Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: That is me in your imagination desu!


General stores are the dream world for girls.

Stationery. Calendar. Handkerchief. Small bottles. Cup and dishes. Accessories. Shoes. And etcetera.

All of these and that are so cute, *Kya〜Kya〜* Laura and Charlotte raises cheers while going around inside the store.


「And, this is the stuffed toy pajama right!」

「How cute is that desu wa……!」


Taking about an hour, they finally arrived in front of the goods they were looking for.

There was, the colorful pajamas that had different kinds of animal motif lined up.


「Anna-san has the cat, so let’s choose a different kind of animal」

「Laura looks like a puppy, so I think dog is good」

「Really? Then I let’s choose that. WanWan!」


Laura thought it was good to choose it herself, but it was also good making a friend choose it.


「I wonder which one should I pick」

「Charlotte is like a rabbit」

「Ah, I know. Charlotte-san is definitely Usagi-san desu!」

「Am I, really like a rabbit?」


It looks like Charlotte wasn’t aware of it, and was making a strange face.


「Yes! Like when you’re easy to be lonely!」

「If you were alone, you might commit suicide」

「There is no way I would do that!」


*Muki〜* Charlotte’s eyes narrowed.

She’s really cute since her expression is easy to read after all.

But Laura remembered that she also had expressions that is easy to read just as much Charlotte had, so she felt complicated.


「Then, for example. Imagine you are told by Laura, “I hate you so much”」

「Eh, by Laura-san……?」


Charlotte stared intently at Laura’s face.

And suddenly, large tears rolled down her cheeks.


「I-I cannot live anymore〜〜!!」

「Ehh?! Please calm down, Charlotte-san. That is me in your imagination! The me, in reality, will never hate Charlotte-san, so please don’t cry! Come here, yosh yosh」

「Uu! Uu!…… Laura-san, Laura-saaaan〜!」


Charlotte hugs to Laura while fluids from her eyes and nose dripping.

The other customers were looking what was going on.

It was very embarrassing.

Laura tried to ask Anna for help, but you wouldn’t believe it, she was looking at some place and acting like a stranger.


「You know, Charlotte-san, everyone is looking…… please stop it, it’s embarrassing!」

「No way…… as I have thought, Laura-san hates me right!」

「I’m telling you that’s wrong! My goodness, why did it become like this huh!?」


Laura dragged Charlotte who wouldn’t stop crying to the register.


「Come now, come now. Please pay for your own」


*ShikuShiku* Charlotte took out the money from her purse while crying.

But, after she received the paper bag from the store clerk, looks like the happiness of obtaining the stuffed toy pajama exceeded the sadness, and she gradually turns to a smile.


「Fufufu, tonight is a pajama party desu wa」

「What a simple person」

「Anna-san. Did you say anything?」


「Do not tell lies!」


*MuniMuni*, Charlotte pulls Anna’s cheeks.


「The two of you, please do not fight. Rather than that, there’s still a lot of time left, let’s play with a lot of places more!」

「I think so too. Laura-san, do you have a place that you want to go? I will guide you」

「U〜n…… in the first place, I don’t know what kind of places there is in the royal capital……」


Thinking about it, after entering the school, I was living only inside the school grounds.

After all, I can eat for free when I go to the cafeteria, I can get the daily necessities from the school shop.

Even today, if there wasn’t the errand of buying the stuffed toy pajama, I would either stay in the dormitory to review and prepare for the class, or swing the sword in the yard.


「If that’s so, I have a recommended spot. It is very lively, and if it were us, we can have fun while earning money」

「Eh, is there an amazing place like that?! I, already used all the allowance for the month buying the stuffed toy pajama earlier, so if I can earn money it would be helping!」

「Anna-san. I was always living in the royal capital, but I do not know such a place you know?」

「There’s no way. You know it, but it only doesn’t come to your mind」


Charlotte places her hand in her chin and thought about it.

But it looks like, it really doesn’t come up to her mind.


「I give up desu wa……」


Laura also thought of a lot of things, but she couldn’t imagine at all.

Earn money while having fun.

If that really exists, it would be the best place.


「You two, you’re pathetic. You’re a failure as a student of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School」


Anna taught the answer.

Hearing it, I see.

I don’t know what to do since I couldn’t reach the answer.


「The answer is simple. Adventurer’s Guild」






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