Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Let’s do it again someday



Charlotte was blown to the grasslands that spread outside of the royal capital with the wolves’ three consecutive tackles.

Most probably, she already has no consciousness.

She had hold back to be sure, and the Great Sage said that it’s okay as long as above the neck remains.

But, Laura chased after Charlotte without caring about that logic.

There’s already a conclusion. I have to save her quickly.

Even Laura can use recovery magic for a little.

Even if it’s impossible to regenerate her torn arm, she could at least stop the blood.




She was lying on the grasslands.

Not to mention her right arm that was eaten by the wolf, her other limbs were bent into weird directions.

Her uniform was in pieces, and it’s already lost its function as clothes.

The wounds on her skin were countless.


And also, her appearance was not only a mess, but somehow……she looked like she became smaller.

Of course, she lost one of her arms, so it’s natural that she had gotten smaller physically.

But what Laura felt, was not something with the appearance, but something outside of the five senses.

Charlotte’s magic powers, were clearly getting smaller.

It doesn’t have the impression that it decreased because it was used. The absolute amount itself was getting shredded.


(Something happened to Charlotte’s spirit body while we were fighting……?)


Laura was about to go to a deep thought, but she shook her head because it wasn’t the time for that.


「Thy wounded body, regenerate with my magic powersーー」


First, heal the wounds in the surface to stop the blood.

But her broken bones, and her right arm were still as it is.

What should I do?

It’s possible to forcefully heal her, but will her bones stick together quickly?

If I close the wounds without letting her arm grow, would it be more troublesome later?


「What should I do……what should I do……」


Even if her magic powers and talents were tremendous, her experiences are overwhelmingly insufficient.

That’s why, Laura didn’t know what to do, and could only panic in front of the sleeping Charlotte.


「I know! If I bring her to the royal capital, Great Sage-sama will heal her!」


While getting frustrated that she wasn’t able to think of that at first, Laura tried to carry Charlotte.

But, someone patted her shoulder softly.


「It’s okay. There’s no need for that」


Getting surprised and looking back, silvery-white hair was fluttering.


「Ah……the teacher from the infirmary……!」

「You remembered me? Thanks. And so, Charlotte-chan’s condition is pretty bad, I’ll heal her first okay」


The teacher whose name is unknown, reaches out her hand towards Charlotte.

In that moment, Charlotte’s limbs that were bent became straight.

And furthermore, flesh overflows from the base of her shoulder, and she grew a new arm in an instant.

It was really in a blink of an eye

Even with Laura’s eyes, there were a lot that she didn’t know how to copy.

Especially the technique that grew an arm, she even wanted let her do it once again.


「U-n……this is……ara, Laura-san?」

「Charlotte-san! You woke up, thank goodness」

「I, should’ve lost my right hand……and my magic powers have returned to normal. Entering the Gate of Abyss, and fighting Laura-san, everything’s a dream……?」


Charlotte raised her body, and looked at her right hand intently.


「No. It isn’t a dream. I regenerated it. It’s new so your skin is very youthful right. Although, if it’s your age, it’s youthful from the start huh」


The silver-haired teacher crouched, and smiled at Charlotte.


「My arm, you did……? No way, a magician who can do that, it is only……」


Charlotte’s voice trembled while a sweat fell from her cheeks.

And she stared at the teacher’s silvery-white hair, and held her breath.

But Laura didn’t know what it was about.

It’s true that this teacher’s recovery magic is in a different dimension, and her magic powers itself is outrageous.

Even so, it’s the school that the Great Sage herself is the head, so this level of instructors isn’t strangeーー.


「I have yet to introduce myself huh. I am Calrotte Gyrdorea. There’s also people call me exaggerating names like Great Sage of Beauty. Also, I’m the head of the school that you’re going to. I’m always skipping though.


Great Sageーーshe named herself that. And at the same time, she released waves of magic powers from her body.

The small birds in the surroundings flew at once.

Laura could feel the vibrations on the bottom of her stomach.


(What, this person. She’s really strong……to catch up with her, how many years would it take?!)


「He〜. Both of you two, you’re having a face thinking how long it would take to catch up huh」


The Great Sage laughed happily.

And she patted Laura and Charlotte’s head.


「That’s great, you should be that cheeky while you’re young. I’ve been waiting for students like you to come. And to think that two would come at the same time. Fufu, I’m looking forward to it」


The Great Sage that should’ve lived for about 300 years, her smile was as young as she looked, and was mischievous.

