Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Charlotte’s training


Royal Gyrdorea Adventurer School. In the corner of that grounds, there is a blonde girl who is training hidden in people’s sight.

It is Charlotte Gazard.

She, was from that day. From the day that Laura and Emilia had fought, she was always studying alone.

Of course, she had not slacked off on her magic training before that.

But, right now, there is a goal that wouldn’t be achieved if she did not mean as if to risk her life.

She did not need the naivety that she had before.


「Thy lightning spirits. I will sacrifice my magic powers. Manifest before the contractーー」


First was the reproduction of the lightning spirits that Emilia called.

She summoned 20 of them.

But what Charlotte could summon, was only 9.

She’s nowhere near.


「Ku!……Emilia-sensei did it during the match. In this situation that I could concentrate more than enough, only 9……」


Charlotte was seriously frustrated.

But in reality, being able to summon 9 lightning spirits during freshmen is abnormal.

Even if she graduated right now and become a C-Ranker Adventurer, she could easily pass.

But to Charlotte, being a C-Ranker doesn’t matter anymore. Even Emilia who was an instructor was only a passing point.


There is only one she’s looking out for.

Her roommate, and a very important friend.

And a rival to exceed. A wall that cannot be evaded in the path of the strongest.

The one called Laura Edmonds, just as if a hole was opened in this world, one with abnormal talents.


The day of the entrance ceremony, she who brought out an aptitude number of 9999, being exposed by eyes with expectation and curiosity, and the one who is treated by rival by many.

But, after that match.

Most of their attitudes had changed.

Completely ignore her, treat her as a normal student, or look with eyes of admiration.

Whatever they are, the people who saw her as a rival, was mostly extinct.

It was very natural.

Watch that match, but still have the thought of fighting.


Laura Edmonds was already not on the level of humanity. She was completely a different living being. She was not a target to challenge. That’s why, there’s no need to envy her.


But that said, those who couldn’t have that kind of clever decision, although only a few, exists.

For example, Anna Arnett of the Warrior Department, was clearly the on the “stupid side”.

Someday with Laura, she wants not as a training, but to fight her for real, anybody could figure that out by looking.


And, even Emilia who made a huge failure in front of the public, was aiming for a revenge. Her eyes were shining more than before the fight. Tasting such humiliation, how did she regain herself. She could only be admired.


And Charlotte, of course, want to fight Laura.


I want to defeat her.

If not, I would not be myself anymore.

I like her very much, she is my best friend, and I want to get along with her more.

There is no lie in that.

But, at the same time with those feelings, I would think that I want to crush her.

Although it was not like I had a grudge on her.

Incorrigible. Contradicted.

Seeing a strong opponent, I couldn’t help but to challenge them.

Am I crazyーーthere are times when I think seriously of that.

But I cannot change the way I live.


「Thy lightning spirits. I will sacrifice my magic powers. Manifest before the contractーー」


I did it. I could finally summon 10 of them.

Next is 11. Next to that is 12. And finally exceed Emilia, and next to that, I will reproduce that giant spirit that Laura summoned.

Until that, there is no time to rest.


「Ha〜……ha〜……at least, at least one more time……」


The continuous use of magic powers had a huge burden on Charlotte’s mind, and even burdens her physical health.

And understanding that, she continues to train. She knew that resting is more efficient, but with that kind of normal way, she also knew she  would not be able to reach her.

Just like that, until to the brink of deathーー.




「You woke up? This is the infirmary」


When Charlotte woke up, a white ceiling, and Emilia who was sitting near her entered her sight.


「……did Emilia-sensei carry me up to here desu ka?」

「That is right. I felt a very large magic powers so I got curious and when I had a look, you were summoning spirits. And collapsed half way. You didn’t notice that I was near you right」

「What a blunder……」

「Concentrating is good, but that’s too reckless. What〜, that summon magic. Copying me?」

「Yes. If I could not exceed Emilia-sensei first, there is no match」


When Charlotte answered seriously, Emilia had the face like 「YareYare」 and shook her shoulders.


「Laura-san, and you too, why is it that too many of this year’s freshmen are hot-blooded」

「You are saying a very different thing. Originally, adventurers are that kind of living being」

「That’s true. That is why their life is short. They would die very early. If they could become sane in the middle of it, and if they could learn a clever way of living, they could probably live long though」


Most of the Gyrdorea Adventurer School’s students, had become sober after that match.

They would surely live a long life.


「A clever adventurer, is just a pseudo-adventurer desu wa. If they want to live long, they could just choose a different job from the start」


Here is a student who is still drunk.

A surely addict junkie.

Probably would not heal for a lifetime.

She could only think of winning, wanting to be strong, or she couldn’t live.


「Ne〜. I don’t know how and what Charlotte-san is thinking, defeating Laura-san, but I will give you just one advice」


Emilia was the only one in this world, that fought with Laura seriously.

And her advice, to Charlotte, in a meaning, it might be more valuable than the words of the Great Sage.


「What is it?」

「You shouldn’t use techniques that Laura-san doesn’t know of. That girl would learn whatever technique it is with only looking, and gets stronger and stronger while fighting. As soon as it is shown in the field, that card is going to be stolen. But, if you fight Laura-san with techniques that she know, at least, she would not grow very quickly」

「But, I cannot win with that」

「I know. That’s why if you are going to use an unknown move, use it only when finishing her off. You absolutely should aim for a one hit ko. If you fail to defeat her, it is the end. In the next instance, it would return in multiple times. You should not think fighting her was like with a human」

「……as I’ve thought, the words that had fought her is heavy desu wa」


The people who saw that match, had vaguely noticed.

Not only nothing would not have an effect, it would only let Laura grow.

What the aptitude number 9999 was, it appeared in a concrete form.

Using Emilia as a test table.

“Beyond human knowledge”, was the word that was for Laura.


「But, you’re going to fight her right?」

「Of course desu wa」


Charlotte answered shortly, and stood up from the bench.


「Are you okay? Should I go with you to the dormitory?」

「No. I am already fine. Thank you very much」


Inside her head, was full of how she was going to defeat Laura Edmonds.

She had no leeway caring about Emilia.








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