Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Adventurer’s Guild desu


It is being said that there is surely an Adventurer Guild in a decent size town.

The independence of each branch is high, and it is managed by the discretion of the branch chief and executives.

Although, it is not like they have no connections to each other.

If someone registers as an adventurer on one branch, he/she could take the quest even in other branches.

At times like strong monsters appearing and it couldn’t be taken care of that town’s adventurer, they can ask the other branches for help.


And there is no age requirement to register as an adventurer.

Even if you are 5 years old, or a dying old man, if you can reach the guild with your own feet, you can easily register.

Of course, a rookie adventurer that had just registered cannot receive difficult quests.

It is sure that he/she would die, and that branch would lose its trust if they continued to fail.


Because of that, adventurers are ranked.


It starts with G-Rank, after showing actual results, you can be promoted to F-Rank, E-Rank.

If your Rank goes up, the difficult quest would be passed on too.


「Actually, I’m an E-Rank adventurer」


While they were going to the adventurer guild of the royal capital, Anna surprisingly blurted that out.


「Ehh?! You’re already an adventurer even though you’re a student?」


Laura was surprised, but Charlotte made a face that it was natural.


「Ara. I am also at least registered. I have not yet accepted a quest so I am still G-Rank though. After all, G-Rank quests are herbs collection, helping to farm, they are all not adventure-like works. But if I graduate at Gyrdorea Adventurer School, I could be C-Rank from the start. I can fight monsters that are decently tough」

「I did my best simply and rose to E-Rank. The guild’s promotion examination was difficult, so it took time to raise my rank. Especially children, even if they have the skills, it’s hard to get promoted」


Anna said, after getting to E-Rank, she was finally able to earn decently.

Below that rank, the rewards are only at the level of pocket money.

While in school, or before entering the school, there were a lot of students other than Anna who had already had their adventurer debut, and she said that it was money for playing around, or sending it to their family home.


「Although, they can only take a quest during the weekends, so it’s not like they could earn that much. Escort mission for a long time is also impossible」

「The attendance is not going to be enough. And also, there was a school rule that 『You cannot fight monsters higher than D-Ranked』. Normal students will just end up getting hunted instead」

「I see〜. Then, I’ll just register huh」

「If you register, you can buy weapons from the stores retailed by the guild cheaper. Also, they are buying the materials taken from monsters and items that are found from ruins. If you use that, you can earn decently even if you don’t accept quests. It’s not anybody’s request so nobody would be in trouble even if you fail. You will only die」

「Ohh! Then, let’s go subjugate some monsters!」


The adventurer guild was a huge building along a waterway.

Entering inside, there were huge men with scars on their faces, and magician-like people who were clad with hoods.

There was some lady receptionist at the counter, and they were corresponding to the adventurers.


「Paper written with quest contents are posted on that bulletin board. If there was a quest you want to take, you take it off and take it to the receptionist. But, you can’t take quests higher than your rank. Registration for adventurers is also done at the reception counter. There is a pub if you go to the second floor. We’re still kids so we can’t drink alcohol, but the food is cheap and delicious. In the pub, there’s a lot of exchanging information and party invitations. When you go to the back of the building, guild retailed weapon shops and armor shops are aligned. It’s cheap and has decent goods. I also bought my sword from the guild retailed weapon shop. These shop can’t be used if you’re not an adventurer」

「Hohe〜. Becoming an adventurer has a lot of perks huh. I like the part that you can use decent stores cheaper!」

「Ara. Rather than cheap, decent goods, is it not better to choose expensive and ultra-high level ones?」


Although Laura and Anna were getting fired up with “The cheaper the better”, Charlotte ruined it from the side.


「……this is why rich people are」

「My family has also decent money, but we’re not that doing such luxury! I’m worried about Charlotte-san’s monetary senses!」

「I disagree! Rather than being worried about saving bits and pieces, it is better to just do your best to increase your income desu wa!」


For some reason, three girls are having a lively conversation about monetary senses in the adventurer guild.


