Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: It’s not an enemy attack


The first year homeroom teacher of the Magic Department, Emilia Arkland is thinking inside the faculty room.

It’s about the missing Charlotte.

She had told her parents that she disappeared from the dormitory, and the guards are also searching for her.

There was nothing more for Emilia to do.

But, Laura who was worried about her is pitiful, and for Emilia, she feels restless because she couldn’t grasp the whereabouts of her student. 


(There’s no work that should be done immediately too, should I go find her)


Thinking like that, at that time.

She heard an intense metallic sound from outside the window.


「Oi oi, is someone fighting?」

「Goodness. Isn’t it written in the school rules that don’t fight in places other than the training grounds and arena」

「That’s some nerve in front of the faculty room. You’re looking down on instructors」


The Warrior Department instructors stood up at once.

The instructors of the Royal Gyrdorea Adventurer School, they are all adventurers before without exceptions.

They are people who had always placed themselves in danger, so there are a lot of ill-bred compared to the common people.


(Especially teachers of the Warrior Department, how can I say this……their temper is really low)


It’s the students that violate the school rules is the bad one for sure, but she felt sorry for them for a little.

If they were surrounded by those men with bad faces, if it was Emilia in her teens, she might’ve cried out.




A girl’s scream approaches.

It was somehow, a voice that she had heard before.


(No, this, isn’t it Laura-san’s voice?!)


*Gachi〜n*, together with a very loud sound, a small girl broke through the glass and entered the faculty room.

The girl crashes through the tables and chairs, scattered the documents, plunged into the steel locker, and finally stopped.

There’s no doubt. It was Emilia’s student, it’s Laura.


「An enemy attackkk?!!」


An instructor shouted.

He who misidentified Laura who had the momentum like a bombardment as an enemy attack cannot be blamed.

Even Emilia, if she did not recognize Laura’s voice beforehand, she would’ve probably thought the same.

At least, she probably didn’t imagine that it was students fighting outside the winder.


「Magicians, use defense magic! Prepare that you can use recovery magic anytime!」

「Who the hell is it!! Doing this to the Great Sage’s Gyrdorea Adventurer School, don’t think you can go home alive you octopus!!」

「It’s not half-kill, it’s all-kill!! I’ll teach you who the hell you sold a fight to!!!!!」


All of the instructors, their faces returned to when they were still adventurers.

The instructors here, all of them are A-Rank and B-Rank strong.

Those people are releasing their killing intents, and they’re ready to fight.

Even Emilia who was already an adult, was almost crying.


「U-Uhm, dear teachers. This isn’t an enemy attack, uhm……it looks like it’s something a student did……」

「Ahn? Emilia-sensei. What are you saying. Even if it was our students, someone who has the nerves to pick a fight in the faculty room……」


The instructor who was saying that, gazed at Laura who was stretching on the floor.

And, he made a face, “Ahh, this one huh”.


「Emilia-sensei! Please teach your student properly. This is unprecedented!」


The Warrior Department’s first year’s homeroom teacher preached.


「But……the other one is from the Warrior Department, look」



Looking through the broken glass outside, there was Anna who was taking a peek.


「A-Anna youuuu waaaaaaaaait!!!」

「Help, help……」


Anna ran away with all of her strength.

She can’t be blamed.

This faculty room is too scary. It is more dangerous than the dragon’s nest while it’s raising its puppy.

But that being said, even if she was successful in running away, they know that she’s the culprit.

Will she get scolded here, or will she get scolded later, it’s only that difference.




Laura let out a carefree voice and stood up.

It looks like she doesn’t understand what kind of situation she was in.

But she realized that she was being glared at by all of the instructors in the faculty room after a few instants, and her face whitens in an instant.


「Uhm, e〜to, uhm………」

「Oi, Laura Edmonds. You, even though you’re small, you have some nerves huh oi」


This is bad. All of the instructors, they have lost the consciousness that they are educators.

They are being adventurers whose party’s face was stepped on.

They wouldn’t kill their student, but maybe they would at least half-kill her.

If that happens, Laura would probably resist.

The instructors of the Royal Gyrdorea Adventurer School VS Laura Edmonds.

It that happens, the school would disappear from the map.

No, at worst, the royal capital’s shape would change.


By Emilia taking the lead to give a punishment, she tries to somehow go through this situation.


「Laura-san, what did you do! This time after all, I won’t forgive you okay!」

「Emilia-sensei, I’m very sorry, I didn’t think that it would be like that!! Aaaaaaaahhh, it hurts, it hurtssss, I’m sorryyyyyyy!!」




With this, somehow, slapping her butt and cleaning the faculty room, and with ten remorse sheets, somehow, she succeeded to evade it.

But, who knows what fate happened to Anna who had run away.

She’s in a different department, so Emilia could not cover up for her.

At least half-killed……no, I hope that she’s forgiven being killed around 70% , she prayed.




And the next day. Anna who was witnessed at the school, had a very, very big bump on her head.

Thank god she’s let away with only that, Emilia got a deep sigh of relief.










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