Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Royal Capital Ledion desu


It is being said that the population of Falleon Kingdom is around two million.

The Royal Capital Ledion which was in the center of the country is adjacent to a wide river, and the waterways that are pulled from there runs like a mesh.

There is a prosperous flow of physical distribution utilizing that, and because it was simply beautiful, it has a good reputation within the citizen.

But there are rare times that water-type monsters enters the waterways, so the adventurer guild is commissioned by the country, and they are always on the lookout.


Laura was walking in that royal capital with Charlotte and Anna beside her.


Playing in the town to play with friends.

I am so happy even if it was for such a trifle thing.

And, I had not had the chance to carefully look at it until now, but I can see how beautiful the waterways of the royal capital by walking slowly like this.

The sunlight that reflects on the water surface looks very beautiful.

And the boat that runs over that was also cute.

The ground is made of colorful bricks, and it gives the fun feeling.


「I, didn’t know that the royal capital was such a beautiful town!」

「If I think about it, Laura-san came from another town right」

「Yes. I was very worried living far away from my parents for the first time…… but thank goodness that my roommate was a kind person like Charlotte-san!」

「I-Is that so……you’re welcome!」


When Charlotte is praised, and saying thanks, she immediately blushes.

It seems like she was quite a shy person.

She is a very cute person although she was older.

Laura liked that Charlotte.


「Is Charlotte-san from the royal capital?」

「Yes. From generations, the House of Gazard are magicians in the royal capital. I mean, for a person that aims to become an adventurer, you should at least know the name Gazard」

「Uhmm, I’m sorry…… I didn’t know」

「Well, Laura-san is from the House of Edmonds that hates magicians so it cannot be helped. So please, it is okay even if you do not make such an apologetic face」

「A-re. Was I making that face?」

「Laura-san immediately shows in her face, so it is very easy to read your expressions desu wa」

「Mumu…… but, I think it’s not as bad as Charlotte-san!」

「I-I don’t show emotions on my face! It’s Poker Face desu wa!」

「Eh?! Are you saying that seriously?」


If Charlotte has a poker face, then anyone in the world would have a poker face.


「That, “What is she saying” face, please stop it!」

「Even if you say that……」

「Anna-san. You, between Laura-san and I, who do you think has expressions easier to read? Please answer honestly」


Anna who was asked, stared at Laura and Charlotte’s face alternately, and shook her shoulders.


「You’re both the same. Shows what you’re thinking immediately」

「No way……I didn’t know……」

「I have to be careful, my mind will be read during battle……」

「See. You clearly get down」


Being pointed out by Anna, Laura and Charlotte was astonished at the same time.

And because it shows in their faces that they were astonished, there was no saving them.

It looks like the path of the poker face is very hard.


「And what about Anna-san, where did you come from?」

「Probably, royal capital」

「Probably, you say, what does that mean?」

「I also don’t know a lot. I was here ever since I remember」

「That was likely of Anna-san, a goofy answer」

「I have no excuses」


Anna scratches her head as if to let it pass by.


「In the first place, why is Anna-san aiming to become an adventurer? In my case it was the influence of my parents, Charlotte-san’s case, I know that her family was generations of magicians」

「That’s embarrassing so it’s a secret. I won’t tell Laura」


「You are too mysterious desu wa」

「They said that mysterious women are popular」

「Eh, Anna-san, do you want to be popular with boys?」

「No, not really」


“She really is a person who says strange things〜”, Laura was impressed.

You couldn’t tell what she is thinking from reading her expression.

But, she already had that level of sword skills since she entered school.

There is no doubt that there is a deep reason.


「Rather than that, the number one question…… is why are you wearing uniform although it is rest day desu wa!」


Right. As Charlotte had said, Anna was still wearing the school’s uniform.

Although one part of having fun when going out with everyone was, what are they going to wear.

I don’t think that it’s like that, but.


「Uniform is my best clothes. Also, I only have the pajama」


That was really it.

Does she really not care how she look. Or does she has no money.

And the reason of aiming to become an adventurer, also might be around there.

