Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Magic explanation desu


After eating strawberry parfait, return to the training grounds, and fought again with Anna.

This time, Laura also won.

She is in best condition.


「……I’ll win tomorrow」

「Yes. Let’s do it again tomorrow!」


After that, Anna begged to teach her magic, so Laura took her to her room.

The two sat on the bed, spread the notes and the textbook for the Magic Department, and studied.


「Listen, Anna-san. First, magic is roughly divided to six. Attack Magic, Defense Magic, Recovery Magic, Summon Magic, Boost Magic, and Special Magic, desu」

「I know. I also know what they are for somehow. But, only the Special Magic, I cannot imagine」

「U〜n……I also haven’t studied properly so I cannot explain it precisely, but the magic that doesn’t belong to other groups are called Special Magic」

「For example?」

「Making something appear to a place that has nothing on it. Flying to the sky. Changing shapes. And others, doing things outside of the imagination. Those are called Special Magic desu」

「It’s convenient to fly. Can Laura fly?」

「I am still……Special Magic are very difficult compared to other magic, Emilia-sensei said」

「But, Laura’s aptitude for Special Magic is also 9999. You should be able to do it if you do your best」

「Is that so? Then, let’s try to do it!」


Laura, while sitting on the bed, made an image of her body floating in air.

Then, her body really *FuwaFuwa* floated up to the air.


「Amazing……Laura, is flying」


Anna who normally doesn’t change her expressions, widened her eyes.


「Oh〜, it really succeeded. I, will become wind!」


And then, she got up to herself and rose up, but……*Gotsun* impact ran from the top of her head.




This is inside the room. It is natural to collide to the ceiling if Fly Magic is used.

Laura lost her concentration, and fell down to the bed.


「Welcome back」

「Ouch〜……I’m back desu. It looks like practice is needed to become wind」



Anna rubbed the bump on my head.

She is a ferocious person when holding the sword, but she is usually very kind.

This characteristics of her, was very similar to Charlotte.


「I get the Special Magic. And what I want to use, is Boost Magic and Defense Magic. First, I want to be able to strengthen my muscles with Boost Magic」


Strengthening Magic is as its name says, a magic that strengthening something.

As Anna had said right now, like strengthening one’s own muscles. Or maybe, doing the same things with the allies.

Also, sharpening one’s senses. Strengthening resistance against poisons and the like. Strengthening cardiopulmonary capability. Strengthening decomposition of alcohol. Etcetera, it is very useful. Strengthening the horse’s power and stamina, move in long distances in fast speeds, something like that is also possible.

The target for Boost Magic is not only living things, but it is also effective to objects. Strengthening the sharpness of a sword, strengthening furthermore the magic amulet, strengthening the effects of medicine.

Although, Strengthening Magic has the best effects when the target are living things, and it is learned in classes that strengthening objects have a very high difficulty.


「Be it Strengthening Magic or whatever it is, to use magic, first you must be able to control magic powers. Does Anna-san can control your magic powers?」

「Not at all. Unknown」

「Then, let’s start first on learning that. In the first place, the thing called magic powers isーー」


If muscular strength is generated from muscles, magic powers is generated from the spirit body.

But a normal person, cannot feel one’s own spirit body.

But, it only cannot be felt, but everyone has a spirit body.

It can be said that spirit body is the soul.


「Spirit body exists by overlapping with the physical body. So, the spirit body is generally felt indirectly through the physical body. Now that is said, let’s do the breathing techniques I learned in class」

「Breathing techniques? Will you be able to use magic just by taking a breath?」

「No no, this is the preparation stage for magic. Realize that you have your own spirit body, and take out magic powers from there, it’s that kind of training. Well then, first, please close your eyes and relax」



Anna closed her eyes.

And took out strength from her whole body, and weakens even her presence.



「S-Sleeping is different from relaxing!」

「Ha……I couldn’t help it」


Starting from the start, once again.


「If you have relaxed, please take a deep breath. And stop. Slowly exhale, and stop again. Please repeat these. Until that you can do it unconsciously」


Anna, as she was told, closed her eyes and repeated the deep breath.


