Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 5

Chapter 5:  I want to have friends


「……Laura Edmonds. 9-years old. The thing that I’m good at, is the sword that Father taught me. I was also taught of the spear by Mother a little. My favorite food is omelet」


Magic Department freshmen, 39 of them.

In front of them, Laura was introducing herself and was very nervous.

It would’ve been easier for her if this was Warrior Department, but this is the Magic Department. Her feelings were completely like an away team.

In front of the magicians-to-be, courage is needed to declare that the thing you are best in, is the sword.


But, it’s the truth, so it couldn’t be helped.

I don’t know anything about magic.

I’ve only used it twice before.

A ridiculous number, 9999, came out from that strange device but…”


Laura didn’t care.


That’s the 9999 girl huh……

Even if she’s so little, is she really that amazing?

We’ll know it soon. And, you can’t get stronger with talents alone

But even if you say that, she’s 9999 you know


I heard whispering voices all around.

I feel like I’m a panda in a zoo.

Isn’t there anyway that I could run away to the Warrior Department.


「Attention Everyone. Now that Laura-san’s self-introduction is finished, let’s move to the training grounds. Follow Sensei」


39 freshmen. 40 with Laura counted in, they make a row in the corridor, and *ZoroZoro* walked in order.

The training grounds was outside the school building.

Surrounded by brick walls, even if 40 students an instructor comes inside, you won’t feel constricted.

There’s no ceiling, and you can see the blue sky as it is.

But Laura felt something was off.


「……It’s covered with magic power?」


The Laura right now, besides the two times she used magic, have never seen magic at all.

But strangely, she knew that this training grounds was covered by a wall made out of magic.


「As expected of Laura-san. That’s right. This training grounds is always covered by a dome-shaped defense barrier. That’s why even if you create a huge explosion, there wouldn’t be casualties around so don’t worry」


When Emilia said that, *Ohh* it raised cheers from the students.

Is defense barrier that amazing, Laura thought and tilted her head.

Although, it seems like it wasn’t the defense magic that was amazing, it was Laura who saw through it.


Amazing! Able to find it with a glimpse, how much talent does she have

I, didn’t notice at all

I-I felt something was off too! I could’ve saw through the defense barrier if I was given time!

Well yeah, “given time” I could also do that……


They’re noisy.

Rather, it’s embarrassing.

Everyone’s older than me, but they are looking at me with admiring eyes.


If this was sword skill, she would be proud because her hard work was recognized, but right now, she don’t even know why she’s being praised.


「Attention, chatting is over. I want to see how is everyone’s skill today. One by one, shoot attack magic towards the target. Flame, Lightning, you can use whatever you can. You get it? The task is only to hit. You can ignore the strength of the magic. Well then, the one who wants to go first, name yourselves and we’ll go in order」


After Emilia said that, *Pachin* she snapped her fingers.

Suddenly, a magic circle appeared at the back of the training grounds.

“Something’s coming out”ーーThe instant Laura felt that, flames whirled out from the magic circle.

That flame wriggled, made a humanoid figure, and grew to an adult male’s size.


「Ohh……It’s the Summoning of Spirits……」

「Sensei, even though she’s that young……The Gyrdorea Adventurer School’s instructor are really amazing huh」


It looks like it was an amazing skill.


But Laura who had no knowledge about magic, didn’t really understand.


「Uhmm……Do you know what’s Summoning of Spirits?」


Laura timidly asked the girl who was standing beside her.

She was about 14-years old. And she was relatively young in this group.

She set her golden hair with a round spiral shape, and was making a somehow daring expression.

Everyone was wearing the uniform provided, but only she, had frills and laces for some reason.

It looks like she modified it before the entrance ceremony.


She’s not an ordinary person.


But she was easier to talk to her than those who are much older and of the opposite sex.


「Ara, Maa〜. Laura-san, even though you have amazing aptitude in magic, you don’t know something like that?」

「Yes……Uhmm, I, was a swordsman applicant……I had never studied about magic, that’s why……」


When Laura told her honestly, the golden-haired girl made a frowning face.


Well, I know that feeling.

Everyone in here, is aspiring to become a first class magician.

I think she couldn’t forgive that there’s someone in here who wasn’t interested in magic.

But I don’t know how to explain in other ways.


Laura have not imagined that it would be like this.

She had all expectations within her heart in the morning.

But now, she didn’t have even the “M” letter in the word motivation.


「Ara, is that so! But without studying at all, don’t think that you’re going to be at the top! The one who will become number one in the freshmen……No, the one who will be the strongest magician in school will be, this Charlotte Gazard!」

「Charlotte-san, desuka. Uhmm, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I’m not thinking of being number one so……Please be yourself」

「……*Fun*. You’re disappointing. I was wrong at thinking about you as a rival」


Charlotte seems to have lost her interest to Laura with that, and looked away.

Instead, another male student kindly explained the “Summoning of Spirits” to her.


Someone said, that the world is filled with the existence called “Spirits”.

In water, fire, lightning, and earth. In light and darkness. Spirits dwells at everything, and calling out to that spirit, in exchange of one’s magic power miracles occur.

That, is magic.

And a high-level magician can summon the spirit itself, make it materialize using magic powers, and make it help you.

Just like what Emilia did right now.


「I see……It’s the amazing version of servants right」

「Well, there’s also that way of looking at it?」


The male student that taught her made a subtle expression.

It looks like he didn’t like how Laura looked at it.


「The flame spirit that I summoned is the target. I’ve told you earlier that you can ignore the strength of your magic, but you can do your best to destroy it. I still can summon at least 20 of them」

「20 of them, huh……Well, it’s natural that the instructors can do at least that」


While she was saying, Charlotte’s voice was trembling.


I’m sure that summoning 20 flame spirits is an amazing thing, and Charlotte can’t do that. That’s why she’s frustrated.

I think, but being frustrated of losing to an instructor in the first day of school, she has amazing nerves.


Laura thought of Charlotte as a “strange person”.



If I change my places with her, I can understand her feelings a lot.

If I entered the Warrior Department as planned, and if an instructor showed me sword skills that are far stronger than what I have.

I would be so frustrated, I won’t be able to sleep.


(It looks like I suddenly like Charlotte……!)


I had no expectations at all in the Magic Department, but she might become my friend.


*NicoNico* That’s what she thought and looked at Charlotte intently while smiling.

They met their eyes.




She looked away.

Laura became sad, and dropped her shoulders.









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