Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Stuffed toy pajama desu


「Good grief, because of Anna-san I wasted stamina」

「Charlotte’s bad for letting out a cute voice. I demand apology and compensation」

「Why are you asking such thing to the victim which is me!!」

「Well well. Let’s go slow and silent at least in the bath」


When Laura conciliated her, Charlotte finally got silent, and soaked in the bathtub to her shoulders quietly.


Even so, the public bath of the dormitory is really wide.

In the bathtub on my family house, I couldn’t reach out my feet.

And that, in this public bath, many people can enter at the same time, if you ignore the embarrassment you can even swim.



「Hey, Anna-san! Please do not swim, you are disgraceful desu wa!」


There was a person who didn’t have embarrassment.

I’m a little envious.


「By the way, Charlotte-san. Before Anna-san tickled you, you had a very exhausted face. What were you doing? It seems that you used plenty of your magic powers……it’s suspicious desu!」

「I-It’s not suspicious at all. I was just self-training desu wa」


Charlotte was strangely in panic.

It’s suspicious.


「Really? Was it really self-training? Maybe you are training for a secret finishing move……that’s interesting! Please let me join, please let me join〜〜」

「Even if it was a secret finishing move, the more it is a secret. Laura-san. It is true that you are my friend, but at the same time, you are my rival. I will not show my cards wa」

「Rival at the same time a friend……ehehe, friends with Charlotte-san!」

「You’re reacting there?!」

「Because you know, Charlotte-san had never said that we’re friends before. So, I’m very happy. Please continue on being my friend from now on!」

「Ugh!……I-I understand……but, I will also not stop being your rival!」

「Yes! By the way……your body is somehow pinkish, did you stay in the bath for long?」


Anna-san did the *Fu〜* to the ear attack while she was tired after her secret training, so her stamina should already be zero.

I want her to rest before she collapses.


「T-That’s right, I have stayed in the bath for a long time desu wa. Nose blood might come out desu wa!」

「Eh, that’s bad! You should hurry up and go out of the bath!」

「No……it’s okay desu wa. If I look at Laura-san’s face it would heal!」

「Ha〜, is that so」


I didn’t know my face had that kind of ability.

But, although she said that, I think that Charlotte’s getting redder and redder.


Rather than that, it was Laura who was getting dizzy.


「I will go up already, so Charlotte-san, please stay as much as you want」

「If it’s like that, I will also go up」

「Then, me also」


In the end, the three of them left the public bath together, and changed to their pajamas in the changing room.

This is the girl’s dormitory.

There are no worries about being seen by boys, so there is no problem walking through the corridor wearing only pajamas.


「Oya? Anna-san, you’re wearing a very cute pajamas!」

「Recently, I found it in the town」


Anna’s pajamas was a cat’s stuffed toy pajamas.

Selling something this cute, as expected of the royal capital.

It would have been never seen in the hometown of Laura.


「Anna-san……y-you’re very cute desu wa〜……」


Charlotte who saw that Anna, her eyes shone and hugged her.

The fact is, Charlotte loves stuffed toys so much that she couldn’t sleep if she didn’t hug one.

And right now, Anna is the stuffed toy itself.

There’s no helping her to be excited.


「You’re welcome. If you liked it, on the next rest day, want to buy it together?」

「Oh〜 That’s a good idea. I also want stuffed toy pajamas! The three of us with the same! If you want, let’s do a pajama party!」


Laura, Charlotte, and Anna, the three of them wearing animal stuffed toy pajamas, while laying on the bed, eat snacks, talk about things that doesn’t matter.

Just imagining it, it looks very fun.

It was the school life that Laura was admiring for.


「Uu!……stuffed toy pajamas are very appealing, but……I can’t be playing around during my rest day……」

「Eh〜, why is that? It’s the rest day so isn’t it okay to play around. D-Don’t tell me, are you going to train during the rest day?」

「Of course desu wa! If I don’t do that, I cannot reach Laura-san!」


Charlotte’s words, Laura couldn’t say anything back.

I want to get along with her more. But at the same time, I want her to be my rival.

And right now, she’s doing all her efforts to become my rival.

I cannot get on her way.


「I understand……then, I will buy pajamas that will look well with Charlotte-san!」

「Please do!」


She asked very firmly.


「……you shouldn’t push yourself and just come with us」


Anna said whisperingly.

Laura agrees.


「Please do not tempt me! While you girls are playing around, I will move forward, I will catch up to you even with a step desu wa!」


Charlotte who shouted that, had tears swelling in her eyes.

The truth was, she really, really want to play around.

But declaring that she wouldn’t go, means she had a considerable amount of will in her decision.

It looks like persuading her is useless.


「Anna-san. Charlotte-san is serious. It’s a shame, but let’s just go the two of us」

「I wanted to get along more with Charlotte though. Too bad」



For the meantime, Laura and Anna promised to go to the town with the two of them, and they dispersed for the day.

And on that day.

Laura woke up with the sounds of *GataGoto*.

When she looked at the clock in the wall, it was still very early for the meeting with Anna.


I wonder what this *GataGoto* is.

And usually when I wake up, I was behind embraced by Charlotte, there isn’t that feeling of touch today.

When I thought it was strange and raised my body, there was Charlotte who lined up different kinds of clothes and *UnUn* groaning.


「……what are you doing this early〜?」

「L-Laura-san?! T-That’s not it! It’s not like that I wanted to skip training and go play with the two of you, it’s not like I was wondering what to wear……uhmm, e〜to……」


Charlotte was doing her best to say excuses.

Wondering what kind of things was she was going to say in this kind of situation, Laura wanted to play a trick on her and waited on what lines Charlotte would say.

But it looks like she wasn’t able to think of anything, Charlotte looks down, and at last, she started crying.


「P-Please bring me with you〜〜〜」

「You shouldn’t just have pushed yourself in the first place……」


Although she was older, Laura couldn’t help but talk casually.

Being waken up early in the morning, she was a little grumpy.










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