Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I wonder who is this person?


When Laura woke up, a white ceiling entered her sight.


I wonder where is this place.

I know at least that we don’t have room like this in our house.

Come to think about it, I went toward the Royal Capital riding a carriage, and in the Adventurer School’s school grounds……




In Laura’s head that remembered what happened, four digit numbers emerged as if it was clinging.


Please make it a dream. Please make it a mistake.

I am a girl that dreams of being a swordsman, I don’t want to use magic that attacks cowardly from behind.


Impending ferocious monster hordes. Together with her teammates she jumped in, and slashes at them with all of her strength. Ahh, how wonderful. Like the main character of an epic.

Maybe duel with the same swordsman is good too. With colliding blades, just imagining the sparks it made, it made her heart excited.  


That dream, that dream.


「My memories are very clear……I was transferred to the Magic Department……and because of that I lose my consciousness……」


Somebody should’ve brought me to this infirmary-like place.

Rather than that, I wonder how much I’ve slept.

I wonder what happened to the entrance ceremony.

Everyone in the class should’ve introduced themselves.

Having heard about the school from father and mother, I was even looking forward to it.


「It’s the worst start……」


Laura mumbled, and dropped her shoulders.

At that time, from her side 「*U〜n*」 a groaning voice was heard.

There was a person very close.

She couldn’t sense that presence until now.

It was a failure as a warrior. It looks like that her head was still sleepy.


「Rather than that, this person, I wonder who is she?」


A girl, went on the same bed as mine and sleeps blissfully.

She was around 20-years old.

With long silvery-white-colored hair, it was a very beautiful person.




This school’s founder, and the current school principal, Great Sage Charlotte Gyrdorea has also, hair that is silvery-white colored if I’m right.

But, the Great Sage should be at least around 300-years old.


Laura didn’t know anything about magic, but even if she was maintaining her youth, she shouldn’t be with an appearance of around 20-years old she concluded.


Maybe, it is the school’s senpai.


Maybe the one who carried the unconscious Laura was her, but became sleepy and slept with her……If that was so, she should be a very laid-back person.


Anyways, I should ask about the situation.

Maybe in a thousand, or a million.

Both the 9999 numbers and the transfer to the Magic Department, maybe it might’ve been a dream after all.




To Laura that had lived her whole in her hometown without going out at all, calling out to an adult stranger, was something that needs a little courage.

But, leaving without saying anything also wasn’t good, she don’t know about the school’s campus. Sleeping a second time was the last thing she’d do. And she wanted to know quickly on what circumstance she was in.




When Laura shook her shoulder, the woman opened her eyes, and slowly raised her body.

And then, let out a big yawn with her mouth widely opened.

She was a beauty but she was sloppy. If Laura did something like this, she would be scolded by her mother.


「Good Morning, Laura-chan. Did you also just wake up?」




She knows my name.

Maybe she’s really a school official. Maybe she is an instructor.

Because, this woman. Although the way she talk was casual, her presence, was strange.

She is not normal, I had that confidence in that.


「Well, I wonder what time is it」


The woman confirmed the time using the pocket watch that was lowered from her neck.

It was a splendid pocket watch with the same silvery-white color as her hair.


「It’s already noon. Thank goodness. I completely skipped the opening ceremony. Below the torch light is dark. No one could’ve figured out that I was sleeping with Laura-chan. Thank you. Thanks to you I was able to make it without being catched」


「Haa……You’re welcome」


I don’t really get it, but this woman, she didn’t want to go to the entrance ceremony so she was sleeping here.


「Uhmm, are you a student? Or are you a teacher?」


*U〜n*……Between those, maybe a teacher? Ah, make it a secret that I was here. I will be scolded」


She said and *Nikkori* she smiled.

With her young age, she should be a new instructor.

And she skipped the entrance ceremony by having a nap, but the way she wasn’t thinking bad about it at all was admirable.

Although, Laura was in the same situation, so she couldn’t say anything.


「By the way, I wonder what I should do from now on? I remembered being transferred to the Magic Department, but……I want to enter the Warrior Department!!」


*U〜n*……It’s something that was decided. Magic isn’t that bad you know. Try and use it, and if you really don’t like it, at that time you should come and consult me」




It wasn’t a problem that can be solved by consulting to a new instructor though.

Laura still doesn’t know about society, but she imagined that it was impossible for her.


If I’m going to ask for help, it should be to the Great Sage.

Ahh, I see. I should protest to her when I see her.


「Well, if you wait here, a teacher of the Magic Department should come and pick you up. Be relaxed. Well then, I’ll run away before I’m caught」


She fluttered her silvery-white hair backwards, and jumped out of the bed.

That gesture was very picturesque, and Laura was unconsciously mesmerized.

And, she wanted to ask just this.


「Uhmm, please wait!」


「N, What〜?」


The woman turned around while her hand was on the window.


「……You, are very strong, right? Unbelievably」


I don’t want to accept it, but stronger than father and mother.


「Hee〜……Laura-chan, you’re amazing. Being able to feel in that age. As expected of All Magic Aptitude 9999. Great great」


The woman went her way of going back to Laura, and patted her head.

But, she wondered what was great.


If she’s leaking this much aura of the strong, anyone should figure it out.


「If a person sees something too large, he could not be able to keep it in sight, and he could not recognize that “Something is there”. Laura-chan has at least, able to keep my strength in your sight」


「Keep in sight, you say……I think that as an adult, you are rather petite, though」


「Fufu, that’s right. Ah, It seems like Emilia has come. If really don’t run away I will be scolded!」


She ran so fast leaving no traces of what laid-back atmosphere she had, and she jumped out of the window.

She should’ve his something on the bush.

I heard *GasaGasa* sounds.


「Ah, I didn’t ask her name!」


Laura ran near the window side and looked around.

There was a very nice view of the school yard in view.

But, she couldn’t see the woman’s appearance.


「……She disappeared」


In this short time she ran away until she was unseen?

If that’s so, I should hear exploding sounds if she accelerated.

It was very quiet, yet her appearance disappeared.


When Laura was tilting her head, *KonKon* the door had a knocking sound.


「I’m an instructor of the Magic Department, Emilia Arkland. Laura Edmonds-san, are you awake?」




The instructor that came to pick her up was a young woman.

She wore glasses, a blue-haired person.

She is an instructor at the Gyrdorea Adventurer’s School, so she should be excellent with no doubt.

In reality, she has eyes that she passed through a lot of shambles.


But, the unknown aura that the woman earlier was emitting, I couldn’t feel it at all.








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Translator Notes:

1.「Senpai (先輩)」 = the person you fall in love at most times. also means school’s senior.
「先(Saki/Sen=First/Previous) 輩(Yakara/Pai=Fellow)」 = 「Senior」 = 「Previous Fellow」

2.「Epic」 = 「英雄(Eiyuu=Hero)譚(Tan=Tales)」 = 「Heroic Tales 」

3.「Silvery-white」 = 「白(Shiro/Haku=White)銀(Gin/Gane=Silver/Money?)」 = 「Shirogane/Hakugin」 = 「Silver(it already looks white so)」

4.「Teacher」 = 「先(Saki/Sen=First/Previous) 生(Sei=Life)」= 「First/Previous (at) Life?」
「Instructor」 = 「教(Kyou=Doctrine)師(Shi=Master)」 = 「Kyoushi」 = 「Doctrine Master」

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