Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I do not have something to do in the faculty room


「Emilia-sensei. Where Charlotte-san went to, do you still not know?」


Morning, before the classes start. Laura went to the faculty room, caught Emilia, and said the question that she had already said too many times.

And Emilia replied with the same answer as before.


「I don’t know. Her parents were also worried about her, but……they already sent a search application to the guardsmen, and we will also do our best to find her, so Laura-san should focus on the class」




There was a letter that was left in the dormitory room, written shortly, 「I will going to train. Please do not find me」.

At first, Laura had smiled that it was Charlotte-like, but after being away for three days, she couldn’t help but to start worrying.


It was almost summer vacation. And before that, there was a tournament within the school.

The tournament within school was a fighting tournament that done by school years, and it was being held to check how much the students have grown.

But even so, there are about 80 people on each school year.

Doing a proper tournament will take a lot of days.

And because of that, dividing them in different blocks, and do a battle royale.

The one who one in the battle royale will be able to advance to the main fight of the tournament.


Swordsmen would use real swords, and students from the Magic Academy will cast magic seriously.

Therefore, it is assumed that there will be going to be injured people, so there are instructors who can use recovery magic standing by.

Also, when it is decided that there might be a fatality, the match is stopped immediately, and judge the winner by decision.


It had been half a century since the Gyrdorea Adventurer School was founded, but at the moment, there was no fatality produced by the tournament within the school.

So it is probably going to be fight this year too.


Students that are confident with their skills are looking forward to the tournament within the school.

That was the same for Laura and Anna.

Thinking of Charlotte’s personality, she is probably training in some mountains to prepare for the tournament within the school.


So, there was no need to be worried very seriously, but……I’m worried after all.

Anna and I were also pretty much like that, but the way Charlotte push herself was extraordinary.

There was a lot of times when she trained until losing consciousness, and have been carried by Emilia to the room.

Charlotte who was like that, is it okay to leave her alone?


(But, Charlotte-san is much more of an adult than me, so she’s doing it properly, right?)


I was so worried about it I couldn’t concentrate during the class.

I was hit by Emilia on the head and had been laughed by classmates.



After school.

While Laura was exchanging swords with Anna at the training grounds, she complained.


「Is that so……Charlotte had not yet come back」

「Yes……I’m so worried, and……well, I think that she’s going to come back before the tournament within the school, though」


Because there were chatting like that, it was not like they were exchanging hits seriously.

Although, both of them were not moving in the first year’s level.

In fact, it was rare for a third-year student that can follow the two’s movements. No, there might be none of them.


Compared to when Anna had just learned the muscle strengthening magic, she had improved greatly.

She was strengthened more than twice of her normal state.

And also, her defence magic had reached the level that it could be used recently, so she probably would not get a scratch even if she was hit by a bear.


To fight the current Anna, Laura could not help to use muscular strengthening magic too.

But if she used it with full force it would not be a fight, so she was keeping it equal to Anna’s strength.

With this, Laura was able to do the training for swords and magic control at the same time.


「By the way, Laura. I have a suggestion」

「n? What is it〜?」

「You want to change the place? It’s too narrow here, I can’t swing my sword decently」

「……ahh, I see」


This training grounds can be used by anyone freely.

Therefore, other than Laura and Anna, there were tens of students.

Normally, even with that, it was wide enough to train, but Laura and Anna who was using muscle strengthening magic was not at the level of students.

If the two fight each other seriously, the students surrounding them would be caught within, and it would become something like murder grounds.


「It means, you want to do it seriously?」

「Un. In the tournament within the school, even if it was impossible with Laura, I want to win against Charlotte at least」


If Charlotte who was treated as only second was here, she would probably got enraged.


「I understand. Then, let’s go to the grounds. It should be wide and open because they are resting clubs for the tournament!」

「I see, I didn’t think of that」


Laura and Anna took their swords, and ran towards the school grounds with a trot.

I think that there was something that was very important rule, but I’ll think of it later.


「Come now, let’s start, Anna-san!」

「I’m going to do it with full power, so get ready」


In the grounds were no one was, the two made a stance with their swords face to face.

The first one who attacked was Anna.

To her speed from the start made Laura surprised.


With her leg powers that even tears the hard ground, Anna charged with a cloud of dust.

Her movement itself was simple, but her speed had exceeded what was expected.

Laura strengthened the durability of the sword and her own muscle powers, and was able to barely receive the attack from Anna.


「Y-You were not serious at all until now?!」

「There would be fatalities in the training grounds if I went seriously, so. But I believe that it would be okay if it was Laura. Then, I’ll go faster, it’s okay right」

「P-Please wait for a minute! Waaaaait!」


If we continued like this I would surely lose back.

But if I strengthened my muscles without limits, I would kill Anna.

I wanted to strengthen just the right level, but there’s no leeway on adjusting.




From the time since we met, the strongest side slash from Anna was released.

Laura could barely defend that.

The sword’s alright. There might be a crack on my bones.

But I couldn’t keep my feet standing firm.

Laura’s small, light, 9-years-old body was, flying very high up to the sky like a kicked ball.

And she drew a parabola just like that, and crashed into the school building.




And the worst part of it was, it was the faculty room.


(Ah, but, it might be better out than the men’s toilet)


While thinking like that, Laura break and scattered the faculty room’s glass windows.







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