Laura was scared to ask. Charlotte was also making a serious face.


「I also have a question to Charlotte. That pendant. It’s not that cute, why are you wearing it?」

「Ah, I’m also curious about that! Charlotte-san, although you’re very fashionable, why is your pendant very ominous? It doesn’t fit you」


Today’s Charlotte’s attire is a fluttery frilly, clothes that really look like a milady.

Regardless of that, her pendant was shaped like a skull that was minimized and rounded.

Honestly, it was very eerie.


「O-Ominous, don’t say it like that! This is the treasure that is passed in the House of Gazard. It is the Pendant of Magic Sealing desu wa. Wearing this will place a burden on the mind, and you can train magic powers using it naturally desu wa!」

「Eh〜. We went out to play, so you can stop training right〜」

「I will not stop! Thanks to the Pendant of Magic Sealing I can play with you two while training. If you tell me to remove it I will go home!」


Charlotte, every day and every minute, she is doing all her best during classes and even after.

That’s why she should at least rest during the rest day.

Today, Laura was relieved although she wasn’t the person itself because she came like this.

But, to think that there was that kind of mechanism.

She’s probably not planning to stop training for 365 days.

There’s a training maniac here.


「But, I’m a little interested in the Pendant of Magic Sealing. I also want to wear it!」

「Laura-san will? Fufu, as you want. Even if it is you, I think that the unfamiliar burden in the mind is hard!」


Charlotte happily lent the pendant.

Maybe she wanted to see Laura whine defeat.


Is it that hardーーI got ready, and wore it.


「……ohh, it really feels my mind being pushed!」

「Eh, is that all?」

「Yes. That is all」

「Is that so……」


Charlotte was blatantly disappointed and took away the pendant from Laura.

It looks like she was expecting a huge reaction.


「Pendant of Magic Sealing, I also want to wear it. Let me borrow it for a bit」


Anna was observing the pendant very curiously.


「Anna-san should think twice. Anna-san who is from the Warrior Department cannot bear with it」

「That’s not true at all. I have recently, been taught of magic from Laura. That’s why it’s alright」

「……Laura-san, is that true?」

「U〜n……it’s true that I taught her the basics of controlling magic powers though」


With that much, it couldn’t be said that she could use magic.

Let alone be enough for the burden on the mind that Charlotte has judged “It can be used for training”, I’m sure that she would not be able to bear it.

Regardless of that, Laura had not felt any burden at all, but……she could at least be aware that her senses deviate from the rest of the world.


「Give it to me, give it to me」

「It is really for a bit, alright?」



Anna received the pendant from Charlotte, and wore it on her neck.

That instant.




She shouted and collapsed.



「This is bad!! This is bad!!」


Laura and Charlotte raised Anna up with their arms in a hurry, removed the pendant, and *PechiPechi* slapped her cheeks.


「U-U〜n……where is this?」

「Anna-san, you’re awake! Thank goodness〜」

「See, did I not tell you. The Pendant of Magic Sealing is too early for Anna-san」

「……to think it was that much……I mean, Charlotte who’s wearing this unfazed is weird. What kind of nerves do you have?」

「Do not call me as if I am a person without nerves! It is just from the difference of magic powers! In the first place, was not Laura-san also unfazed!」

「It’s because it’s common sense that Laura is weird」

「You said something cruel casually right?!」


The Pendant of Magic Sealing has its place again on Charlotte’s neck.

Anna stood up while her lips were frowning from frustration, and dropped the dust on her skirt.


「By the way, that is the store I bought the pajama」


It was a large general store that Anna was pointing to.

It looks like she collapsed close by the destination.


「I-If we go there……we can get that cute stuffed toy pajama huh……quickly, as quickly as you can!」


Charlotte ran off while sounding her steps by herself.

It felt as she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Even though she was like that, it was very funny that she wasn’t planning on coming for today on the start.


「The cutest one is Charlotte」

「I agree desu. Charlotte-san is very cute desu yo!」


And chasing after that very cute Charlotte, Laura and Anna went towards the general store.









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