Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 4

Chapter 04: I will go with you just a little!


Laura was taken by Emilia Arkland, and she is being taken to the classroom of the freshmen of Magic Department.

The freshmen this year, is 43 people in Warrior Department. And 39 people at Magic Department.

It changed to 42 and 40 people because of Laura’s transfer.

Both of them is only has one class, and seems like it was the same last year.


Emilia said, while Laura was unconscious during the morning, the entrance ceremony and guidance to the dormitory, also self-introduction has finished.

And lunch break also had passed, and the afternoon classes begins from now.


I skipped lunch so it’s a little hard, but I could eat a lot more in the evening with that part. The school’s cafeteria should be free also.


「We should be going to the training grounds and look at everyone’s abilities, but before that, Laura should introduce yourself inside the classroom」

「Yes. By the way……Am I really, in the Magic Department after all?」

「That’s right. Do you hate it?」


I Hate it”ーーLaura tried to affirm it.


That’s natural.

She gave the application form to the Warrior Department and passed the exam.

And it became the day of the entrance ceremony but she was suddenly transferred to the Magic Department, of course she’d hate it.


But, the words that was said in the infirmary has strangely caught her attention.


Magic isn’t that bad.  

That was she was saying.

If it was words of another person, she would immediately forget it, it was that trivial. But it was the first time Laura met such an unknown individual.


But Laura’s father and mother should’ve paid the school fees thinking Laura would enter the Warrior Department.

If it was like that and I entered the Magic Department, isn’t if fraud.


「Uhmm, will father and mother forgive that? School fees and entrance fees, wouldn’t there be a dispute……」

「That’s alright. Because, this school. Is operates only with the national budget. In other words, free. Your parents haven’t paid school and entrance fees」

「Eh, was it like that?」

「And the school’s philosophy, is to stretch young people’s talents. Only that point. In conclusion, not teaching you magic means that, it is contrary to the school’s philosophy. There was also transferral of department which was decided by the school side before, and it is also written in the contract papers. Although I don’t think that you read that」


There’s no way for the 9-year old Laura to read contract papers. In the first place, she didn’t know about its existence.

The worst, her parents might’ve not even read it.

But, even if she knows everything about the contract papers, Laura wouldn’t have imagined that she’s going to transfer departments.


「……If I, say that I absolutely hate the Magic Department, what will happen?」

「That’s difficult……If you were a more normal student, your request might’ve gotten through. But, your aptitude in magic is all 9999. The highest in the known history. The school right now, is focused on you. All the instructors are thinking on how to stretch that talent. Including me. Nee, please believe me, and take the Magic Department’s class. Magic is fun too you know? Try it, and if you really hate it, let’s talk about it at that time again. That’s why, ne〜」


Emilia was saying the same things as the woman in the infirmary room.


I see, maybe it is really fun.

I won’t deny that.

But, the most fun thing is the sword.


Laura has only lived 9 years, but she knows that.


No, maybe I’m just thinking that I know?

If I use magic in reality, maybe, I would like it?


“There’s no way that’d happen”, she was thinking like that.


All right. If you say it that much, then I’ll go with it.


「……I understand. For only, the mean time. I will enter the Magic Department for the mean time」

「Thank you Laura-san! Best regards from today」


「……Yes. Please treat me well」


And Laura, entered the Magic Department classroom.

I am not going to get fit in here“, at this time she was sure of that.









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