Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: A flashy entrance desu



In the 7th block, including Anna, there are three swordsmen. One spearman. One axeman. And five magicians.

In these then, only one can advance to the main tournament.


I am the strongest within the ten of us, Anna concluded.


If it was a one on one fight, I’m going to win for sure.

However, this is a battle royale.

No one knows what would happen in a skirmish.


In fact, even before it had started, there was an unrest in their air.

For some reason, every one of them was looking at Anna.


(This, is it……)


I’m being targeted.

Anna guessed, and together with the starting cue of the match, it changed to conviction.


The four who was from the Warrior Department attacked Anna at once. The five who was from the Magic Department used boost magic towards them.

“Let’s start the battle royale anew after the strongest, Anna, has dropped out”, they probably had planned before the start of the match.

But, they made her tell with how they looked.

While being grateful of that stupidity, Anna ran straight forward, and attacked the spearman that was in front of her.




Within the situation where everyone in the battle royale had become her enemy, Anna got flusteredーーher opponents probably thought of that, but it’s too bad for them, she was ready before it had started.

And because of that, their side was the one who got flustered.

Parrying the spear of the spearman that was on panic with her sword, she hit with a tackle and shove towards the outside of the ring.

With this, Anna had escaped the encirclement.

She immediately turned around, and made a jump kick towards the head of the axeman. It was defeated with one blow.


「Ku! As expected of Anna! But, it’s still 7 vs 1!!」


Two of the swordsmen slashes at Anna from her left and right at the same time.

But, compared to Laura’s movements who she had always fought, it was too slow that she could make a yawn

With one sword, she drove back their two swords with ease.

However, Anna’s feet had stopped in an instant.

Waiting for that instant, the five magicians shot flame magic at the same time.


It was clear that they intended of getting the two swordsmen caught up on it.

It looks like the united front, it was nullified within the magicians.

Anna made a sweep and broke the balance of the pitiful swordsmen with her feet, and left them in the middle of herself and the flame magic.


The five balls of fire that were shot, it hits the arena grounds and the swordsmen.

A crimson fire pillar raises.

The swordsmen who had their body in flames ran towards the outside of the ring while raising screams.

And then, the instructors immediately extinguished them with water magic, and casted recovery magic in addition.


Looking that at the side, Anna ran with zigzags, and charged towards the magician.


「S-So fast!」


Shouting that was the most what the magician was able to do.

Far from being able to aim at her, they couldn’t even chase her with their eyes.

Anna’s use of the muscle strengthening magic at full force.

Full swing with the large sword she holds with both of her hands.

With the length of the sword, four out of the five magicians were blown away.

They flew in the sky, and dives towards the audience seats.


But in front of the audience seats, the defense barrier that the instructors created were existing as an invisible wall.

The magicians, they collided with that invisible wall, bounced back and fell to the ground.

They probably had broken a few of their ribs, and also, maybe their organs might’ve been damaged.

But, the instructors of the Gyrdorea Adventurer Schools are excellent, so they would probably heal them without aftereffects that would remain.

Well then, only one remaining.


(Dodging all of his attacks, if I can buy time until Charlotte returns……)


When Anna was thinking of that.


「I-I give up!」



Anna’s opponent that became in a 1 vs 1 situation with her had blood run out of his face, gave up and went outside of the ring on his own.


「Winner, from the Warrior Department, Anna Arnett!」


An announce that was amplified by magic flows in the arena.

“Waaa”, cheers rose up.

The audience were praising Anna’s fight.


「……it shouldn’t be like this」


I even promised Laura to make the match long.

The opponents were weaker than I thought, so it ended in an instant.


Anna felt bad, and went down the ring while her head was down.

But Laura hugged her with a smile.


「Anna-san, you’re amazing! To think that you’d make a reversal in a 9 vs 1 situation!」

「T-Thanks……but, Charlotte is still……」


Too bad, I had no leeway on prolonging the match time.

There’s no more time.

Even so, that Ojou-sama with golden hair rolls’ appearance couldn’t be seen anywhere.


「It’s too bad……」


Laura whispered as if it was for herself.

And the announce that calls the students of the 8th block flows.


With faces that they couldn’t help waiting, the students went up the ring.

The 8th block has 11 people.

But there was only 10 of them.


「Charlotte-san. Charlotte Gazard-san. Within ten seconds, if you would not come up to the ring you would be disqualified」


The merciless countdown started.

There was no way for a person who was not here, could be able to go up the stage within ten seconds.


「Three, two, one……」


And, “disqualified”, in the blink of an eye that that was decided.


「I have kept you waiting!」


A human fell from the sky.

With her golden hair fluttering, she raised a gust of wind, and while making all of the people who were in the arena stunned, one person descended to the middle of the ring.


(She flew……?)


She could only think of it like that.

But, flight magic is a high-level technique even in the special magics. That much, even Anna who was from the Warrior Department knew.

That, if it wasn’t magicians whose level were not enough to become a Gyrdorea School instructor, she had heard that they cannot use.


「……Laura failed using flight magic once before, but, can you fly now?」

「No……I have no confidence……」


In the timing where she absolutely would not be on time, Charlotte had the best, flashy entrance.

Looking at her standing on the ring while having a fearless smile, being worried up until now felt so stupid.


The battle royale had started.

And of course, it was Charlotte’s overwhelming win.











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