Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Stuffed Toy Rangers, PajaRangers desu!


The man who ran into the guild was a member of the『Crimson Shield』.

The Crimson Shield was made up of 3 B-Rank adventurers and 5 C-Rank adventurers, and they were a strong party in the royal capital’s area.

Their success rate for monster subjugation quests is a surprising 100%.

They had the absolute trust from the guild.


And today, to subjugate the horde of the『Four-scissored Crab 』that had an excessive growth, they went towards the downstream of the wide river that flows near the royal capital, the『Mezel River』.

The Crimson Shield was steadily defeating the four-scissored crabs, but suddenly, a huge shadow appeared from the water surface.

It was the Leviathan that should’ve been in the sea.

Leviathan is a sub-species of dragons.

It was inferior to real dragons, but it wasn’t a monster that could be challenged without preparation.

But, the Crimson Shield could only fight.

If they ran away, they would be attacked from behind, and above all, if they wouldn’t stop the Leviathan at its feet, casualties will rise in the near villages or the royal capital.


「Please……my comrades should still be fighting……reinforcements……」


The man used up all his last strength to let out his voice.

He had probably used leg strengthening magic, run here with all his strength, so he exhausted all his stamina and magic powers.


「Please don’t worry. We will issue an emergency quest right away. We will surely save your comrades」


One receptionist lady hugs up the man.

And with that, the man had a face of relief, and finally lost his consciousness.

But, even if they issue a quest right now, it would not be in time after organizing adventurers and sending them.

It is possible to subjugate the Leviathan, but his comrades are……


「If you are planning to save the Crimson Shield, you should hurry. If we run in full strength, we might make it」

「Please wait for a minute. There is the school rule that we cannot fight monsters higher than D-Rank. Leviathan is B+. We would be suspended if we are found out」

「But, lives are depending on it」


That’s right. It would be hard to be suspended, but it is more difficult if people die.

Maybe at least Laura should go.

Surely, to the place that the man was saying, she would reach it for five minutes if she used leg strengthening magic.

If it was defeated it quickly, and returned quickly, it would surely not going to be found out by the school.


(No, rather than that, I have a better idea!)


What’s inside the paper bag that they were holding, was really the strongest equipment to overcome this situation.


「It is just exactly on the way, so let’s go to the dormitory! Let’s go get Anna-san’s pajama!」

「Pajama……? Laura-san, don’t tell me……」

「Yes. We are……going to transform desu!」



The Crimson Shield was on the verge of annihilation.

It was a miracle that everyone was still alive.


「Don’t give up! Help would come for sure……we only need to endure until then!」


The leader who was a B-Rank swordsman shouted, and parries away the impending fang of the Leviathan.

Thanks to the arm strength strengthening and defense power strengthening of the three magicians, he was able to barely support the front lines.

The injuries also, as long as it wasn’t that deep, it could be healed at this place.

But, that was only until the three magician’s magic power lasts.

Their magic powers, will soon disappear.

In that instance, it is the annihilation for the Crimson Shield.


(Damn it……after all, he didn’t make it huh……)


He wasn’t saying it, but the leader had given up.

That time.


「Leviathan-san! That is enough outrage desu!」


Three girls with stuffed toy appearance appeared.



Laura and the girls who changed to their pajama after returning to the dormitory, was sprinting downstream.

Naturally for Laura and Charlotte, Anna was also able to use muscle strengthening magic very well right now.

And with Laura as the forward, they were running up to this point while using the slipstream.


Slipstream is, a spiral current of air that is created behind an object moving at high speed.

With this phenomenon, the air pressure behind Laura drops, pulls Charlotte and Anna, so they succeeded super speeds.

And somehow, they were able to reach the Crimson Shield while they were still alive.


「P-Please wait a minute, Laura-san. This appearance is embarrassing after all……!」

「I am not Laura right now. I am WanWan#1 desu! Right, Nyaa〜#2-san」


Laura talks to Anna who was wearing a cat stuffed toy pajama.


「Right. I am right now, one of the『PajaRangers』, Nyaa〜#2. UsaUsa#3 shouldn’t get embarrassed and be proud」

「Uu……why am I doing something like this……damage to the name of the House of Gazard is……」


Charlotte became teary eyed.

But she probably gave up, raised her head and glared the Leviathan.


The Leviathan had a long thin silhouette just like a snake.

Its size, as expected of a sub-species of dragons, it was huge.

Its open mouth could probably swallow three humans at once, and it was releasing tremendous pressure.

But Charlotte was not intimidated at all.


「In the first place, it was your fault appearing near the royal capital desu wa! What is it, did you came to eat the four-scissored crabs that increased? Ha! How sordid desu wa!」

「Leviathan that threatens the peace of the royal capital being blinded by crabs. Even if the heavens would forgive you, I will not」


Anna followed Charlotte’s lines.

And Laura shouted to finish it up.