「Well then, next is, you will find your spirit body. But even though that is said, the spirit body overlaps with the physical body, so it is on some places on your body. While taking a deep breath, let’s imagine it. From the top of your head, neck, shoulders, arms, tip of your finger. From there, torso, hips, legs, just like that, look it with the eyes in your heart. Other than your physical body, is something there? Is there something that is overlapped?」



This, even if she said that, what Anna imagined to see it, Laura doesn’t know.

But, if she is saying she can see it, it’s probably true.


「Can you move that spirit body that you saw?」

「It moves. In some kind of a dark space, it was moving like *ByunByun*

「That’s good. Then, please take that from the spirit world to the real world」


It could be heard as an unreasonable request, but nothing can be started if she couldn’t do this.

Magic is, changing this world using magic powers.

Nothing can happen if one cannot bring out their own spirit body.


「Come out……」


When Anna mumbled, her body faintly glowed.

Spirit body that exists overlapping the physical body.

That appeared in a shape that it could be seen.


「It’s a success desu yo, Anna-san! You can already open your eyes!」

「What’s this. I’m, glowing」


Anna stared at the palm of her hands, and was very curious.


「That light is the spirit body. It’s pretty right」

「If it’s night insects might come」

「u……please don’t tell things with no dream! Anyways, magic powers come out from that spirit body. Let’s be able to freely take it out and put it back. That said, please put it back」



Anna, with a carefree voice, the faint light disappeared.


「Ohh, you could take it out and put it back with one shot. That’s amazing desu. When you get used to it, taking out only one part of the spirit body, and you can use that as magic powers. Everything is image. Right now, we did by focusing slowly, but if you are able to unconsciously use the spirit body quickly, and able to have the image of the magic at the same time, it can also be used in a real fight」

「Looks hard……did Laura practice like this?」

「I was……when I noticed it I was able to do it!」


After she answered, Anna inflates her cheeks and glared with a frown.



「W-Why desu ka?! It’s not like I did anything!」

「It’s annoying because you can use magic although you did not do anything. It is easier to compare as with the sword. For example, right. An amateur, with only talents and no effort, suddenly slashed into two a steel helm」


Laura imagined as she was told.


「You would want to kick their ass!」

「Because of that, I will punish Laura right now」

「Punish?! Ah, not there, not my sides desu, I’m weak there desu……Ah, Ahyahyahya!!」


「To the ears *Fuu〜*

「Nnyaa?! Pleash shtaph〜……ahyun, that mush, pleash stahp〜……」


Laura’s ears and sides and armpit and back of her feet and her hips, anyways, got her weaknesses attacked, and became *FunyaFunya*.


「……I thought that you were the strongest, but there were surprisingly a lot of weaknesses. Memo, memo」

「Uu……you shouldn’t memo that desu yo. While fighting, I will not let you do *Fuu〜* to my ears……!」

「Is that so. Then I’ll do it right now. *Fu〜Fu〜*



Laura, without any decent resistance, was done as Anna wanted.

Powers aren’t entering her body.

She tried to somehow run away by crawling, but being mounted by Anna, she couldn’t do anything.


「Cho!? You girls, what are you doing desu no!」


And right there, Charlotte returned.

Pointing her finger and blushing, *PuruPuru* she was trembling.


「What, you say, I was playing tricks to Laura」

「Tricks……harenchi desu wa, harenchi desu wa!!」


Charlotte blushed her face and covered her eyes with both hands.

But, from the gap of her finger, she was looking properly.


「Charlotte-san〜……stop looking and save me〜……」

「I-I will save you right now desu wa! Anna-san, ready yourself!!」

「Charlotte too, to the ears *Fu〜*



And Anna’s musou started.








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Translator Notes:

  1. Harenchi = scandal/dishonorable/disgrace/etc, watch to love-ru, that is harenchi
  2. musou = to be peerless/matchless in something, mostly fights/battles/wars or against lolis, whichever you prefers
  3. changed Boost Magic to Strengthening Magic.

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