Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: If I am lucky they might let me join


The Magic Department’s class is 60% lecture and 40% practical.

It still early in the school year, so their policy seems to be, to give firm knowledge first.


Lecture is about world history, the current world situation, the monster’s distribution and how to deal with it, the history of magic and theory. That is what they are studying right now. They are also taught a little about things like the unknown ancient civilization.


After that, practical class. This only made Laura bored.

Defending from the weak Attack Magic that Emilia shoots with Defence Magic, training the endurance by releasing magic powers for an hour, training about shooting a target from far away, things like that, they were very boring.

All of those were easy tasks.

But it seems like it was difficult for their classmates, and everyone was taking a hard time other than Laura and Charlotte.


And when I told Charlotte about that, she surprisingly replied with a common knowledge.


「The slow progress of the class cannot be helped. Even though this school doesn’t give mercy to those who have not talents, it is not like it is adapted to people who have aptitudes above 100. The standard is 50. And that is also considered as excellent to normal people. Well, I agree that it is frustrating, but the level of the class will gradually go up. Until that, you should just do self-training after class. In fact, I am doing just that」


Right, that was the cause of Laura’s discontent.

It’s the fourth day after entering school.

But the only time they went back to the dormitory together was only the first day, and other than that, they went separately.

Charlotte stays for a long time in the library, and does things like sending a challenge letter to a senior and duel with them at the training grounds.


In this school, duels aren’t school violations, but rather, they are recommended.

For the reason of raising the aspirations of the students, in the presence of an instructor, students can fight within themselves at training grounds and arenas.

Also, within the instructors, there are also those problematic ones who likes watching the students fight within themselves as a hobby, so there are no insufficiency on witnesses.


Right now, Laura has no enough aspirations to go to the library and study. She told Charlotte “I won’t lose”, but her brain gets exhausted during the lecture, and she didn’t have enough willpower to go study after school.

Of course, sending out challenge letters to seniors is also out of the question.

She also do not know what to do in self-training.

In the first place, the things called practice and training, exists because there is a goal to be achieved, and to Laura who didn’t know a stronger magician than herself, she had no ways to create a goal.

If the instructor, Emilia, would get serious, maybe she is stronger that Laura.

But, she will have no chances of seeing Emilia’s “serious” for a while.


That’s why, Laura had a lot of free time after class.

After all, she didn’t have any friends other than Charlotte.

She should just talk to her classmates and make more friends, but she is intimidated because they are all older than her. And she also didn’t know what to talk about.

If it is about sword, maybe she had something to talk about……


(Ah, that’s right. There might be people who are remaining in the Warrior Department. Especially Anna-san who had 98 aptitude with the sword. If it’s that person, she should also be bored during classes, so she might’ve stayed for self-training!)


I should go and see her. If I were lucky she might let me join.

And then, and then. I will make her my friend.


(Strike while the iron’s hot!)


Alone in her room, Laura who was swinging her sword, placed its blade back to its sheathe that is connected to her waist belt, and fixed it on.

Then, she went towards the training grounds of the Warrior Department.


In the Gyrdorea Adventurer School, the school building and the dormitory is shared by the Warrior Department and Magic Department, but the training grounds were different.

The training that warriors and magicians do are too different, and there’s also the reason that only one training grounds isn’t enough.


As she approached the training grounds of the Warrior Department, *Kaーn* *Kaーn* she heard that sound.

Inside, it was enveloped with enthusiasm.

There are students who are doing a mock battle with swords and spears.

There are students who are swinging their weapons.

There are also students that are practicing their bows and arrows.

There are students checking their stances in front of the mirror.

There are students training their muscles.

There are students meditating.


(This is it, this is what I’ve expected!)


Laura couldn’t help herself but to tremble.


Only Father and I was training together until now, but that a group of people this much swinging their swords.


Not only swordsmen, but spearmen, axemen, and fighters, she could only see them as relatives.

She looked around that relatives, and Laura searched for the person she was looking for.


「Ah, there she is!」


In the corner of the training grounds, a red-haired girl was swinging her sword down with her heart and soul.

She entered her own world with a concentration that anyone could feel shivers and make one’s hair stand on its end.

And that, with a ridiculously huge sword.

The blade length was longer that Laura’s height, and it’s as thick as a dictionary.

That iron chunk of a sword, a young girl was swinging it.

It was like very ridiculous sight, but that was the thing that Laura wanted to see at Gyrdorea Adventurer School.




Laura ran up to her and called her name.

In an instant.

The trajectory of Anna’s sword changed, and aimed through Laura’s neck.

In return, Laura reacted quickly. She unsheathed the sword in her waist and stopped it.

A high-pitched metal sound echoed within the training grounds.


My arms are numbed.

If I didn’t defend, my neck should surely blown away.




Anna seemed like she had noticed of what she had done, puts down her sword, and avoids direct sight to her eyes.


「Sorry……it’s because you suddenly ran」

「U〜un. I’m sorry to my part also. I was able to defend it properly so it’s okay. Rather than that, that’s swords amazing! And also Anna-san who can wield it! If I were to use a sword that huge, I would be surely thrown around instead」

「T-Thank you……」


Anna was shy and looked a little ticklish, she scratches her head.

It’s an honest reaction. “We could absolutely become friends” Laura thought that and was relieved.


「Uhm, Anna-san. Can you do a mock battle with me?」

「That is, something I couldn’t ask for. I was also interested in you. But, you should’ve transferred to the Magic Department……」

「That’s true though. But I really like the sword. I couldn’t help but coming here!」


That’s right. I can’t help it.

I want to swing my sword mindlessly.

At worst, there is also the choice of swinging it by myself, but if there’s a chance, having a partner is more fun.


「……I got it. I will be your partner」

「Thank you very much!」


At the instance the two of them accepted.


「Wait a minute!」


There was an unexpected interruptor.








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