Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Conclusion



「It should be canceled without discussion」


The ring that already disappeared. The audience and students that had run away.

The two who were fighting that flew.

The tournament within the school does not form its shape.

That is why the instructors that have gathered in the ruins of the ring have decided unanimously as “canceled”.


That only means, the instructors would crowd together to enter the final fight between Laura and Charlotte, and stop it forcefully.

That was the only thing they could do.

With only one or two instructors, they already cannot win against them.


(Not only by Laura-san, but I was also overtaken by Charlotte-san)


Emilia bit her lips looking up to the sky.

There ware consecutive countless explosions place she looked at.

The two girls collide with their magic powers, and makes the whole atmosphere of the royal capital tremble.


I even want to charge to the sky, and join them.

But I don’t have that much strength.

I don’t know what I should do to reach them.


More than this, I can’t let the students get furtherーー.


「Stop it, that’s disgraceful」


A firm woman’s voice flowed like the wind.

With only that, all of the instructors of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School fixed their posture.

The owner of the voice, was a woman with fluttering silvery-white hair.

The one who has the second name「Great Sage of Beauty」, the strongest magician in history.

This school’s headmaster.


It was Calrotte Gyrdorea herself.


「The cute students did their best to become strong, the instructors will hinder that when they are showing it very well? Why? I wonder where the school’s philosophy to extend the young one’s talents go?」


「But School Head! If this continues, the royal capital itself!」


Emilia protests.

It was a very natural argument.

Rather, she couldn’t understand what the Great Sage was talking about.

The instructors closed in towards the school head.

It was that time.

All of their faces other than the Great Sage, not nervous, but fear ran through.


Their feet wouldn’t move.

Even if they used muscle strengthening magic at full force, it wouldn’t even flinch.


「I have sealed your movements. Do you not even notice? That’s pathetic. It is the summer vacation after the tournament within the school. All of the instructors, do you want me to train you again from the start?」


Receive the teachings from the Great Sage.

That is a fortune that they would really want, but that is not the problem right now.


「School head……please. If this really continues, there will be casualties in the royal capital」


「I have enveloped the royal capital with my barrier. I will not let one glass be broken even if it was an attack from the Demon God」


「Even so, the two might not be safe!」


「If above from the neck remains, I will regenerate them. Now, there are no questions anymore right?」


There is no end for questions.

Something like, is it okay to let students have a death fight rather than a match.

Something like, what is needed to say to the Queen Her Majesty having such noise.

Something like, the faces of the instructors would not be saved.


(Faces……? Wait, what the heck is that)


Emilia was stunned by her own thoughts.


「You guys are. Only jealous of the two fighting in the air. You already can’t stand still right? But, it’s nice for you. That you can be jealous. I am relieved, that there are no cowards within you guys that would look away from the “strong” as if they were in a different world than you. You guys, you can still get stronger you know, congratulations」


And the Great Sage declared towards the sky.


「Laura-chan, Charlotte-chan. Don’t mind the casualties in the royal capital. The injuries also, if your head remains it would be alright. I will do something for everything. That’s why, do it with all that you have. In the name of the Great Sage Calrotte Gyrdorea, I will recognize your final fight」


There were already no one who says their opinion to the Great Sage.



Laura is flying evenly matched with Charlotte.

How terrible talent it was.

In my case, it took me four days to even let my body float.

Today, she completed the flight magic just by looking, and gets better and better.

She already started to have more complicated moves than Charlotte.

A long fight is disadvantageous.

If I do not hurry, I will stop being able to see Laura’s back again.


But, how should I finish the match?


Right now, Charlotte was somehow able to match her, but the difference between them gradually closes.

Compared to Laura perfectly blocking her side’s attacks, Charlotte’s defense barrier has subtle holes that are slowly getting torn.

She was not receiving lethal injuries, but her uniform and skin were in tatters.


If only there was only a chance that I can somehow stop Laura’s movements for an instant, and be able to summon “that”.

It is because I cannot make that one instant that I am losing.


Even though I did that much, have I not reached her after all.

For a half month, Charlotte entered the Gate of Abyss.

That is the space where spirit beasts horde. It is a hell that was created by the House of Gazard’s ancestors.

Inside there, Charlotte was hit, stepped on, burned, ate, crushed, melted, and she was forcefully recovered every time, she was hurt without any sleep of break.

The spirit beasts used various techniques.

Stealing that with glances, defeat the spirit beasts instead.

It was a reckless training. The ancestor that thought about that probably had lost his sanity somewhere for sure.

Thanks to that, I had a hard time to get free from the encirclement of the spirit beasts.


Although, I was able to get stronger with that, so the ancestor was right.

The problem is that, I cannot win against Laura even though I got stronger.


