Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: What should I do, I might become addicted to it


「Yosh, the first one will be me. I have confidence in accuracy」


A boy who was older than Charlotte came in front, and focused his magic powers in his palm.

What he released, was an arrow made of water.

That flew in a straight line, and actually hit the Spirit that was 50 steps away. But, It evaporated with the heat that the Spirit emits, so it wasn’t that much of a damage.


「That’s good. It hit it. Then, the next one」


The second one was a woman whose age was not that different with Emilia.

She should have a lot of experience” she thought, but the woman missed.

The third one failed too.

It looks like it was surprisingly hard to focus magic.


「Well then, I think it’s time, that I will show the basics」


The fourth one was Charlotte.

Her confidence shows in her whole body.


Ohh, she finally came out, the Gazard House’s eldest daugher

Her aptitude in attack magic is 120……She would surely shoot a big one

It looked not that much because of the 9999, but 120 is still a genius

「Is still, you say, she’s has a talent that only comes out in tens of years……though it doesn’t look that much because of the 9999


Can you not repeat 9999 continuously“, Laura thought.


「Light. I shall give my magic powers. Therefore, a contract. Crush my enemyーー」


Charlotte weaved her words.

Laura knows about at least that.

It’s what they call a spell.


It’s the words that a magician chants to enhance the image of a magic.

Usually, you would think that you will be distracted if you are talking while thinking.

But it is said that an excellent magician chants an spell, alter their mind, and enhance the effect of the magic.


That was what Mother taught me.

Father who heard that beside me, told that it was the petty tricks of magicians.

But, Charlotte’s appearance of chanting an spell in front of me, and raising her magic powers……Saying it honestly, it was very cool.

It was beautiful. She was graceful. I was mesmerized.


Laura who thinks that the sword is the best, had her eyes stolen by a magician girl.


And then, a ray of light ran from Charlotte’s palm.

It was a bombardment of white shining light.

It was clearly in a different level of power than the students that went before her.

It hit the Flame Spirit as if it pierced the space itself, and went through it.

The Flame that the Spirit was created dissipates. And it disappeared just like that.

Still, the bombardment of light collided to the wall behind the spirit and roaring sounds echoed.


「Yes, good job, Charlotte-san. I didn’t think that the Flame Spirit would be defeated by a student in your first day」

「Fufu. This much, is natural in the Gazard House」


Saying that, Charlotte flips up her golden hair with her hand.

She was trying to be composed, but she was happy that the teacher praised her, and her cheeks were blushed

Maybe she has a personality that is easily understood.


「And to everyone. You saw the strength of the training grounds’ barrier right? Even a magic that powerful, look. The wall is not charred at all. And that is the same even if you shoot to the sky. It wouldn’t be a nuisance to anyone outside. So, everyone, don’t worry and shoot your best」


Emilia summoned a new Flame Spirit.

After that, the fifth one, the sixth one, the students were challenges it one next to the other.

Laura was looking how they looked from behind from the start, but the students that was able hit, was only 70% of everyone.

And if you ask about the students that destroyed the spirit, it was only Charlotte alone.


It’s a bit……no, it’s very disappointing.

I expected a lot because of Charlotte’s magic, but it rather made me irritated because of the students’ pathetic look that came after her.

What is, these people.

Is only hitting it their limits.

If it was the sword, even those who haven’t trained at all can at least hit a target.

As I’ve thought, magic isn’t good. The sword is better, that’s all I can think of.


「That only remaining one is Laura-san. Come, come. Do what you can do」

「Fufun. I will see your skill」


Emilia and Charlotte, didn’t even try to hide their expectations while staring at Laura.

Also, the students were about the same, they were very interested on what magic will a person with an aptitude of 9999 will show.


(Uwa〜……I’m nervous. But, if I did it this serious and there’s only a disappointing magic that comes out, maybe I could use that as reason so they could let me enter the Warrior Department)


「W-Well then, Laura Edmonds, I will go!」


While receiving everyone’s sight, I stepped forward.

I reached out my palm towards the Flame Spirit, and focused my senses.

I should chant a spell.

I don’t know about its logic, I don’t have techniques, and I haven’t trained.

But on what I saw today, the way that Charlotte did, fits best.

I will imitate her.




The words after this, “I shall give my magic powers. Therefore, a contract. Crush my enemies”, if I’m correct.

But chanting it inside my head, I think that something is wrong with it.

That’s why, I arranged it in my own way.


「Devour my magic powers. Gather, Obey, Kneel down. I shall command you. Destroy all creations. Know who is the Kingーー」



The chants naturally and smoothly came out from my mouth, it was somehow very pompous. And very domineering.

If I say it this way to the spirits, I wonder if they would really do what I ask.


It was then, when Laura was making a doubt.


「Ah, Wait! Laura-san!! Stop!!!」




It was too late when Emilia tried to stop her.

From Laura’s palm, a cannon ball of light……no. Battering rams of light was shot.

The light covered all of the training grounds.

It was to bright that it is difficult to even open your eyes.

A heat wave hit my face.

The battering ram that Laura shot collided with the Flame Spirit, abolished it in an instant, and plunged to the defence barrier that is surrounded the training grounds just like that.


Earthquakes occurred.

The atmosphere trembled.

And the sky was torn.


「Ahhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Defence Barrier, Repair, Reinforce!! New Barrier Creation, Protect the students, Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforceeeee!!!!!!」


Emilia screams, and uses different kinds of magic.

Laura, with only a glance, knew everything that she did.

It looked like she repaired the training ground’s barrier first, and reinforced it for a while so the explosion of the battering ram would not leak outside.

After that, she made a new barrier to protect all the students and Emilia herself, and used every magic power she had to reinforce it. She reinforced it, all that she can.


But, it wasn’t enough. There will probably a hole in the barrier that Emilia created, and many students might become casualties.

If it’s like that, then the main cause, Laura, should just reinforce the new barrier further.




She whispered, and put her magic powers in Emilia’s barrier.

Laura did it naturally, even though she didn’t know that it was a high-level technique, she infused her magic powers to another person’s magic.


And everyone had no scratch because of that.

The damage also didn’t go out.

But the wall that was supposed to be fire-proof, was burnt black.

If Emilia’s decision, and Laura’s Reinforce was late even for a second……Who knows what would’ve happened.


「Eh, are you serious……Eh, Laura-san, is already stronger than me? I, who is a Gyrdorea Adventurer School’s instructor and a A-Ranker Adventurer, and I, who have the honor of the title “Dragon Killer” given by the Great Sage-sama……Eh, Eh? No way, there is no way……NONE!」


Emilia was mumbling, and then slapped her own cheeks.

It was only her who started moving, everyone other than her, stood their ground astonished.

Anybody couldn’t say a word.


And Laura, was looking at the palm of her handsーーExcited.


「That light, that power……with my own strength……?」


Father and mother will surely be angry.

But, I have felt it.

Kneading magic powers, and release it as strong as I could.

A feeling that I can’t feel with the sword, the power of ultimate destruction.

That, I might become addicted to it.


(No, stop it!  I am Laura Edmonds. I’m a girl who dreams about being a swordsman!!)








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