Even so, when it comes to her magic powers, it was the image of the name Great Sage.

Laura started to get more and more confused.


「By the way, Charlotte-san. You’re wondering why your magic powers returned, but that’s natural. After all, you fight with the resolution that you can die tomorrow if you win today right? That’s why you were able to endure an absurd place like the Gates of Abyss, and was able to exert that much powers today. But, it’s only up to that. That’s only a thin polish. Your spirit body that had exceeded its limits, as soon as the fight ended, it deflated as if a balloon lost its air」

「No way……then, are you saying that my efforts in the last half month were for nothing?!」


Charlotte’s voice trembled. She gripped her hands as if she endures the pain of her heart.


「Well now, who knows.  But you had great fun today right. Even if it’s for a moment, you fought Laura-chan in the same dimension, flew to the sky, and even though on of your arms were devoured, it was still fun right? To the point that you didn’t care about the pain」

「That is……yes」


Charlotte nodded to the Great Sage’s words.

Thinking about it carefully, it was a ridiculous story. For a 14-year-old girl, enjoy a fight even though one of her arms got devoured.

But Laura, she didn’t feel anything off about Charlotte is saying. Probably, she also wouldn’t stop fighting even if she lost her arms or legs. That fight was that sweet.


「Then, it isn’t for nothing right. The dimension that Charlotte-chan is aiming for, you were able to stand there even for an instant. If you continue doing your best properly every day without losing that feeling, in the near future, it would return. I will guarantee it. But, stop it with the Gate of Abyss. That is a kind of a ceremonial place made by the House of Gazard from a long time ago to fight me. Just like you today, with the resolution that they can die tomorrow as long as they win today, it’s some kind of cheat facility that squeezes out magic powers more than the limits. If you enter again, you will really die this time」

「The House of Gazard from a long time ago, really fought with Great Sage-sama after all……?!」


Charlotte held her breath, and asked very excitingly.


「Yes. For at least a hundred years, they came to me quite frequently you know. Of course, I won every time though?」


The Great Sage proudly said.

It was like a child bragging about winning a fight.

Charlotte who saw that, let out something like a sigh of relief, and laid down to the grasslands once again.


「Is that so……for at least, the House of Gazard from a long time ago, as the legend says, they were full of spirits. I am happy to just hear that」

「Charlotte-chan has a very thick blood of the House of Gazard huh. If you want to fight me, you can come anytime. Well then, I’ll return first okay. The two of you, it was a good match. Please rest slowly for the day」


The Great Sage stood up.

At that time, a dust entered Laura’s eyes, and couldn’t help but scratch her eyes.

And in the faint instant when her sight was covered.

Within that, the Great Sage’s appearance disappeared.


「……she returned」

「Yes. As if it was a phantom dream」

「Should we return too?」

「No, please let me rest here just a little bit more」


Charlotte stretched her limbs on the top of the grasslands.

And while staring at the sky just like that, she whispered.


「Laura-san. Congratulations on becoming the champion It is my defeat. At least for today」

「Ah, I see. We, we were fighting in the school’s tournament huh. I’m the champion……thank you very much」

「Oh, have you forgot? Well then, it would be as if we have fought without any particular reasons」

「T-That’s true. It feels stupid with that」


They did a match under the cause of the tournament within the school.

It feels like it deviated a lot, but anyways, it’s like that for sure.

It’s not a normal fight for sure, and it is not a muscle head’s reason like “Let’s be clear who’s stronger”.

It is only an event of the school for sure.


「By the way, Laura-san」


「Can I challenge once again?」

「Without any reasons?」

「Yes. Without any particular reasons」


Charlotte said with a serious face.

And there wasn’t a reason for Laura to decline.


「It’s alright. Please come whenever you’re ready」


Laura also laid with her arms and legs stretched, and looked at the sky with Charlotte.

From her side, soft breathing sounds of a sleeping person could be heard.

She’s probably tired. It can’t be helped.

Laura was also very excited for today.

Her eyelids were heavy.


「……we should return quickly, everyone’s, worried, I, think……」


Laura’s consciousness faded there.



The instructors, they searched for the surroundings of the royal capital for Laura and Charlotte who wouldn’t return at all.

Of course, Emilia also desperately searched.

It was after such a fight.

They probably had huge injuries for sure.

And, although she was that worried about them.

The Laura and Charlotte that she finally found, was taking an afternoon nap on the grasslands very happily.

Their sleeping faces were so cute, that Emilia didn’t have the will to get angry.












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