Even while sinking to despair, Charlotte still exchanges attack magic with Laura with one ray of hope.


At that time, I heard a woman’s voice.

She named herself as Great Sage Calrotte Gyrdorea, and she said that she would guarantee the safety of the royal capital and our life.


It was a very thankful thing.

But Charlotte, she didn’t mind it until she was told.

Both the royal capital. And her own life.

She stopped to think, other than winning.

I can die tomorrow as long as I win todayーー.


「Can we stop it already, Charlotte-san」


Unexpectedly, the attacks stopped.

The fierce attacks that even covered all of the royal capital’s skies, stopped as if it was fed up.




“Can we stop it”, did you just say that?

Why. Both of us still can move. I am even thinking of continuing until I die.

Does that mean that Charlotte was only that much for Laura.

There is no worth fighting. There is nothing that can be gained continuing. It is boring.

Does she think of that.


「Holding back, let’s stop it already」


But on the other hand, the words that Laura followed, was opposite to what I imagined.


「I know it, you know. You’re aiming for a huge technique right? It is easy to show on Charlotte-san’s face after all. It is very obvious. Let’s stop the small jabs here, and do it for real. Thankfully, Great Sage-sama said that she would protect the royal capital」


Laura’s movements have stopped.

She stood still in the air, and invites by opening her arms widely.


「If I have a huge technique……are you planning on receiving that, Laura-san」

「Yes. I will receive it without dodging. I, don’t want Charlotte-san to lose half-heartedly. I don’t want to leave regrets like “I would’ve won if I used that technique”, or “I would’ve won if I fought better”. That’s why, with no reserve, please. It’s okay. I’m going to win after all」


In Laura’s eyes that said that, there were no mercy or compassion.

There were only the colors of expectations.

The curiousness that quickly wants to know what Charlotte had gained in the past half month.

“That’s idiotic”, I got dumbfounded.

Even though it was in the middle of a fight, I could not help to let out a sigh.

I wonder who I got dumbfounded to. Is it to Laura, is it to myself.

Ahh, it is probably for the both.


「……I understand. This is my full force. Please receive it. I am the one who will win」


And she chanted.

The spell that calls the spirit beasts that sleep in the depth of the abyss.


「Thy beast who lives in the abyss. Thy the one who devours everything. I will sacrifice my magic powers, blood, and arm. That is why manifest. Run, run, hunt them allーー」


A black magic circle spread in the air.

The thing that shows there is a black fur. Red-eyed wolf.

Its sharp fang pierced Charlotte’s right shoulder.

It tore her flesh and skin, it finally reached the bones, and the wolf twisted her right arm.




It was, painful after all. Tears fell.

But the black wolf ate Charlotte’s arm very deliciously.

That is why the contract was established.

Getting relieved to that, I commanded once again.


「Now, go!」


The wolf’s whole body came out of the magic circle.

That which was larger than horses and elephants, its four limbs leaps in the air, and charged at Laura while having Charlotte’s blood fall from its jaws.

With every step, the space itself trembles.


What holds him is bottomless appetite.

The stronger the target’s magic powers, the more it is delicious.

To satisfy that insatiable hunger, the soon that he saw a strong magician, he devours them.


Looking at the wolf that runs to eat her, Laura strengthened the defense barrier that covered her whole body.

And at the same time, she got ready for a counterattack.

She creates flame bullets, ice spears, and lightning swords. Ten of each.


It struck the wolf at once.

The explosion enveloped Laura and the wolf. Discharge phenomenon emerged everywhere, and it was like the end of the world.

If the Great Sage wasn’t protecting the royal capital, there might have been hundreds dead.


And before the flames of explosion dissipates, Laura’s chants could be heard.


「Brute that lives in the well. I will give you permission to run」


The flames and smoke got clear with a gust of wind.

It was a wolf that created that wind.

But, it is not the one that Charlotte summoned. That already died.

In the first place, it is only one that Charlotte called.

And right now, there are three of them in front of her.


Once again, Laura learned it just by seeing.

The wolf that is the spirit beast of the House of Gazard, the technique of summoning from the Gate of Abyss. She acquired it with that instant.




The three wolves charged at Charlotte.

She didn’t have enough magic powers left to block that.

At the point when she had summoned one wolf, Charlotte was like a squeezed cloth.


That is why in the consciousness that slowly fades, she remembered what Emilia had told her

The technique used will be copied in the instance it was used.

Aiming her should be one hit ko.

It you fail, it would return in multiple times.


Ahh, it was really like that.

It was something that I knew.

But I could not do anything about it.


I might have won if I used that technique.

I might have won if I fought better.

There was no regret like that, it was a complete defeat.

But, next time, for sure, I will winーー.












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