Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Parent-child fight broke out desu



Mielevern, the place where Laura’s parents home, is a lakeside town.

The population is small although the land is vast, so it is a town that is relaxed.

Especially Laura’s parents home is in the outskirts, there is nothing around.

It is not like there are being treated badly, but their house was made intentionally in the outskirts so that they could swing they sword freely.

Since Laura was young (though she is still young right now), her father had taught her the sword. There were also times when her mother would teach her the spear.




And in that place with memories, she is going to fight her father.

It is a parent and child’s fight around the future paths.


「Okaa-san will be the referee. The two of you, do your best okay〜」


Dora let out a nonchalant voice.

On the other side, both Laura and Bruno were very serious.


Both of the swords they are holding in their hands is a two-handed sword.

However, Laura’s was a cheap one that was bought from the guild’s retail store.

On the other hand, Bruno’s sword is an excellent sword, one that he had always used from the past.

If they clashed head on, Laura’s sword would be broken very quickly.


However, Laura has the strengthening magic.

Whatever junk it is……no, in the worst scenario, it is possible to strengthen even the twigs around there too that equal or more than an excellent sword.

Even her arm strength, if she used strengthening magic to multiply it tens of times, she would not lose to Bruno.


Bun even so, Laura still could not be relieved.

After all, ever since she was born, she has never scene Bruno go serious, not even once.

Her father that would train her was always holding back.

Even so, Laura has never won.


Bruno and Dora’s story is one that would even appear in the lessons.

As far as the written accounts in the textbooks go, although they are the same A-Rank, Bruno is far stronger than Emilia.


(Can I really win〜?)


She has the confidence that she had gotten stronger after learning magic.

However, her father’s strength is planted deep into her consciousness.

Her hands that hold her sword were almost trembling, but at that time.


「Laura-san, please do your best! I will not forgive you if you lose!」


「Let’s go back to the school together, let’s each some strawberry parfait」


From the second floor of her parents house, Charlotte and Anna leaned over, and sent cheers.

The instant she heard that, her body tension disappeared.


「……you had some good friends huh」


Bruno grinned.


「Un. That’s why I’m going to defeat Otou-san and return to school」


「If so, show me how much you got stronger. If you win against Otou-san, he’ll forgive you and let you go to the magic department or whatever!」


「That’s a promise okay……let’s go!」


Laura kicked the ground.

The strengthening magic that was activated with an enormous amount of magic power concentrates arm strength that exceeds that of a dragon’s in the body of a small, 9-year-old girl.

As a result, she gained an inhuman acceleration.

If it is an ordinary living thing, it would have died with their organs crushed with just a step.

However, Laura’s strengthening magic would even strengthen her endurance.

That is why, she could continue to accelerate.

Her speed increased with each additional step, sprinting while opening holes on the ground.

She reached the level where she could defeat a Behemoth with just a tackle, and swung her sword down towards her father.




It looks like that one attack has far exceeded Bruno’s expectations.

Although he was barely able to stop the slash with his own sword, he was not able to kill the impact, and almost collapsed backward.

However, in reality, he did not fall down.

He fixed his posture using an incredible strength, and countered Laura, sending her flying.


「Otou-san……he’s really amazing!」


Laura became happy that her attack was not effective.

The power of the attack right now was one with strengthening magic used that even Anna would become minced in an instant.

Because of that, she cannot use it in training.

She attacked believing that her father could receive it, he did as she expected, and even sent her flying.

She was moved.

The feeling of having an opponent that one could be serious with is great.

It was similar to that feeling during the fight against Charlotte.


「Haa, haa……I see, it looks like you became a little stronger」


Bruno’s breathing became rough.

This is not because he was tired, but because he was surprised with Laura’s attack.

“This isn’t the limit of Father’s strength” Laura believes that.


「Laura-san, as expected desu wa! Continue that and make Otou-sama shut up! There is no need to hold back on a person who would say that magicians are so damn useless!」


Charlotte shouted from the second floor.

It looks like she had listened on the conversation earlier on. Did she place her ear on the floor or something.

But even so, she was quite excited.

She is alright because Anna was holding her from behind, but she might fall if something goes wrong.


「It’s not because Charlotte-san said it, but……I will go stronger from now on!」


「Eh, more you say?! Laura, wait!」


「I won’t wait!」


Ignoring her father who was panicking, Laura chanted her spell.


「Come forth, lightning spirits. I shall give you my magic powers. Let everything know. Enlighten them what destruction is」


A giant appeared between Laura and Bruno.

It was a lightning spirit many times larger than their house.


「Haaaaa?!! H-Hey wait……damn it! Alright, I’ll receive it! Come on!!」


「Thank you, Otou-san! Go, spirit!」


The lightning spirit changed a part of its body, manifesting a lightning sword from its right hand.

That blade that was so long it could split even a dragon into two, it was swung down to Bruno.




Bruno roared with all he had and countered.

And the result wasーー.









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