this, we’ll be together in the second semester too right. Thank goodness, thank goodness desu waa〜!!」


「Charlotte-san, please don’t get that sticky〜, Okaa-san’s looking at us……but, thank you very much. Ehehe〜」


Charlotte was so happy for Laura’s victory that she even shed tears for her.

That made her very happy.

Rather than within against her father, she was happier that she has a friend that would be happy for her.


「Laura, congrats」


Anna came out normally from the entrance door.

She grabbed Laura’s hand and swung it up and down.

After that, she peeled Charlotte from her and「There, there」, she calmed her down.

However, Charlotte wouldn’t stop crying.


「I, just thinking that Laura-san would disappear from the school, I cannot hold my tears and……but, it is okay now right. Ahh, I’m so happy my tears won’t stop」


Either way, it looks like she’s going to cry.

Coming up to this, they could only let her cry all she want.


「Ara〜. Charlotte-chan and Laura-chan loves Laura so much huh. Thank you. Please be her friend from now on too okay」


「Of course desu wa, Okaa-sama! Yes, of course desu waa〜!」


Charlotte hugged Laura more fiercely, patted her head, and rubbed cheeks with her.

My hair became so messy.

I should ask her to lend me a comb later.


「I also love Laura」


Anna pulled Dora’s clothes.


「I know right, Anna-chan also followed her to this place. Having such a cute and amazing friends……Laura should be very happy」


「Un……I also love Charlotte-san and Anna-san you know. Let’s be friends forever!」


Laura said that with gratitude and affection from the bottom of her heart.

Even if we graduate from the Gydrorea Adventurer’s School, we might work together as well.

But we might go on separate ways.

However, even so, I want to stay as friends.

Forever and ever.


「Laura-san, Laura-saaaaa〜n!!」


Charlotte was finally about to stop crying but hearing Laura’s words, she started to shed huge tears again.

It looks like she completely pushed on the switch.

She was crying as if she might get dehydrated.

That Charlotte looked so funny and cute.

Laura, Anna, and Dora soothed Charlotte while smiling.



At the time when Charlotte had stopped crying, Bruno raised his body.




Laura tried to say something to Bruno, but she couldn’t find a word to say.

That cool and strong father of hers was emaciated as if he was a different person.

Thinking that the cause is her, Laura felt guilty.


「Laura……it’s a promise. You don’t need to drop out. Do what you want. It’s your own life」


「U-Un……thank you」


With this, Laura has completed her goal.

She can continue going to the school in the second semester.

That itself was something to celebrate.

But, my heart wouldn’t cheer up at all.


I didn’t want to see father like this.

His body looks huge without change, but he seems as if he would disappear somewhere.


「Really, Otou-san. I know what you feel, but cheer up. So what if you were using magic without knowing it. With this, you now know that magic isn’t evil and it’s useful right. Or are you going to insist that you yourself and even your daughter is evil? Look, look at Charlotte-chan here properly. She cried so much that her eyes were red because she can continue going to school with Laura you know」


Dora preached her husband with a daunting pose.

Charlotte who was suddenly mentioned looked down with embarrassment.

Bruno stared at her intently, then stood up silently, leaving with his back to Laura and the rest.


「Eh, Otou-san, where are you going?!」


Bruno stopped to Laura’s question. But, he did not turn around.


「I’ll go to the mountains again……leave me alone for a while……I can’t sort my feelings……」


There was the back of a man whose whole life was rejected.

It looked so miserable they could not look straight at it

Laura, Charlotte, and Anna, they could not help but look away.

However, only Dora was staring at Bruno who was walking slowly with cold eyes.


「What an intolerant man. You should just be honest and be happy for your daughter’s growth. Well, he’d regain himself and return someday. Let’s eat lunch then. Do you have any request?」


Lunch. Request.

Hearing those two words, Laura chased away her father from her head in an instant.

And she said with a loud voice.


「Omelettes! I want to eat Okaa-san’s omelettes!」


Just thinking of that soft and fluffy omelette, my drool won’t stop pouring out of my mouth.

I can only think of omelettes.

Omelettes, omelettes……ahh, omelettes!


「Hey, Laura……are you having withdrawal symptoms just not eating omelettes for a few months? Your eyes are spinning you know」


「It’s all because the omelettes in the school cafeteria cannot be called as omelettes because it isn’t as soft and fluffy as Okaa-san’s omelettes! That’s why I want to eat Okaa-san’s omelettes to refresh my mouth of the cafeteria’s omelettes and eat a lot of omelettes!!」


「This is bad! Laura became strange! I’ll hurry up and make it okay!」


Dora unusually showed a panicking attitude and run to the house.




I’ll die if I don’t hurry up and put omelettes inside my mouth.

That melting softness and sweetness.

Omelettes is the world’s truth.

That’s right, I have returned to eat omelettes.


「Laura-san’s moving like a zombie that is about to decay desu wa!」


「I’m sure that the skills of the necromancer controlling her is bad」


Charlotte and Anna’s voice could be heard from the side.

However, the Laura right now does not have the leisure to hear her friends’ words.


(Charlotte-san……golden haired……golden colored……omelettes is also golden colored……Charlotte-san is the omelettes!


Amazing. Why did I not notice that up until now.


「Omelettes, omelettes! Itadakima〜su!!」


「He? Laura-san, what is it so suddenly……!」


Laura pushed down Charlotte and started sucking her neck.

She had completely thought that she’s omelettes so she tilted her head because there was no taste.


「Ahh, no, no……it is still noon……」


「It’s because it’s noon! I’m eating because it’s noon!」


Why does this omelette dislike to get eaten although it’s an omelette?

No, it’s not omelettes but Charlotte?

Charlotte had disguised as an omelette?


「Y-You tricked me Charlotte-san! I won’t forgive you!」


「What is it?!!」


「The omelettes, give me my omelettes〜!!」


Laura grabbed Charlotte’s collar and started shaking her.

However, the omelettes would not appear at all.

How cruel. Laura only wants to eat omelettes.


「Laura, calm down. Charlotte isn’t an omelette, and she won’t turn into omelettes even if you shake her like that」


「Anna-san……red hair……ketchup……putting her to Charlotte-san would make her omelettes……?」




Anna tried to turn around run away but that would not happen.

Laura grabbed her feet making her fall down and placed Anna on top of Charlotte.


「Itadakima〜su!! HamuHamu……there’s no taste! Why!」


「Please stop it already!」


「We can only use force to make Laura regain herself」


Charlotte and Anna activated their strengthening magic.

They blew away Laura using their increased strength.


(Omelette’s revolt?! No, it’s not, omelettes do not move……a-re, what am I……?)


「Laura-san, get ready desu wa!」


「I’ll make you scream like a pig」


Charlotte and Anna approached with angry visages.


「Ah, no, please wait a minute! I-I returned to normal now! I’ll apologize so please forgive me〜!」


After that, Laura was tickled so much and had her ears *Fuu〜*-d a lot.











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