Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Emilia-sensei is a great detective desu


Charlotte couldn’t sleep.

Although Laura and herself was enveloped by the very cute stuffed toy pajama, and was on the top of her happiness.

Inside of her head was full of Laura’s fierce attacks that defeated the Leviathan.


「Funya〜……strawberry parfait so delicious……」


The owner of that innocent sleep talk.

Compared to the same age, Laura who had an unreliable face.

She defeated in an instant the Leviathan that even one of the strongest party in the royal capital『Crimson Shield』couldn’t defeat.


There was no need to be surprised already.

I knew that she had at least that kind of power.

But the problem was, Charlotte couldn’t be a match against the Leviathan.

Immediately after being confronted by that fact, it was Laura being unrivaled.


The gap between their powers were too huge.

Emilia had been hit with a more intense form, but even though, she still stood up.

But I wonder if I can do that?


No. What’s with that way of thinking.

It is not about standing up. It is winning. I will win against Laura Edmonds.


But, when? How?


「Challenging her, would be at the end of the school semester……in the tournament before summer. How to do it, is……」


The way is already decided.

Effort and guts.

Charlotte became stronger with that.

I do not know any other way than that.

I will only raise its pureness.


Can I really catch up with that?


Whatever. Nothing would happen doubting myself before it had started.

Just simply, train until I break and scatter.


It is not enough just looking up.

Catch up, grab on, exceed.

That at least should be done, or else I would not even reach Laura’s feet.

Even though she is this close, I can feel her so far away.


I hate that.

Although we are friends. Although I want us to be friends forever.

It is because we are friends that I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with her.


Regardless of that, Laura is getting stronger and stronger.

Even though there was a gap from the start, it was only opening one-sidedly.


「But, I will catch up to you soon. You should not worry about it and charge forth. I would not let you alone」


I was quite reasonable until now.

Training that keeps reason, are not enough at all.

From now on, I need to do it with the intention of losing my reason.

Especially immediately before the tournament, I will prepare at least to stop being a human.


「It is because that I really like you, that I will defeat you, Laura-san」



There are seven days in a week.

And five days of them are days with classes, and the two days left are rest days.

And Laura decided to use the second rest day to study lectures.

After all, she did not know most of the things that are taught in lectures.

It was difficult to keep up with the class.

I went shopping yesterday with everyone and defeated Leviathan, so I should at least use today to study.


(If Charlotte-san was here, I could ask her the thinks that I don’t understand……)


Charlotte who could be relied on was also training today.

I wonder what kind of training she is doing.

She wouldn’t teach me even if I asked.


If it was possible, it should be better to train together.

But unfortunately, Laura did not know the feeling of “the magic cannot be used without training”.


(In reality, everyone, I wonder what they think of me?)


Enemy? Rival? Monster? Does not matter?


(It’s a little scary, I can’t ask……)


I can at least imagine that they don’t feel calm within them.

But, I had intended, to at least be inconspicuous.

But yesterday, defeating the Leviathan was……I think that I horsed around too much.

I should be more careful.

Laura had that resolution


「Laura, are you there?」


When I was reading the textbook while lying on the bed, there was a knock on the door.




When I opened it, there was Anna who was wearing stuffed toy pajama.


「I’m free so I came to play」

「Oh〜, come in come in」


Laura who was happy having an excuse to skip studying.


「By the way, why are you in pajamas during noon time?」

「I should have told you that I only have the uniform and this as clothes」

「……when are you washing them?」

「I wash them once every three days properly. And I ask for a Magic Department person to cast warm air. It would dry up with that in an instant」

「I see……」


It was Anna’s Formula’s wisdom.

It seems like Laura would not have the chance to test it.


「By the way, we are the topic within the school」




「Ahh……but, they haven’t found out that their identity was us right?」

「For now. Mysterious stuffed toy trio, saving the Crimson Shield who was being attacked by Leviathan. To their identities, places like cafeteria and training grounds are in a storm of debates」

「Fufufu……they would never think that we were the ones inside the stuffed toy!」

「Right. It was the perfect disguise」


Laura and Anna nodded very contentedly.

And there, there was a surprising person who came.

It was the instructor in the Magic Department, Emilia.


「Ahh, there you are. Ne〜Laura-san, Anna-san. And also……Charlotte-san isn’t here huh」

「Charlotte-san is training somewhere〜」

「I just thought of that. Yesterday, Charlotte-san also trained alone?

「No. We played with the three of us yesterday!」

「Is that so……by the way, did you hear about the Leviathan yesterday?」

「Yes! The mysterious stuffed toy trio, saved the Crimson Shield right! I wonder what kind of trio they are, I am really curious!」


That was a great performance for me, Laura praised herself.

With this, she should be completely tricked.


「The trio who names their selves as PajaRangers, it seems like they had the appearance of a dog, a cat, and a rabbit. And, Anna-san. You, you’re wearing a cat stuffed toy」

「W-What a coincidence」


Anna who was pointed that out, let out a rarely panicked voice.


「And also, on top of the bed, there’s a dog and rabbit stuffed toy」

「C-Coincidences really happen huh!」


Laura had a cold sweat.

But, there still should be ways to trick her. I used my brain in full rotation.


「……I just want to ask for future references, you two, did you seriously think it wouldn’t be found out? I mean, were you really trying to hide it?」


Emilia said with a sigh.


「I-I do not know what you are talking about……Emilia-sensei〜what are you doubting about……」


「Dunno, dunno」


「You two, your eyes are all over the place. Look at me properly!」


Emilia said with a strong tone.

*Bikuri*, Laura and Anna trembled.


This is, maybe, she found out from the start?

What a reasoning power.

As expected of an A-Rank Adventurer.

Laura was felt in horror.


「You know that there’s a school rule that you shouldn’t fight monsters higher than D-Rank right?」


「The Leviathan’s rank is?」

「It is B+ desu……」


Laura looked down, she gave up and just answered what she was asked.

Anna also, had a face dripping with sweat.


「Haaa〜……well, if you girls did not go after them the Crimson Shield would’ve probably been annihilated, and I know that you have enough powers to fight Leviathan, but. You should at least have efforts to hide it. As an instructor, being done a very blatant school violation is not easy to accept. I will let you by with the cuteness of the stuffed toy this time, but next time, do it that you wouldn’t be found out. I’m counting on you, really」


After saying that as if to beg, Emilia patted the two’s head then left the room.

*Patan*, when the doors closed, Laura and Anna let out a very deep sigh.


「We had been scolded」

「Un. We had」

「She told us to not get found out the next time」

「It means, silence all the witnesses?」

「Hiee〜……Emilia-sensei is a very scary person desu!」



Laura and Anna hugged each other trembling.

The path of becoming an adventurer is very harsh.











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