Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Stand firmly against divorce desu



According to Doraーー.

After seeing her daughter use magic, at first, she was surprised.

After all, she completely thought that she had gone to train her sword in the warrior’s department.

But, however, the daughter that she saw after a few months was using magic so proficient that she flies in the air, and was fighting with enough fire power to kill even a dragon with one attack.

She did not know that her daughter had this much talent.

She had the wish of letting her daughter become her successor as a vanguard, but she cannot force her daughter who was having so much fun using magic to do that.


Besides, seeing that final fight, her heart danced.

She did not think that there was a magician who would attack closer and nearer like that other than the Great Sage.

Not only Laura, but her opponent Charlotte was also amazing.

She felt like somehow, she saw the prelude to a new age.


Returning back home, with that excitement, she quickly told that to her husband.

She easily could imagine that whatever she says, it would not be taken in the heart by her husband that is far more stubborn than her, and hates the magicians the most.




She did not think that towards his wife who was letting him hear their daughter’s achievements, he would look at her as if he looked at an annoying person.


「You……what kind of joke are you saying since earlier? Hey, you, what in the world happened in the royal capital? Laura entered the magic department, and flew in the sky you say? To think that rather than being angry with that, you’d praise it……I know, you were brainwashed by the Great Sage!」


And towards that husband of hers, Dora calmly talked.

About Laura entering the magic department is not a joke or something else, but a fact.

At first, she was also infuriated, but Laura became unbelievably strong. Most of all, she seems to be having so much fun. If that is so, letting her like that should be for the best.

She said that she was not being brainwashed by anyone. Everything she told, she thought of it very carefully.


And towards that, her husband Bruno, he did not listen at all, he only said insults to the Great Sage, and at the end, started to even doubt that Dora was a fake imitator.


She did not know when, or what timing she did it, but Dora hit Bruno.

Bruno who had received a surprise attack from her wife to the face was blown away, crashing to the window glass, and flew to the yard.


After that, her memories were vague.

She could only remember that they only fought a lot.

However, she was happy that she won.

The reason for that was, if they were in a serious fist fight, there was no way that Dora would win.

It looks like her husband, even though he was like that, he was holding back for her wife.

The best proof for that was he did not hit her to the face even once.

And, taking advantage of that, she beat up her husband to a pulp, and successfully thrown him away from the house.

According to the town’s claims, her husband was staying in a nearby mountain.

That is great, she thought.

She wanted him to look back on his actions for a while.

Up until now in their married life, Dora had given more share to his husband, but she needs to protect her daughter’s life for whatever happens.


「ーーand because of that, the house is in tatters, and Otou-san isn’t here. That’s why Laura, you girls should stay comfortably. It’s okay. I’m sure that Otou-san should understand someday. I will convince him. Let me think……I’ll do something about it before the winter break, so you should meet your Otou-san then」


Dora explained the events up until now.

It was a very fierce story.

Charlotte and Anna had a face that it was as if their souls were coming out from their mouth.

But Laura was a little relieved.

Both her father and mother, they still had the reason to fight with bare hands.

If they had taken out their weapons then, their house would have completely disappeared.

There should also be a tremendous inconvenience to their neighbors.

With that meaning, this is “just a marital fight”.

It is not a killing fight between adventurers.

They should be able to fix their relationships soon.

But although that is being said, Laura had the circumstances that she could not wait for them to get along together again naturally.


「It will be too late by the winter break then, Okaa-san. At least, Otou-san should recognize it by the end of the spring break……」


「Ara, why?」


Dora whispered thinking of it strangely.

It looks like she did not know about the drop out request of Bruno.

And when Laura explained that to herーー.




There was the sound of Dora’s capillary tearing, she said it herself.

Does she want to appeal to the surroundings how angry she is or something.


「Laura. Okaa-san, she’s very angry now」




「And there, other than convincing Otou-san, I will take the quickest way to resolve this」


「Eh, does something like that exist……?」


Looking at her mother showing veins in her temples while smiling, Laura had a bad feeling.

Laura had learned in school that the quickest way to resolve things that does not follow the proper steps, one could think that it was the best idea out there when they had just thought of it, but taking action on it would not guarantee any results.

Mostly, she had learned it when she had stumbled into the faculty room while training the sword with Anna in the school’s courtyard.


