Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – This and that are different things desu



Bruno who had enrolled in the Gyrdorea Adventurer Academy, he had shown an excellent talent of 100 aptitude value with the sword, and grew steadily.

His strengthening magic aptitude was also higher than expected with a score of 42, but that doesn’t matter.

At the same time, there was also a genius girl who had 100 aptitude value with the spear.

Her name is Dora.

Meaning, she is the woman who becomes Bruno’s wife later on, and Laura’s mother.

Although they have different weapons, they were both geniuses in the warrior academy, so they moved together many times.


However, on top of being a genius with the spear, Dora was irrefutably beautiful.

There were many men who were aiming at her.

Most of them gave up, being scared of Bruno, but there was one exceptionally stubborn man.

It was a 2nd year in the magic department.


He took advantage of being senior, and tried to steal Dora from Bruno in a lower grade.

Of course, Bruno did not fall back against someone like that.

And then, the senior in the magic department challenged Bruno to a duel.


The one who wins would get Dora. The one who loses would never talk to Dora ever again.


Bruno accepted those conditions.

It was because he thought that he would absolutely win.

However, the senior was stronger than he expected.

He was a superficial man, but his talents in magic was a fact, and he does not spare any effort.

Because of that, they were equally matched.

Their battle had five draws, and Bruno finally won in the sixth battle.


And they were finally happily ever after……or not.


The senior, to claim his revenge from losing, he started to harass Dora like using wind magic to flip Dora’s skirt, or using water magic to make her uniform soaked and see through.

Bruno and Dora who became angry, besides  acting their personal punishment on that senior, they hung him naked in front of the school gate.

And then, for some reason, Bruno and Dora was suspended for a week.

It was even though they were on the justice’s side.

“This is why the school where the principal is a magician is bad”, the two got furious.



「ーーand as you can see, there isn’t any good guys within magicians! You got it!」


「I understood that Otou-san is fixated on worthless things」


Laura sent cold gazes to her own father.


「W-Worthless you say?! It’s an important thing! Right, Kaa-san!」


Bruno looked at his wife panicking.


「Let me think〜……it’s true that that senior pisses me off, and I still think that it’s just good that we returned him the favor……but even so, it shouldn’t be a reason to stop our daughter to become a magician〜」


「W-What did you say?! Didn’t Kaa-san also hated Laura to become a magician sometime ago!」


「I did not hate it. I just thought, it would be great if she becomes a vanguard. In the first place, I did not imagine at all that Laura would become a magician, so there was no way I could hate that」


「Gu!……that’s true」


Opposite to the calm Dora, Bruno was just emotional.

His feelings of not wanting his daughter to become a magician were going through circles.

Even so, Laura felt anew with this much difference in the attitude of her parents.

She had felt before that her father’s hate for magicians was so bad, but as it turns out, her mother was more tolerant than she thought, and her father was far more of a fanatic that she thought.


「By the way, when that senior asked for a duel, did Okaa-san not like Otou-san?」


Laura asked with pure interest.


「Ara, I liked him of course」


「Then, why did you let them have a duel? Isn’t telling that senior something like “I like this person so I cannot go out with you” enough……」


「That’s true, but. You know right, men fighting for myself, doesn’t it make your maiden’s heart throb?」


「I wonder〜?」


Laura tried to imagine, but she couldn’t understand it well.

In the first place, she didn’t have any male student that she gets along with, and she couldn’t understand very well, about men fighting to get into her side.

Instead, the scene where Charlotte and Anna would pull her in opposite sides appeared in her mind. She wondered why.


「You, you thought that this has nothing to do with you……then, it’s that. This was when we graduated after school. While finding Aneki, I went around this country and nearby with Kaa-san. And one day, we joined a party with a magician. This guy wasn’t a graduate of the adventurer school, but he was a veteran who started from G-Rank, reaching the C-Rank. That’s why I trusted him and joined hands with him. However, during a quest, we encountered a Leviathan. It was something that we didn’t expect at all. I thought of letting the magician use flash magic to blind its sight, and let everyone run away. But then, that magician bastard, as soon as he saw the Leviathan, he ran away without doing anything. He used Kaa-san and me as decoys. We somehow successfully ran away, and we’re still alive today……but the scar I have on my back, I got it when I defended Kaa-san. It would probably never disappear」


Bruno said at once.

Did he remember his emotions at that time, from the middle, he was inflamed with fierce anger.

Laura also got completely empathized, and felt anger towards that magician.

Having that experience soon after becoming an adventurer, he can’t be blamed having hatred towards magiciansーー.


「Eh, why didn’t you say that first! The apple pie’s story or the skirt flipping using magic, that doesn’t matter right!」


Laura couldn’t help but raise a loud voice.

If there was such a proper reason, it would have been the best if he says so.

Thanks to that, Laura almost looked down on her father.


「Ohh……I see. No, well, sorry about that. It would be like this, if I talked about it chronologically」


「It’s not a novel you know……」


「Well, anyways. With this, you finally know how useless magicians are, and how evil they are right. Stop going to school, and come back here」


「U〜n……this and that, are different things, so」




The story came back to the beginning.

In the end, Bruno wants her to drop out, and Laura doesn’t want to drop out.

It was still parallel lines with this.


What should they do then.

Their conversation would not go on, although they talked this much.

The only thing left is to fight.


「Ne〜, Otou-san. Let’s go out. Using that useless, evil magic, I’ll show you how strong I’ve become」


Laura picked a fight herself.








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