「Invincible good friends trio. PajaRangers!」


They made a pose with the flow of their pace, *Chudo〜n* an explosion behind them.

It was a performance caused by Laura’s magic powers.


The Crimson Shield was looking at them with astonished faces.

And even above that, the Leviathan was also petrified.

I wonder it they were mesmerized of how cool the stuffed toy rangers was.


「I will be the first one」


Anna took a stance with the sword that she carried over the stuffed toy, and slashes at the Leviathan.

But the blade couldn’t pass through.

The scales of the Leviathan was hard, and it stopped even Anna’s slashes in its surface.


「Nyaa〜#2-san, it’s dangerous!」


The Leviathan that blocked the slash, roared and tackles Anna by twisting its body like a whip.

Laura shot her magic powers, and casted defense magic to Anna.

Thanks to that, Anna was uninjured. She was only blown away.


「Then, I will be the next desu wa. Thy lightーー」


Charlotte took off the Pendant of Magic Sealing, and started to chant a spell.


「I will sacrifice my magic powers. Therefore, a contract. Crush my enemyーー」


It was the magic arrows that she showed on the first day of school.

But, the magic powers that were infused in it, had increased by stages compared to that time.

It was the proof of her continuous effort every day.


But, the opponent is the sub-species of dragons, Leviathan.

It was a bad decision to shoot magic to it head-on.




The Leviathan raised groaning voices.

With that, before the arrows of light hit it, it scattered like mist.


「Wha! My magic was dissolved?! Even if it was only a sub-species of dragons, a dragon is a dragon. It means it has the knowledge of magic huh……well then, how about this!」


Charlotte shot attack magic one next to the other.

She meant to attack it with the amount that dissolving it couldn’t catch up.

But, even though she is a genius, between a 14 years old girl and Leviathan, the latter was one card better.

Most of the of the attack magic were dissolved, at least some of them hit, but it was blocked by its thick skin, and it couldn’t do much of an effect.


「Khu!……it’s a monster as it’s rumors says desu wa……!」


Charlotte said frustratingly while breathing with her shoulders.


「FuFuFu. Then, it’s my turn next!」


Laura moved one step forward, she made a daunting pose while smiling.

That instance, it looked like the Leviathan’s eyes narrowed.

And its menace exploded up.

Until now, it seemed it was only playing with humans, but it couldn’t afford to do that any longer.

It looks like it had seen through Laura’s powers.




It was a super low sound that shook the space itself.

At the same time, enormous magic powers spread from the Leviathan.


「This is……the Leviathan’s spell?!」

「The river is frozen!」


Mezel River was no doubt a wide river, it had just enough width to fit a small village in it.

That Mezel River stopped flowing.

All was covered with ice that was pure white, even the temperature goes down.


The exhaled breath was white.


And the frozen river upsurged, and made the shape of a few pillars.


「Don’t tell me, it’s going to hit us with that ice pillar?」


Anna mumbled while she adjusts her sword stance.

Each one of the pillars was far larger than Anna.

It would probably be impossible to block it with a sword.


「It is coming!」

「It’s okay, I will make a defense barrier!」


Laura constructed an enormous defense barrier that enveloped themselves, and the Crimson Shield that was further.

Ten, twenty of the ice pillars that was created by the Leviathan’s magic powers flies to them, but all of them were blocked by the barrier and shattered.


「And the star performer, it is my, WanWan#1 turn to attack! I learned ice magic with that right now〜」


*BekiBeki* it sounded, all of the ice of the river floats in the air.

That stopped high up in the sky, shattered, reconstructed its shape, and became a horde of spears that aimed below.

It’s numbers, about a thousand.

Its target was of course, the Leviathan.




Together with Laura’s signal, the thousand spear fell.

The Leviathan made the space tremble with its roar and destroys the spear of ice.

But, it could only shatter tens of them.

In front of the amount of a thousand, it was only a drop in the bucket.

Thus, it was pierced through unable to do anything, ripped apart, and chopped into pieces.




It was the last cry of the Leviathan.

It burned out with that lastly, and threw its huge body to the ground.

It caused a shake like an earthquake, and stopped moving.


「I did it〜, we won! Everyone of the Crimson Shield. Are you okay〜?」


Laura waved her hands to the Crimson Shield.


「Y-Yeah……and then, who are you girls……?」

「We are animals that had just passed by, we are『PajaRangers』desu. It’s not like we are students of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School you know. Not at all! Well then, goodbye desu!」

「Ah, Laura-san, please wait for a minute!」

「It wouldn’t be bad even if we received at least one bar of gold from the Crimson Shield though……」


They should escape before their identity was found out.

They once again accelerated with slipstream, and aimed for the royal capital.


That being said, it was really fun today.

Shopping with friends, registering as an adventurer, and defeating Leviathans.

It was a shame that the last one couldn’t be bragged to anyone, but the Crimson Shield were saved.

It should be okay with that.










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