Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – The final fight desu



It is, the final fight.


Normally the tensions of the audience would’ve reached their peak, and the arena should’ve been covered by cheers.

But Charlotte’s semi-finals was too tremendous, that the surroundings got silent.

So much that your ears would get painful.


Within that arena, only two footsteps were echoing.

It was Laura and Charlotte’s footsteps.

The two stood up at the center of the ring, and stared at each other.


「For the meantime, Charlotte-san. Congratulations on winning the semi-finals」

「Thank you very much. I can finally fight with Laura-san with this」

「Yes. But really, Charlotte-san is amazing. Coming here without having any injuries. It’s an overwhelming strength. And the way you broke Anna-san’s heart was also great. You decided the match in an instant after all」

「Off-board tactics is also needed to win after all. But, Laura-san. I will not do a psychological fight with you. I do not think that it has any meaning. I want to fight head-on with Laura-san. Have you learned how to fly?

「Yes. I can do it somehow」


Whispering that, Laura’s body floated just a little bit.

When she used the flight magic the last time she didn’t know how to hold back, and her head hit the ceiling.

But with that failure, and using the way Charlotte flew as a sample, she made some adjustments.


「That is great. Well then, let us start. Let us fight with our strengths」


Charlotte seemed like she couldn’t wait.

“What an insatiable person for winning”, Charlotte thought.

She would launch a surprise attack on weaker opponents, and she would even do a psychological fight. It was to win as fast as she can.

But when fighting against a stronger one, she would make the opponent excel all its powers then fight.

It was the opposite idea to the theory.

But winning for Charlotte is probably like that.

To not cloud the purity of her long-awaited victory, Charlotte purposely used flight magic in front of Laura.

Charlotte wanted to win against “that” Laura.


「Ne〜, Charlotte-san. I’ve been thinking of you as a friend. It was very fun sleeping together every night. But, Charlotte-san, what were you thinking being together with me?」


Before fighting, I wanted to know that at least.

And then, Charlotte, she blinked as if it was unexpected for her from the bottom of her heart, and “Well, of course”, she smiled.


「Laura-san is a very important friend. I like you very much. And at the same time, a rival to defeat. Is there a contradiction there」

「Is that so……thank goodness. Charlotte-san had gotten too much strong, that I, thought that I was being disliked」



Charlotte got strong. So much that Laura had feared her.

The effort that fills up the aptitude that was almost a hundred times, is not something that someone would do.


Charlotte’s voice was very calm.

And does not show any slight gaps at the same time.

She purely wants to win, I finally understood.


「The time when I would hate Laura-san, that is」


At the time when I hold back. At the time when I lost purposely.


「I know that. I am also a child of an adventurer. I will not hold back. I will not let Charlotte-san’s half month to a waste. I will crush you with full force. I am the one who will absolutely win」

「No, I am the one who will win!」


The instructor in charge, has forgotten the sign of the start of the match.

And both Laura and Charlotte didn’t mind something like that.

It would start with the two’s will.


「Let us now」







Small jabs at first.

Arrow of light that is released from concentrating magic powers to the palm.

Both of them using the same technique, collidesーー.


In an instance, the arena ring that had sucked the blood and sweat of the students for half a century, had completely disappeared in this world.

There is no pathetic ending like a ring out in this fight.


The earth had lifted up, and the ring’s fragments flew and scattered, and hits and reflects from the defense barrier that was protecting the audience.

At this point, there were numerous audiences that had started to run away from the arena.

But of course, both Laura and Charlotte did not care about that.

They could only see their opponent in the first place.


Flames, Water, Lightning, Wind and Light.

As declared, they hit each other and defended.


Laura wasn’t holding back her magic powers.

Even so, Charlotte was standing on her two feet.

I am grateful for that.

In the first time after entering the school, I have met an “enemy”. Thank you. Thank you for training up to this.

I am utmost delighted with that fighting spirit.

Everything was a learning to defeat me.  

I am very grateful for the luck that there was a rival called Charlotte Gazard in the same school year.


(I like you very much. You are really the best)


That is why, with all that I have. I will completely defeat you with no mercy.

Charlotte is wishing for that.

Her goal is to defeat Laura with her full strength in a head-on fight.


「All of my powersーーmeaning, I will also use the sword. You do not mind right?」

「Yes, of course! Let me see everything of Laura-san!」


I drew the sword and strengthened its blade.

Strengthened, strengthened, strengthened, strengthened it thoroughly,

Strengthening it to the point that I had confidence that it can even win against the legendary super metal Orichalcon, and swung it towards Charlotte.

Needed not to be said, Laura’s movements are in the speed of sound. The tip of her blade was much faster.

The shockwave created from it can easily kill tens of people.


Charlotte blocks that slash with the palm of her hand.


「Are you thinking that something like this, would reach me?」


Charlotte created a high temperature with her magic powers, and melted Laura’s sword.

I’m surprised. I didn’t think that the strengthened sword would be destroyed.

But I was expecting that the slash would be blocked.

That’s why it is the next attack.

Summoning a giant lightning spirit in the skies on the top of the arena.

Command to crush Charlotte together with myself.


「You did that huhーーthen!」


The ground had raised.

The earth and fragments of the ring were mixed and became a giant.

Charlotte made a huge statue on the arena grounds, and possessed it with an earth spirit.


The earth spirit swung its giant hand upwards.

Its aim is the lightning spirit of course.

The earth had completed its role, and protected Charlotte from the lightning attack.

But it was exposed to ultra-high heat, and one part of the earth had vitrified.

And just like that, the two spirits fiercely fought, the lightning scatters in the air, and the earth became glass and broke down.


And even while the spirits were fighting, Laura and Charlotte were continuously hitting with their magic powers.


「With only a half month, what did you do to become that strong. Please teach me for future reference」

「I told you, I only did my best」

「You only “did your best”……and what about sleep?」

「I did not」

「What about eating?」

「Once before secluding in the mountain, and once before I came here」


She’s crazy.

It’s completely not something a human would do.


「To reach Laura-san……to reach the aptitude number 9999 is like that. Was I able to reached you yet? Was able to stand beside you? Was I able to move forward? I still do not know Laura-san. Seriously, please bring out all your serious!」

「I’m really doing it seriously, Charlotte-san. However, that’s right. If I’m with you, I feel that I can still go higher. Not a narrow place like this……ーーfirst, let’s fly!」


The stage leaves the arena to the royal capital’s sky.

It was already not something that can be called as an event of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School anymore.


It is the final fight.


Because they were friends.

To have fun.


Without caring about anyone.

Up to the sky.

To the world of their ownーー.












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