「Increase the income, and also decrease the expense. That’s the secret for saving money. The household account book cannot be left to Charlotte who says just earn more than spending. You’ll not be a good bride」

「My aim is to be the strongest adventurer. I do not care about being a good bride desu wa」

「Eh〜. I want to be both bride and adventurer. Okaa-san, did both very well」

「L-Laura-san is my bride?!」

「I did not say that! How can you hear that wrong!」


Charlotte drooped and was extremely disappointed.

Even though she knows that both girls couldn’t be married.

What was she thinking about.


「Ha!! Maybe, Charlotte-san, are you a person with suspicious hobbies?!」

「T-That’s not true! It’s just…… if Laura-san became the bride of someone else…… it means that Laura-san would not be my hugging pillow anymore……」

「We’re you planning on making me your hugging pillow forever?!」

「Stop saying stupid things, you should hurry up and register as an adventurer. The reception is open right now」


Being pointed out by Anna, Laura finally remembered her goal in the first place.

That’s right, I am not Charlotte’s hugging pillow, I am a girl aspiring of becoming an adventurer.


「Excuse me〜. I want to be an adventurer!」

「Well, what a cute aspiring adventurer-san. Then, after you write your name here, press your thumbprint here okay. If you cannot write, I can write instead?」

「It’s okay, I can write!」

「You’re great even though you’re small〜」


To Laura who could write her own name smoothly, the receptionist lady was impressed.

Reading and writing letters, were taught by Father and Mother when I was little.

The most important for an adventurer is his strength, but it doesn’t mean that it’s better off to be stupid.

In the first place, if you cannot read, you cannot even read the contents of the quest in the bulletin board.


「Laura Edmonds, huh. Then, just wait for a minute. I will make your adventurer plate」



After waiting for five minutes, the receptionist lady came back with a small metal plate.

It was engraved there, 『Laura Edmonds』『G-Rank』.


「If you show this, you can receive quests from wherever adventurer guild in the world. It takes fee to re-issue it, so be careful not to lose it okay」

「I understand. Thank you very much!」


With this, Laura was also an adventurer.

She had only registered, but she was still happy for it, and ran towards Charlotte and Anna while gripping her adventurer plate.


「Take a look! Ja〜n!」

「Registration, congrats」

「We are all adventurers with this huh. Well then, what should we go hunt?」

「I recommend one-horned rabbit. Its meat and horn sell high」

「Even if it was expensive, it is not good if it was not tough desu wa. Is a dragon somewhere around?」

「If a dragon appears near the royal capital it would be a huge uproar. Also, it is too early for us to fight a dragon」


Dragons are the strongest monsters.

Even a country bumpkin knows about that.

A party that defeats a dragon can sell their name at once, and people who defeat them alone are treated the same level as an A-Rank.

Anna and Charlotte are the strongest ones as a student, but it is still too early to fight a dragon.


「Well, if Laura was serious, it would be different」

「Relying on Laura-san would not be a training!」

「I also don’t want to fight a dragon〜」

「Really? I think that Laura can win easily」

「Yes. If it was Laura-san, she would surely win…… it’s frustrating desu wa!」


Charlotte inflated her cheeks and sulk. Cute.

But, can Laura really win against a dragon?

She heard from her parents how strong the dragon was, and it was also shown in picture books.

To Laura, dragons had an image that it was a monster that can finally be defeated after intense trainings.

But, Emilia who was the homeroom teacher of Laura became A-Rank with the achievement of defeating a dragon alone.

Laura defeated that Emilia one on one.

Then, maybe Laura can defeat a dragon.

Well, there’s no way that a dragon was near the royal capital, and even if there was, it would already have a subjugation team so there was no way of testing it.


(If I really can defeat it, maybe I want to try……?)


She only thought of that for a short time.


「It’s an emergency! A Leviathan appeared on the downstream of the river! My allies are fighting it…… someone please help……!」


Suddenly, a man jumped inside the guild, and after shouting with a loud voice, he collapsed just like that.


「Leviathan you say?!」

「A sub-species of dragon that lives in waters. It is rumored that it is cooler than a dragon」

「I want to see it, I super want to see it!」


Laura and the girls saw each other’s faces, and nodded *Kokuri*.

If there was a grown up that saw those three, they were probably scolded「You can’t go to a dangerous place with only just you kids」, but for good or for bad, the guild was in the middle of the uproar from the impact of the word Leviathan.










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