Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: What do mean by magic aptitude value 「9999」?!!


Anybody can become an adventurer.

Even if they’re nobles. Even if they’re peasants. Even if they have no money. Even if they can’t read or write.

There is only one thing needed.

It’s the resolve to risk his own life.


Extermination of monsters that harm people.

Exploration of the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Bringing back materials that can be used for alchemy from the harsh nature of the hinterlands.

Every one of those, are important work that will contribute to the human race, and it is an Adventurer Quest that is side-by-side with death.


Adventurers dies.

Especially those who had training with combat arts and magic. Adventurers that rush to earn money, generally die.

The survival rate of a rookie adventurers living after one year is off 70%. There were so much casualties, there was a detailed data available.


Even with that, people that wants to become an adventurer has no end to them.

It was because you can earn money with it.

There is a thrill.

A child’s admiration.


And, they will die.


Adventurers are those kind of people, it was thought like that for a long time.

But, 50 years ago. There was someone who opposed that.


Within those who are dying, there might be a person full of talents in them.

Dying without the chance to extend their talents shouldn’t be a good thing.

If that’s so, I will educate you before you die.


The one who said that is the S-Rank Adventurer, with the second name 「Great Sage of Beauty」.  

After defeating one Majin 130 years before, a legend that still live today.

Calrotte Gyrdorea.


She made the King at the time let out funds, gather appropriate talents as  instructors, and created the school made to educate adventurers.


That is, Royal Gydorea Adventurer School.

It is the school that Laura will start to go starting today, and her father, Bruno, and her mother, Dora, is a Warrior Department’s graduate.


There are two departments at Royal Gyrdorea Adventurer School.

Warrior Department and Magic Department.

The former, teaches mainly the sword, spear, axe, bow, and empty-hand combat.

The latter, is magic in general.

And of course, Laura will enroll to the Warrior Department.


「Warrior Department’s freshmen, gather here!」


A male instructor’s low voice echoed throughout the wide schoolyard.

Laura who didn’t know where to go while holding her baggage, let out a sigh of relief.

Even if she had a talent in sword, a 9 year old is a 9 year old.

In the unfamiliar Royal Capital. In the unfamiliar group action, she couldn’t help to get nervous.


「Laura Edmonds. Warrior Department desu!」

「Ohh, you are that Edmonds House’s daughter huh. If I’m correct you’re 9 years old right. Breaking through the entrance exam in that age, you’re talents do not lose to your parents’. But, class will be difficult. Prepare yourself」



I would like it, if it was hard.


It was because Laura wants to be strong.


Even so, entering school at 9 years old was really unusual it seems.

Even if I look around, I couldn’t see a person of the same age.  

The entrance exam was taken by everyone at different times so I didn’t know, that the youngest were at least 12-13 years old. There are also those who seem that they are near 20 years old.


-Although, once entering, age doesn’t matter. Everything is decided by their ability.

But if she was going to make friends, those who are the same age are easier to talk to.

“I wonder if I can make friends properly”. Laura started to become anxious.


But I think that it would be okay.

Even if our age is far apart, everyone in here, are aiming to become a first class warrior.

I’m sure there would be common topics.

And if we’re both a swordsman then we could become best friends, probably.


「The Warrior Department’s freshmen, 43 people. It looks like everyone is gathered. Then starting right now, I will measure your talents with this device. Of course, the talent measured by this tool is only a guide, but somehow, it would be a reference for the classes from now on. Well, just relax. It’s not like anything would happen using this right now」


Beside the instructor with a large build, a transparent blue pillar stood.

It’s width and length was almost the same with the instructor.

The student that is called by their name, will touch the pillar with their hand.

And then, a light stretches from the pillar, and started drawing letters mid air.


It looks like, it was a device used to put in numbers the aptitude to swords or spears, and various types of magic.

That is probably, a chunk of magic technology.

I wonder if it was made by founder, Calrotte Gyrdorea?


「Next. Anna Arnett」




The one replied and went forward, was a girl who’s around 13 years old. Her hair was fiery red.

Probably, she was the closest age to Laura.

Seeing Anna’s way of walking, Laura instinctively groaned.

Still young……rather childish, but she has the atmosphere that of a first class warrior.

She knew because she was able to see a real first class, her father and mother, in daily life, it was Laura’s intuition.


And the device proved that her intuition was right.


Name: Anna Arnett

Aptitude with the Sword: 98

Aptitude with the Spear: 81

Aptitude with the Axe: 66

Aptitude with the Bow: 70

Aptitude with Close Combat Arts: 83


Seeing the numbers shown in mid air, the instructor let a voice like 「Hou〜」.


「I think that you know it by looking earlier, but even those who passed that difficult exam, their aptitude is around 50-60. But Anna’s lowest was the axe, but still it was 66. With the sword, it’s 98. Undoubtedly a genius. Although, whatever genius you are, if you started to be conceited it will be your end」

「I won’t be conceited……I will grind with full force」


To the instructor, Anna answered with a sharp voice.

