Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Let us engage



All of the preliminaries of the eight blocks have finished, and the students that have lost moves to the infirmary or the audience seats.

And the 8 people who remained and Laura who was seeded remained.


「Charlotte-san, Charlotte-san!」


To the reunion with her roommate for half a month, Laura hugs.


「Ara, Laura-san. You are very cheerful today」

「Because, because. Charlotte-san was able to be in time in the preliminaries! Really, where have you been up until now? I was very worried you know」

「I am sorry. I was had secluded to a hole just like secluding in the mountains」

「It’s very Charlotte-san-ish!」


I had thought that that was about it, but hearing it properly in person is very appalling.

For sure, she was only training only except eating and sleeping.


「Charlotte, congratulations on passing the preliminaries」

「Anna-san. Thank you very much. So that earlier was the preliminaries huh. The fight suddenly started when I came, so I was thinking what it was」


To Charlotte’s words, Laura and Anna faced each other.

That’s right. Since Charlotte wasn’t here up until now, forget about the block entries, she doesn’t even know about the preliminaries’ rules.


「Charlotte-san! That’s bad, you should at least return on the day before. You were going to be disqualified if you were late even for a second!」

「Eh, was that so?!」


Laura and Anna, explained today’s rules simply.


「I see……meaning, the tournament would be held for the remaining eight, and the person who wins through will be able to fight Laura-san. It is nice since it is an easy story」

「I’ll just say this, the one who will fight with Laura in the finals will be me」


Anna narrows her eyes and glared at Charlotte.

The two gets along with each other, but when it comes to fighting, both of them have personalities that don’t step back.

And before the actual battle begins, the battle outside the ring has begun.

And that, Laura was looking on pins and needles.

Charlotte didn’t get provoked, and looked at Anna with a pleasant sweet smile.

There was a tremendous leeway there.




Anna groaned, and took a step backward.


「I am very sorry, Anna-san. Right now, I am only thinking of defeating Laura-san. Is this conceited?」


And Charlotte turned her sight to Laura.

*Zokuri*, her hair stood its ends.

She was really Charlotte Gazard, but I could see her as a different living creature.


「……Charlotte-san. How much training did you do」

「That is a secret. But, in this half month, I have the confidence that I really did my best」


“Her best”, however you think about it, those words are only with humbleness.

She surely had done things unimaginable.

If not, her presence would not change this much within half a month.


「I’m looking forward to it. But, Anna-san also had gotten stronger」

「I am sure that she had. However, I am the one who will win」


It was neither bragging, nor intimidation.

Natural things naturally. That’s right, she said that as if talking about the weather.


「……no one knows until the fight happens」


Anna whispered as if to squeeze that out.

But it is clear from the side the difference of their dimensions.

The differences between them was not this much before.


It isn’t good for Anna, but today’s tournament, it would not end peacefully.

Charlotte would single-handedly win and be against Laura.


It should be like that.


Just like how Charlotte was only thinking of defeating Laura, Laura also, she could only think of engaging Charlotte anymore.










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