Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Skyfish hunt desu



The tournament for the first year had ended, but the second year’s and the third year’s still remain.

But with Laura and Charlotte’s fight, the ring has disappeared.

The matches can’t be held like that.


So there, Laura called out to the earth spirits, and raised the ground to a ring shape.

Thanks to that, everything was able to continue as planned.

It looks like the Great Sage entered the palace herself, and explained to Her Majesty the Queen that “the fight in the skies of the royal capital is a school event”.

It’s unknown what kind of explanation she did, but the rumors said that it was close to intimidation.

Anyways, both Laura and Charlotte, doesn’t need to be worried being charged with responsibility.


「It’s the after class, Charlotte-san」

「I know even if you do not tell me. Why are you so excited for?」

「The class ends at the morning today!」

「That is why I told you, I know」

「So, let’s go hunt monsters with everyone! Also invite Anna-san!」

「Hunt monsters……it would be nice if it would be a good training……」


And just like that, Laura pulled Charlotte, caught Anna in the Warrior Department after that, and ran towards the adventurer’s guild.

They were scolded with the case with Leviathan last time because they were too reckless.

So this time, following the school rules, they will fight monsters below D-Rank.


「In the wall there, there’s the distribution chart of monsters this week」


Anna explained to them.


「Oh〜, it’s like weather forecast」


The weather forecast that the Royal Meteorological Observatory announces has high prediction rate.

After all, the magicians observe in a very wide area from the sky, and predicts it from the huge data from the past.

The reason that this country’s agricultural products have a rich harvest every year, is largely due to the precision of the weather forecast.


「Very strong, large, and herding monsters as much as possible is great. Well, it is all the same below D-Rank though」

「I recommend one-horned rabbit. I had said it before, but it’s easy to defeat but sells expensively」

「I do not like that monster that really feels like it is for beginners!」


「It is a natural claim!」


While Charlotte and Anna is arguing, Laura was seriously looking at the distribution charts of monsters.


「Ah.」 What about Sky Fish? It’s E-Rank so it’s not a violation of school rules」


The thing called Sky Fish, they should’ve learned it in class.

It’s a rod-like monster that has the length of about an adult male, and lives in the gaps of the boulders.

It is said that it mainly eats insects, and when it sees a prey, it jumps out of the boulder and devours it with supersonic speeds. And it just returns to the gaps of the boulders just like that.

Sky Fish itself doesn’t fit for being eaten, but when it’s placed inside a liquor bottle, it will become a very delicious “Sky Fish Liquor”.

They say, that it’s very refreshing that they would fly to the sky.

Although, Laura and the rest are children, so they wouldn’t know anything about liquor.


「An E-Rank monster with this member?」


Charlotte made a blatant face that dislikes that.


「Sky Fish is very fast but it can’t move over very long distances. So, it’s easy to catch if a trap was made beside their nest. That’s why it’s E-Rank. But, if it’s caught without using traps, its difficulty would raise at once. That’s why, let’s catch it with bare hands!」

「Sky Fish, with bare hands……Laura-san, that is a nice idea!」


Training maniac Charlotte also got satisfied.

Although, unexpectedly, Anna puts an objection.


「Wait. It’s written that it’s the Behemoth’s nest beside the inhabitation of Sky Fish」


Behemoth is an A- monster. It’s below dragons because it can’t fly, but it’s being said that its power was about equal.


「It we encounter it and defeated it, we’ll get scolded again」

「It’s okay. If it comes out, we just only need to run away」

「Will it go well with these members? Charlotte might defeat it carelessly」

「Carelessly you say, I will defeat it aggressively. It is self-defense if we meet it by chance. It would not be our fault」


Charlotte said with great confidence, but who knows if that’s true.

What Laura thinks, they would get scolded going to the place where the Behemoth is itself.


「Little missy’s, are you worried about Behemoth? Then you should be relieved. After all, the『Crimson Shield』and『Hawkeye』had gone to subjugate it. Wouldn’t it return as a corpse after a day or two? Hahaha」


An adventurer called out to them from behind.

If you say Crimson Shield and Hawkeye, they’re a party that is known especially around the royal capital.

They’re being admired as adventurers with achievements.

It’s great proof that the adventurer that called out to Laura and the rest talk about it very proudly.


Although, just recently, the Crimson Shield, when they were about to get annihilated by the Leviathan, they were saved by a mysterious trio『PajaRangers』, so their evaluations had fallen for a bit.

The PajaRangers’ identity, it is being told that it’s the Great Sage’s apprentice, a new type of homunculus that the country made, and a girl student of Gyrdorea Adventurer School wore to hide their identity.


「Little missy’s, looking at your uniform, you’re students from the Gyrdorea Adventurer School right? I had a quest so I didn’t see it, but they said that there’re very strong freshmen in the tournament inside the school huh. Little missy’s should also do your best to not lose to them. Hahaha」


The adventurer left while laughing.


「I see…we, our faces were seen by the people who came to the arena. That person seems like he didn’t saw us……but it might be better if we wear paper bags when going to places that there are a lot of people」


While they were coming to the guild, she thought that there’re strangely many people looking at them, but it was like that.


「Eh, why is that? Is it not splendid to attract attention」


Charlotte said while tilting her head.

It looks like she has no concept of getting embarrassed from gathering gazes.


「……well, people have different tastes. Anyways, let’s go to the place where Sky Fish inhabits!」


Before leaving the royal capital, they bought three paper bags.

It’s only, to be sure.












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