Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – The family house is ruined desu



Laura who stopped caring, she even started to think like, “Can some monster just appear or something〜”.

But unfortunately, they arrived at Mielevern without encountering any monster.

The monsters that Laura didn’t encounter, they should probably be grateful to the god of fate.


「Coach-san, thank you very much」


Laura, the girls bowed to the coach who had sent them this far.

Then, the coach waved his hand without saying, and made his carriage run towards the royal capital. It was a quiet person until the end.


「This is Laura-san’s hometown……it is a very beautiful lakeside town desu wa」


「The fishes looks delicious」


Charlotte and Anna said each of their comments.

Laura also felt very nostalgic to her hometown after a long time, and was bewitched by the lake and the town.

Grasslands and forests spread vastly from around the lake, and there were also mountains a little far way.

It was a very scenic view.

They say that one would only know the beauty of their hometown for the first time after they leave it, I wonder if it feels like this.

It looks more beautiful than before.


However, nothing will happen with just spacing out in the entrance of the town for so long.

Laura pulled her two friends, and started to walk towards her family home.

And her home that she came back to for the first time in a few months……for some reason, it was in ruins.


「E〜to……I wonder if I got the wrong way?」


Like that, she tried to deceive herself, but the reality would not change.

This house with broken window glasses and holes in the brick walls, is Laura’s birth house without mistake.

At the least, there was a cloth covering the windows and the holes in the walls hiding the interior, there was the minimum fix applied.

However, she wondered what in the world happened for it to be this bad.


「L-Laura-san……did a dragon or something attack just around this area or something……?」


「Did you do something to get a dragon’s grudge?」


「No……according to Otou-san and Okaa-san, they killed all the dragons they have seen, so there shouldn’t be any grudges. They can’t grudge anyone if they’re dead after all……」


When she explained that, the two trembled said with trembling voices “what in the world is that scary story”.

Putting aside Anna, but it looks like even for Charlotte Gazard who came from a family of magicians, the story she said right now a crazy story too.

However, in reality, the record of Laura’s parents exterminating dragons should be left behind the adventurer’s guild.

It is neither a lie nor an exaggeration.

Laura was raised by such people.


「Ara? I thought I heard a voice, but isn’t it Laura!」


And from the glassless window in the second floor, the person who gave birth to Laura showed her face.

It’s the A-Rank adventurer, Dora Edmonds.


「Okaa-san, I’m back! Why is the house broken?!」


「Ahh, this huh. Just a marital dispute. Wait for a second, I’ll go there in a jiffy」


Marital dispute.

Hearing those words, Laura’s eyes became white.

Charlotte and Anna were stunned as well.

According to the contents of the letter sent to the great sage, they knew that there was a conflict of opinion between her mother and father, but to think that they would fight so much that the house was half destroyed.


In front of Laura who had been exceedingly surprised, her mother jumped from the second floor like *Pyon*.

Even though she’s already in the middle thirties, it seems like she’s showing that she is still young.

In fact, her looks are still suitable for someone in their twenties.

But however, Laura had gone her way to bring her friends with her, so she wanted her to act composed and mature.


「Welcome back, Laura. Did you come back because it’s summer vacation? You should at least send me a letter you know. Ah, you know that I sent a letter to the Great Sage-sama? You know, I went to see you in the tournament. Laura, you’ve gotten stronger huh. I didn’t imagine that you’d be in the magic department though. Thank goodness that Laura is having fun. Okaa-san thinks that being a vanguard is recommendable, but I’ll respect how Laura feels. Ara? Are the two of them Laura’s friend? Oh my, I’m sorry for being late to notice」




Her mother said all of that at once, got convinced by herself, and called out to Laura and the girls to enter the house.

It was really a very nostalgic excitement.

However, for Charlotte and Anna who were not used to it, they had faces showing they’re completely taken aback.

They cannot be blamed.

Even Laura, she would sometimes be unable to go with her pace.


「The three of you, what happened? Don’t hold back」


「W-Well then, please excuse us」


「……excuse us」


「Ara, what polite girls〜」


Her mother Dora happily smiled pleasantly, made Laura and the girls sit in the living room’s table, and put out tea for them.  

However, both chairs and tables, there are signs that they were once destroyed then nailed together again.

There were also cracks in the tea cup, and the tea was leaking through the holes.

Laura and the girls drank it in a hurry.


「Uhm, Laura-san’s Okaa-san. I am known as, Charlotte Gazard. Just like Laura, I’m in the magical department, and we’re living in the same dorm and room」


「I’m Anna Arnett. Warrior department. I frequently train the sword with Laura after school」


「Thank you for your politeness. The two of you, I also saw you in the tournament within the school. The girls recently, you’re strong even before you graduate huh. Especially, Charlotte-san’s final fight was amazing. Well, it seems like you were a little bit inferior compared to my Laura though. Ah, my name is Dora Edmonds. I’m Laura’s mother〜. Eh, I’m a mother although I look so young? Oh my, you’re very good at praising someone!」


No one was praising her, but Dora seems to be very happy.

There wasn’t any reason to pour cold water, so Laura and the girls just watched her with silence.

And Laura, she waited, looking if it was about time for her mother to feel blissful enough, and asked the question she was curious with.


「Ne〜, Okaa-san. Where did Otou-san go?」


The instant asked that, Dora who was making a lovely smile up until made an upset face.


「You do not have a father! I gave birth to Laura alone, and raised her by myself. I decided that it is like that!」




Does she mean that, she gave a virgin birth or something.

Looking at her mother making an impossible setting for herself, Laura became sure that this marital dispute they had wouldn’t be something very easy.











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