Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Otou-san’s past desu



After a while, being treated as a body pillow by Charlotte, Laura somehow felt sleepy.

She might be tired after getting shaken by the coach for a long time.

Her eyelids became heavy.

And without noticing it, she fell asleepーーshe woke up when Dora shook her from her sleep.


「Otou-san is back」




Laura jumped out of the bed.

Following her, Charlotte and Anna also woke up, and slowly raised their body.


「Laura-san’s Otou-sama is back?」


「It is the time for confrontation」



Towards Anna who intentionally chose that word, Laura tried to refute, that it was exaggerated.

However, she thought about it, realizing that it was not an exaggeration at all, her whole body became stiff.


「That’s right, it’s the time for confrontation! The two of you, please wait here. I’ll go and defeat father!」


Laura slapped her own cheeks, and went down the stairs with full spirits. She heard the two’s voice cheering after her from behind.

When she got to the first floor, her father Bruno was waiting in the living room’s table.

He really seemed like a seasoned warrior, very muscular.

She had heard once that he could beat the Behemoth to death without using weapons, but it is probably a fact.


「Laura. It has been a while. You finally came back. If you stayed in that school, you’d get brainwashed by that Great Sage. I’ll teach you the sword again. Let’s start immediately after eating lunch」


The first time he opened his mouth, he was like that with a serious face.

However, Laura is not a barbarian. First, she plans on calmly using words.

She left the conversation with an iron first as the last resort.


「Yes. I also want to train with the sword with Otou-san after a long time. But, please don’t say bad things about the school. Great Sage-sama is a good person you know. I, I’m going back to the school after the summer vacation ends, so」


Laura sat in front of her father, and said that while looking straight to his face.

If it was Laura who had yet entered the Gyrdorea Adventurer School, it might have been impossible to go against her father.

However, the Laura now has the goal of “returning to the royal capital together with her friends to the second floor”>

It was a resolution that would not waver whatever anyone says.


Did he read those feelings of Laura, Bruno had a sad face.


「……what happened, Laura. Didn’t you love the sword that much. Didn’t I teach you that magic is evil?!」


「I still love the sword right now. That’s why, I will continue to use it. I’m training with my friend in the warrior’s department every day after school. But, I also began to love magic. Otou-san had said that all of the magicians are bad people, but it wasn’t like that at all. The principal, Emilia-sensei, Charlotte-san, all of them were good people you know. Charlotte-san, she’s my friend in the magic department, and our room in the dorm is the same too. She treated me very kindly like a big sister, she treated me who was alone and lonely in the school very well. If Otou-san meet Charlotte-san, I’m sure that you’ll think that magicians aren’t bad too!」


「No, you are being deceived. There isn’t any decent person within magicians! Today……I will tell you……I didn’t do this up until now because it is embarrassing……but I’ll tell you now……!」


Bruno stared back at Laura with eyes full of resolution.

He was trying to convince his daughter, even if he needs to show his disgrace.

It was the first time that Laura saw her battle-hardened father make such a cornered face.

What in the world did happen in the past with magicians.

Unable to endure the tension, Laura swallowed.


「……I had a sister that was a year older than me. She learned magic, just around Laura’s age」


Bruno started with that, and started to narrate his own pastーー.



Bruno’s sister Leslie, she had excellent magic talents.

It was not measured by the equipments so the accurate number is unknown, but she was able to use magic without any training.

Creating fire from her palm, creating electricity, strengthening her physical ability with magic powers.


Since his older sister learned magic, the young Bruno lost his chances for winning.

He always lost in their fights.

He was robbed off his toys, forced to do her chores, and was abused with unreasonable violence.


Bruno didn’t have talents for magic. At the least, he couldn’t do it like her sister, being able to use it without training. That’s why, he desperately trained his body.

To win against his sister some day, Bruno endured the numerous bullying.

However, something happened, and he could not endure any more.

Unforgettably, it was when he was 12.


That day.

Bruno and Leslie’s mother, she made an apple pie for the two.

Returning home after playing with his friends outside, Bruno who was told by her mother the existence of the apple pie happily rushed to the table.

There should have been the very, very delicious apple pie there.

However, the only thing that was there was two empty plates.


「Ah, sorry〜. It was so delicious, so I ate Bruno’s too」


Bruno got enraged.

Even knowing that he couldn’t win, he tries to hit his sister using his trained body.

And, he got easily defeated instead.


「It’s 10 years earlier, for you to think that you can win against me」


His sister was proud of her win.

And he, he pathetically lost.

It was a deciding defeat. It was no longer the time for enduring.

Bruno asked his parents, letting them accept his enrolment to the Gyrdorea Adventurer Academy.

And after three years, Bruno who graduated had become incomparably stronger than before.

“If it’s now, I can win against sister”.


Bruno returned to his family house happily.

And, he was told that his sister had gone missing.


「That girl, she said things like, “Since Bruno is going to become an adventurer, I should become one too〜. I can become one even if I don’t graduate in the school right. Aren’t I Bruno’s senpai if I become one right away”, and hadn’t returned up until now. I wonder what she’s doing right now……」


His parents told him that.

How easy-going parents they are. Their daughter is missing.


「I’ll find Aneki, and I’ll beat her to a pulp!」


Bruno left his family house again, and moved through places, while working as an adventurer.

However, he did not find his sister.

He could not even find any clues.

In the end, up until now, Bruno had not fulfilled the reunion with his sister.



「You get it?! Magicians, they would bully people who are weaker than them, but if their opponents get stronger, they’d run away! It’s the worst kind of people! How can I free myself of my apple pie hatred!」


Bruno shouted with raging emotions.

Laura listened to him silently.

It was not that she couldn’t understand the story, but she just, lost her words.


「……e-e〜to……is that all? I am going to get dropped out because of an apple pie?!」


Summarizing the current situation, it was like that.

To the nonsense that exceeds imagination, she even felt angry.

“Please, please tell me that our house motto’s “Vanguards is nice you know”, didn’t come from that.


「Otou-san. Laura’s surprised you know. There’s also a lot of other things right. Tell her everything」


Dora who was on the side said it smiling.

She might have been just happy that her husband’s shameful past is being revealed.


「……alright. I will teach Laura how even magicians are. That’s right, that was when I was still a student in the adventurer’s school」


Once again, Bruno started his recollection.

However, thinking that “it would probably be worthless as well”, Laura lost the will of listening to him seriously.

The trust that was lost once, cannot be taken back so easily.










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