「It’s simple. We’re divorcing」




「We’ll divorce, and Laura’s relatives would be only Okaa-san. After that is done, Otou-san’s drop out request would be invalid」


To the worsening situation that came in a surprise, Laura’s heart could not keep up with it.

For the meantime, she looked at the ceiling to calm herself down, “there’s a hole there”, she thought.

However, she could not calm down at all, so she decided to face reality, and convince her mother.


「D-Divorce, no! I love both Otou-san and Okaa-san! I don’t want a home where the two isn’t together!」


Laura desperately said.

However, she did not think that the word divorce would come out, so she could not tell her feelings properly.

Laura got into a panic, thinking of how her mother would understand her.


「That is right desu wa. This might be intrusive, but you should not say divorce so easily. Also, in front of young children」


Charlotte shot a supporting attack.

*KokuKoku*, Anna also nodded on her side.


And then, this time, Dora was the one who got in a hurry, and said that she’d take back her words.


「Ah〜, no, I won’t I won’t. I won’t divorce. I just wanted to say it a bit. I’m so pissed off that much, but I won’t break off with him with just something like this. Sorry, I surprised you」


Hearing that, the three girls let out a sigh of relief.

For the meantime, it looks like the worst case scenario would be avoided.

However, there was no progress at all about the drop out request.

Anyways, nothing would happen if Bruno did not come here.


「For the meantime, let’s call Otou-san」


「……you have ways of contacting him hiding in the mountains?」


「I do. I’ll raise smoke」


She said that, when they were working full time as adventurers, they have a smoke signal.


「I wonder if he could really see it〜?」


Looking at the white smoke that raised to the sky from the yard, Laura tilted her head.

She was near to it so she could clearly see the smoke. However, her father is in the mountains.

The distance is quite far away and it might be blocked by the trees as well.


「It’s alright, it’s alright. Otou-san and I have good eyesight. We haven’t become that old that we’d miss the smoke」


“Is it something like that”, Laura, at the least, was convinced.


「I think that Otou-san would take some time to return from the mountains so, you should take care of your belongings okay? I’m cleaning Laura’s room regularly so it should be clean」


「Thanks, Okaa-san」


Laura guided her two friends to her room on the second floor.

Just like her mother had said, there was not a speck of dust.

She felt very happy that although she was not living here anymore, her mother would clean it for her.

“This is really the place I should go home〜”, she really felt.


「This is Laura-san’s room? Sorry for saying this, but……your bed is large compared to your body」


Charlotte could not be blamed to point that out.

After all, the bed in this room was a level larger than the normal size.

Compared to that, Laura is still 9 years old.

There is no reason that a small person should sleep on a small bed, but this bed is still unreasonably too large.


「Ahaha……Otou-san said that『It’s my daughter, she should become big!』, and made it cutting the trees in the forest」


Before, Laura had slept on the same bed with her mother, but when she became four, she was given her own room and bed.

Laura who heard her father’s words, believed “I see, I’m going to become big”, but the signs of that was not appearing at all. Her height was still at the average for her age.


「With this bed, we can sleep together with the three of us」


Anna whispered that, and actually laid down on the bed.

She rolled back and for from the ends of the bed, and closed her eyes after being content of its wideness.




「Anna-san, it’s still in the morning you know?!」


It was too early to have an afternoon nap.


「The sheets were quite good, so」


Anna who raised her body, scratched her head to shyness.

And then, “Haa〜”, Charlotte let out a sigh.


「Laura-san, Anna-san……why does both of you do such a cute thing, and seduce me? Do you want to become my body pillow that much?!」


「I don’t remember seducing anyone」


「That’s right! Please don’t say weird accusations!」


「It is not accusations! Always having gestures like a small critter……ahh, I cannot hold back!」


Saying those gibberish lines, Charlotte spread out her arms, and pushed down Laura and Anna on the bed.


「Waa! What are you doing, Charlotte-san!」


「You’re too close……」


「Haa……lovely body pillows on both sides……this is heaven〜……」


Charlotte lets out an ecstatic voice.

Laura did not have any clue for the reason, but she felt like it was something she should not get in the way with.

And Dora who saw how they were doing, happily whispered: “Ara, ara〜, the three of you really get along”.

“I won’t say that we don’t get along, but isn’t this a little different, I think”, Laura could not help to think like that.










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