Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: I’m not losing to you!


The entrance ceremony day’s class, was finished just with the test done in the training grounds.

And returning to the classroom, she heard the last greeting from the home room teacher Emilia and they were released.


「Eh〜, seeing that today is also the school ceremony day……everyone is also tired, please return straight to the dormitory and rest. You, specially got tired during the afternoon……Sensei also got tired. Well then, you can go now」


However you looked at it, Emilia was tired the most.

Her cheeks looked like they caved-in.


「Ahh……by the way, Laura-san. Your belongings, is still in the infirmary room. Please bring it to the dormitory. Well then……」


Emilia said that, and left the classroom.

The other students also stood up, and left the classroom busily or remains to chat.

Laura couldn’t enter that circle.

It looks like that some groups have been formed during the morning.

Although, it’s not like Laura was being ignored, everyone was stealing a glance at her.


But, they aren’t talking to her.

Half of them was from curiosity. Half of them was from fear.


(I did it too much, at the training grounds……?)


Even Laura who was not that knowledgeable with magicians, she understands that her power was a lot different from that of the other students.


「Laura-san, Laura-san. You were sleeping during the morning, so you don’t know the girl’s dormitory’s place right?」


When Laura was absent-minded, she was suddenly called on to.

What entered her sight was, golden spirals.

It’s Charlotte Gazard.


「Ah, yes……but who should I ask……」


「I will guide you」




It was an unexpected request.

She thought that she was being despised by Charlotte.


「Why are you being obscure? You and I have the same room. I am returning to the room right now, you should follow me」


I see. It was that kind of reason.

But I’m happy that she didn’t ignore me.


Laura’s cheeks went soft.


「W-Why are you smiling……?」

「It’s nothing. Rather than that, can I take my things from the infirmary?」

「Yes. Do you think that I am that intolerant of a person?」

「Charlotte-san, is a very kind person right!」

「Eh, just with that?!!」


And then, Laura when to the infirmary together with Charlotte, she collected her things, and they went to the dormitory.

During that, there wasn’t a lot of conversation, but just by walking together with a classmate, Laura was having fun.


I didn’t know why I was this happy from the start.

But, if I think about it, when I was small (she is still small), I’ve always trained with the sword, and I have no memories of playing with someone else.

I could really feel how extreme Father’s teaching was.

That “extreme” was fun too…but I should go with the school life here for once.


「This is our room」

「Thank you very much. Ohh, it is very wide inside」


Bed. Closet. Table. Two of them each.

The minimum that is needed for living is prepared.

There is only one lantern, but Magic Department students can use their magic powers to create light, so that wasn’t needed.

Laura put down to the floor the bag that have her change of clothes and towels, the sword she always uses, and sat on the bed.


It was a very nice bedding. It is very soft. If it’s this even if I get tired during the class, I can regain my energy after a night’s sleep.


「Charlotte-san. Starting now to graduation, please take care of me!」

「……Yes, I’m looking forward to that. But Laura-san. There is one thing that I want to be clear」

「What is it?」

「I am not, planning to be accustomed to someone more than it is needed. My immediate goal, is to become the school’s strongest student. That means, everyone is a rival. Especially Laura-san, you are my enemy!」


Charlotte said that and pointed at Laura quickly.



「That’s right. The training ground’s one attack. What was that. Even though it was almost the same magic as mine, it had a lot more power. Were you hinting that to me? I do not care if you take this as jealousy, but……honestly, it was very unpleasant! 」


Unpleasant. Charlotte’s expression, when she said that, was really showing anger.




It’s just that, Charlotte’s magic was really cool.

I only copied it for that reason. I didn’t mean to make her angry.

But if I think about it in Charlotte’s position, it might really feel that I was making fun of her.


What Laura did, was something like “I can do the same thing that you can, but I’m a lot better”. It was the same as saying that.


「I’m sorry……I didn’t, know about magic. The best one that I saw today was Charlotte-san, so I tried to copy……I didn’t know it would be that strong……I didn’t think of Charlotte-san’s feelings, I’m……」


I didn’t know how to apologize.

My words right now, they might be only sound as boasting.

I wonder why did it become like this.

Enter the Warrior Department, train with classmates, make friends, remaining and teaching the sword after class, go out and play to the townーーI had imagined that kind of school life.

With this, I can’t even make one friend.

Even though I started to like magic……


「Ha, eh, w-wait, why are you crying……?!」

「Because, I did, something bad, for Charlotte-san……」

「No, Laura-san did nothing, I was just involuntarily doing it……Ahh, mou, if it goes like this, then I am the one who looks like the villain!」


Charlotte took out a handkerchief, and wiped Laura’s tears.


「I was wrong with right now. I will apologize. I’m sorry. So please, can you stop crying」

「You are, going to forgive me?」

「I’ll repeat it, it’s not about forgiving you, I was one wrong. Being jealous of a younger girl than myself seriously, thinking of that makes me embarrassed with myself. If I just I lost, I only just needed to do my best and win……」


Do my best, and win someday.

It was a very sound and obvious argument.

Surely, wherever that world may be, that is the most basic way of thinking.

But, the number of Laura’s aptitude in magic is all 9999.


Is it something that can be reached with only best efforts?

Isn’t it something that you give in?


「Laura-san. My aptitude in attack magic is 120. Aptitudes in other kinds of magic is around 100. It means, a hundredth of yours」


It means, that reaching it is impossibleーー


「It means that, I just need to do my best a hundred times than Laura-san. I will not lose. The one who is going to be the school’s strongest magician, is this Charlotte Gazard!!」


Laura was startled and raised her head.


Charlotte is looking straight to me.


「Laura-san. For better or worse, you are very special. I’m sure, that you are going to be told a lot of things. You will be talked behind your back. There will also people who will get jealous just like I did. There will also be those who will say bad things in your face. But please, do your best always. Please do not be reserved to others and hold back. I will definitely reach after you. I will win against you. Know that having a discretion, will only look as an insult to others!!」


Ahh, even in the world of magic, there is also a straightforward person like her.

Her eyes were like Father’s when he was holding the sword.


Laura, why does she think that Charlotte was cool, understood completely.


She is a sprinting light.

She’s shines through, just by charging forward.


And she is right now, looking at her.


How should I answer her?

Thank you?  Please take care of me?

No. What’s with that, senseless lines.

What did I learn from Father and Mother.

Although there’s a difference between a warrior and a magician, the words that are used aren’t different.

Right. It was a simple answer.


「I will, not lose to you!」


From this instance, Laura and Charlotte became friends.








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