Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: We got along


Laura and Charlotte went together to the school’s cafeteria, and ate dinner.

Laura had omelette and salad. Charlotte asked for a beef stew.


(This omelette……it isn’t bad, but the one Mother made was more delicious.)


Laura started to get homesick quickly from the first day.


After that, they dropped the day’s dirt at the dormitory’s public bathroom, changed to pajamas, and returned to the room.


「Ne〜ne〜. Charlotte-san. In this case, we should place the bed together」


「Because, isn’t it more fun that way!」

「Well, I do not mind, but I think it is very heavy」

「It’s alright! I, was originally an applicant to the Warrior Department. *Yoisho*!」


Laura easily lifted the bed alone, and put it together with the other bed.


「……You’re strong although you are small」

「Ehehe〜, it’s the strength I got from Father and Mother」


And then, the two of them laid down in the bed.

Since they placed together the bed, using the rational thinking that it isn’t a loss if the person itself doesn’t stick together, *KoroKoro* Laura rolled to Charlotte’s side.


「I-It’s very hot!」


*Don* she was pushed back.

It was a shame.


「Charlotte-san. Let’s talk for a while before we sleep. Things like before we entered here. Things like what to do after graduation」

「Is it not better to sleep earlier? Because there is also a class tomorrow」

「Just a while. I, want to know more about Charlotte-san!」

「……I cannot talk that long though?」





“Well, I had the same room with a troublesome girl.” Charlotte thought and smiled wryly.

Although she said that she wanted to know about Charlotte, she was only talking about herself.

Like how her Father was a very strong swordsman. Like the omelette that her Mother made was very delicious. Like things about the beautiful lake near her hometown and how they fished there a lot. Like how she almost got lost in the royal capital before she arrived to school.

She talked a lot of that, and got to sleep earlier.


「I haven’t talked about anything at all though」


Her sleeping face was childish like those of her age, she was very lovely, and you would smile with pleasance just by looking.

But, this girl is a monster.

That ridiculously powerful magic that she showed at the training grounds.

Probably, that isn’t her limit.

It won’t only be just with that. She hasn’t squeezed out her magic powers.

And also, there’s still room for growth.


Can I really win against this girl?

I said things in a dashing way, but do I really believe that myself?


9999 aptitude.

There is no one who had seen the true value of that.


No, even so.

I will win whoever I’m against to.

I entered to school deciding that.

Then, it is simple. Just like how I have said it.

I would not pull Laura’s feet. And on top of that, do my best a hundred times of Laura, and exceed her.

That is what it means how to win.


「Even so……I can’t sleep」


I am envious of Laura who is sleeping very peacefully.

I’m impressed on how she was able to sleep so peacefully in a new environment.

In addition, this girl should have slept during the morning.

If there was something like aptitude in sleep, that might also be 9999.


「The sheets are different. The pillows are different. And to top all of that……」


The stuffed toy that I always hugged at home is not here.

Charlotte cannot sleep without that.

Even so, I am already 14.

It is pathetic that I need a stuffed toy to hug to be able to sleep.


Let alone, the school dormitory room is for two persons.

I left it at home, thinking this is a chance to graduate from stuffed toys, but.

I can’t sleep.

I am placed in the unreasonable state that I cannot sleep although I am tired.


「……It it became like this, I can only use the last resort」


Charlotte looked at Laura.


This 9-year old girl. She’s just as big as the stuffed toy.

Since we entered the public bath earlier, I was thinking that embracing her should feel good.

Ahh, I cannot hold myself.

If I embraced her softly, and if I wake up before Laura wakes up, I would not get caught for sure.

There is no problem.


「Laura-san……please excuse me……!」


I decided and embraced her.

In that instance, I felt the bliss feeling throughout my body.

Equal to that stuffed toy. No, it is a lot more comfortable than that.

The smell is also good. Is it because we just got out of bath? Or is it Laura’s body that releases this smell?

Either ways, this is wonderful.

It is heaven.


(I might ascend!)


With this, Charlotte was somehow able to get her night’s sleep.




In the morning, the next day.


「W-Why am I being embraced by Charlotte-san?! What happened?! Charlotte-san wake up! I, cannot move!」




「Uu……it’s somehow a very happy sleeping face. It’s still a little early, maybe I should take a second nap……」


Just like that, they overslept, and getting along, they were late to the morning assembly, so the two were scolded by Emilia.







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