Hearing that, Laura shook with excitement.


She’s going to be my rival. I have that feeling.


「Well then, Anna’s magic aptitude still remains. Even everyone in Warrior’s Department, being able to use magic is not a loss. If you have the capacity to learn it then you should learn it」


Aptitude with Attack Magic: 04

Aptitude with Defense Magic: 29

Aptitude with Recovery Magic: 08

Aptitude with Strengthening Magic: 31

Aptitude with Summoning Magic: 06

Aptitude with Special Magic: 10


「Hou. This, it’s balance is good. Guarding yourself with Defense Magic. And possible strengthen your physical powers with Strengthening Magic. It looks like Anna is a melee-combat style in and out」


「……I’m relieved that it’s the same with my preferences」


Anna who mumbled that, was smiling really happy.


Even though it’s Warrior Department aptitude with magic is checked. The instructor was also recommending magic.


Laura had felt something wrong with that, but she knew that the education she received from her parents was something to the extreme, so she didn’t change her expression and behaved.


「Yosh. Next is Laura Edmonds. I wonder what numbers will come out. I’m looking forward to it」


The student’s made a strange face at Laura’s small appearance, but when they heard the surname Edmonds, they made a cheer like 「Ohh!」.


「Edmonds, you mean that Edmonds? Hates magic, and close-combat maniac……and even though they’re like that, they’re as strong as an Oni, that husband and wife」

「I have heard that they have a daughter, and if I am correct she should be around that age. I didn’t think that she would enter the same year though……」

「Rather than that, she’s not yet 10 years of age right. Is it connection?」

「Stupid. You can’t enter the Great Sage’s school using connections. It’s her ability, A-bi-li-ty」


The sight of every freshmen at the Warrior Department focused on Laura.

Laura who had not gotten this much attention in her whole life blushes, and went in front of the device with a trot.

And thenーー.


Aptitude with the Sword: 107

Aptitude with the Spear: 99

Aptitude with the Axe: 74

Aptitude with the Bow: 68

Aptitude with Close Combat Arts: 75


With Laura’s numbers, everyone was stunned.

Even the instructor was dropping his jaw, but soon made an expression with a wry smile.


「Exceeding 100 at the aptitude with the sword……I’m surprised. Maybe this is the first time since the foundation of the school huh?」


The numbers that comes out by measuring, was only as a guide.

Whatever genius you are, if you become conceited it will be your end.

It was the instructor who said that, but his eyes shined looking at Laura’s numbers.


Laura was also, proud of herself.

She isn’t planning on bragging about it, but if these numbers show that she has talent for the sword, she would be really happy about it.

And there was also the relief that it was higher than Anna’s.

Even though she was confident, if her aptitude in the sword was lower than Anna’s she didn’t know what to do and was anxious.

And that Anna, was glaring at Laura


That side also noticed me huh.

She would be a rival just as I’ve thought.

The number difference is 9. It can probably be overturned by working hard.


「Well then. Next is the aptitude for magic」


I don’t have interest in that.

Rather, I don’t even want to see that.

High numbers should come out.

Because I was able to use magic without practicing.


Laura wasn’t planning at all of using magic.

That’s why, whatever number comes out, she’ll ignore it.

That, she has decided, butーー.


Aptitude in Attack Magic: 9999





「Is it a defect?!!」

「999 you say, that’s impossible?!!」

「Stupid, the digit is wrong. It’s 9999!!」


Seeing the numbers of the Attack Magic that came out first, the students and instructor raised a strange voice.


The dimensions compared to the numbers that came out until now was different.

Exceeding 100 would make a commotion, but if it’s 9999.

There is no one at all who could understand the situation.

Laura was also petrified, and the only thing she could do is to watch her aptitude drawn.

It was a scenery like a nightmare.


Aptitude with Defense Magic: 9999

Aptitude with Recovery Magic: 9999

Aptitude with Strengthening Magic: 9999

Aptitude with Summoning Magic: 9999

Aptitude with Special Magic: 9999


Laura’s consciousness flew out.


I’ll become a swordsman. I won’t use magic.


To the heart of a 9-year old that was chasing that dream, this reality was too much of a shock.


「Laura-kun. Laura-kun. Can you come here for a while!」


And when she had noticed, an instructor who was wearing a magician-like robe, throws invitation towards Laura.


「The talk had finished so. You are now at Magic Department okay. Yes, let’s do our best from today! Well well, it was an unexpected numbers. Receiving talents with just like yours is really happy. If it’s only talents you surpass the Great Sage-sama. You might change the history of magic!!」


Laura’s mind whitened. And then,




She cried and screamed, collapses, and lose her consciousness completely.








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Translators Note:

When they were talking about the 9999 number:
「桁(Keta)」= digit
「桁(Keta)違い(Chigai/Different)。」 = KetaChigai = Unparalleled
Japanese analogies makes translation hell.

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