Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – The shocking truth desu



This time, it was Laura’s turn to get surprised.

Honestly speaking, she had thought that it would end with the lightning spirit.

Even how strong her father is, he is only a human.

That there was no way he could endure the attack that even defeated Emilia.

That she would cast recovery magic on her father full of wounds, and get proud of the win.

She thought that it would be a scene light that.


However, the reality was different.


Her great father Bruno blocked the lightning sword with his own sword.

Thinking about it normally, it was impossible.

Swords are made out of metal.

And receiving lightning with it, it was natural that the holder would get electrified.

But contrary to that, her father stood as if nothing happened, and even starts to counterattack.




He produced an abnormal skill of severing the lightning sword with his metal sword, jumped, and tackled to the spirit’s stomach.

It only looked like a suicidal attempt, but frighteningly, Bruno penetrated through the spirit.

With that shock impact, the spirit scattered its lightning powers around.

Unable to maintain its body composition, it disappeared.


「Fuhahahaha!! How is it, Laura. Isn’t Otou-san strong! Whatever you learn in the magic department, you will never win against Otou-san. That’s why, let’s train with the sword!」


While shouting like that, Bruno’s body was shining.

Wind was somewhat enveloping him, *Shuu, shuu* it sounded, and his hair stands upright.

He clearly got far stronger than before.




「This should be the first time that Laura saw it huh! This is Otou-san’s『Serious Mode』! If you raise your fighting spirits you’ll become like this. Otou-san’s very different from before. Get ready!」


It was clear that he was very different from before.

And it was clear with a look that it was not the work of something like『Fighting Spirits』.

However, the person himself seems to have not noticed it.

When he finds out about the truth, how would he react.

“I can say it to him right now, but……I probably should defeat him first”, Laura decided.

After all, there were not many chances for her to fight her father seriously.


「I will also, go stronger okay!」


「You were not yet serious you say? Alright, give everything you got!」


Bruno made a bring it on gesture and provoked Laura.

He looks very confident.

If so, there’s no need to hold back then.

In fact, Bruno’s body is being “strengthened” after all.




Laura increased the level of her strengthening magic, and jumped.

She kicked the tree, kicked the house’s wall, taking Bruno’s back with three-dimensional movement.


「That’s naive!」


Bruno swung his sword while turning around.

The two swords collided intensely.

Countless sparks scattered.

Bruno has overwhelmingly higher skill with the sword. Laura caught up with that with her physical abilities provided by the strengthening magic.

Strikes. Thrusts. Slash. Receive. Parry. Tangle.

More than hundred blows exchanged within a few seconds, and the ground was torn with the aftereffect.


And the two ran while exchanging blows, and moved their stage to above the lake.

Laura flushed out magic powers from the back of her feet, and ran above water.

Bruno who was purely a swordsman cannot follow her thereーーor it should have.


「Haーhahahaha!! Secret Technique『Water Walking With Fighting Spirits』!!」




It looks like he believes that he could do anything if he have some fighting spirits.

Not knowing what he was doing, Bruno innocently chased after Laura.

Somehow, Laura felt bad for her father.


「……Otou-san. I’ll finish this okay」


「What, you’re surrendering huh……nggu! What’s this?!」


Laura spread out her magic power from the back of her feet to the lake, and change Bruno’s standing place into a jelly-like state.

The water that became a jelly followed Laura’s will, it entangled Bruno’s feet, and continued until his whole body was restrained.

Even if he tear it apart or struggles, it will only stretch.

And, it would return just like rubber.


「Uhm, you know, Otou-san. You can’t become stronger with just fighting spirits, nor you can run above water with it……」


「What are you talking about, Laura! Can’t you see Otou-san standing above the water!」


「Uhm, that thing that Otou-san thinks it’s fighting spirits……it’s magic powers you know」


That is right.

The instant Bruno became that『Serious Mode』thing, Laura understood.

She understood that it was, strengthening magic.

Her poor father that hates magic, although unknowingly, he was using magic unconsciously.


「Magic powers, you say? That is, ridiculous……I-I was……using……magic……?」


「It might be a shock, but……for the mean time, I’ll take this win okay」


Laura intercepted Bruno’s strengthening magic, and neutralized it.

This is a technique that needs concentration, so it was impossible to do while swinging her sword.

However, if they were both at a stop like this, it is an easy trick.

And, Laura, she dropped lightning on her father.




Bruno raised a short scream, and finally went unconscious.  

With this, all is done.

Her father is not a person who would go back on his promise, so Laura could attend school from the second semester as well.  

The problem is finally solved.


However, when he woke up, Bruno was not able to accept reality.

He lost to his daughter.

He was using magic himself.

These two things, there would drop Bruno into a living hell for sure.


(I just hope he wouldn’t cry……)


While thinking of that, Laura pulled her unconscious father to the land.









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