Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The level is too different


There is a training ground on the Gyrdorea Adventurer School

The reason of building it, was because of the tournament that is held between students every year, but it is also used on normal classes.


Today, with official approval of “Will be used by the freshmen class of the Magic Department”, the name Emilia Arkland was written.

The class contents, is to show an example of magic battle to the students.

Originally, that kind of classes are demonstrated by instructors, but this time, Laura Edmonds was chosen as the opponent.

For a reason, nobody would ask.


When Emilia asked for the cooperation of the other instructors, everyone willingly accepted.

To be alright even taking deadly injuries, a specialist of recovery magic is on stand-by.

To not have damages to the training ground’s seats, ten instructors who are excellent at defence magic are placed.

With only this line-up, how much fire power would today’s battle be, anyone could imagine.


「It looks like she’s going to fight seriously against a student」

「Isn’t it, she is planning to do(kill) it?」


As if taken aback,or as if impressed. I heard the voices of my co-workers.

That is not wrong at all.

Of course, I don’t really have the intention to kill her, but if I don’t have at least that kind of feeling, I’ll be killed within seconds instead.


「Sensei. For today, we’re rivals right!」


Laura who was standing on the training grounds, didn’t have a sword.

Although Emilia said that she could come with a sword, today was a magic battle and having a sword will be against the rules so Laura refused that.


Even so, how innocent that her expression of hers.

Emilia was relieved.


Although I was thinking what should I do if she was intimidated, but she also wants to have fun with today’s fight.

I’m sure that she was “this side” of a human.

Then, there is no need to hold back.


「It’s not only for today you know. Every adventurer, we are all rivals」

「I think so too. Father and Mother also said that! I will not lose!」

「You’ve said it. I will teach you that the world of magic isn’t so naive that you can win with only talents」


The audience is not only my students.

Even those from different school years, even those students from the Warrior Department, have come to watch.


If she lost with that, Emilia couldn’t be an instructor anymore.


Because it is nonsense that there is an instructor weaker than a student.


「Then, let’s start. Come, from wherever you want」


That was the sign to start the fight.

First was, the attack from Laura.

I don’t have the leeway to give a handicap, but that was the limit for the pride as an instructor.

If I go over that line, I won’t feel like I won even if I win.


「Well then, with no hesitation!」


In an instant, Laura ran.

Not even making a feint, she ran straight towards me.

Just fast as the cat monster, horned liger.

She is using muscle strengthening magic, that I thought, but I can’t feel the flow of magic powers.

Probably, it’s her own leg power. When I think about it, she was the proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs Edmonds.

The shadow of it is faint because of her talents on magic, but she is also a genius as a warrior.

It is needed to be cautious even with her physical strength.


Just like that, while Laura was running, she concentrated magic powers on her fist.

Is she planning to hit me directly.

Her idea was not that of a magician. Her way of using magic powers is very unskilled.

But, even so, there is enough magic powers concentrated in that fist to send cold shivers to my back.

If I was hit by that, I will surely die.


(Well, only if she was able to hit me though)


Emilia turned to attack her with ease.

First, stop Laura’s charge attack.

Interfere with the earth spirits without chanting. Raise the ground on the arena.




Considering the Laura’s history, this should be the first time she fight with a magician.

If it was just like the same time as the first day of school, if she was calmly standing still, she could’ve seen through the magic formula of the opponent and interfere with it. But, it looks like she couldn’t do it while fighting.


She couldn’t do anything to the ground suddenly rising on her feet, and Laura was thrown up very high just like that.

The attack continues.


「Thy mother earth. Thy flowing wind. I will sacrifice my magic powers. Hence, your body as a fang, pierce my enemy!」


The ground that rose, stretches just like that, became sharply edged, and became a giant lance.

And with the powers of the wind spirits, it was launched straight.

The aim is Laura of course.

Furthermore, there was another attack.

This time, from the sky.


「Thy sky rushing lightning. I will sacrifice my magic powers. Therefore, descend destruction from heavens. Burn down the ordeal before me」


It was a sunny day without clouds. There are no signs of the weather getting worse.

Even so, suddenly, lightning fell together with roaring sounds.

There exists, no proper theory.

Emilia sacrificed her own magic powers to the spirits, and bended the rules of the world.

Magic, is something like that.


I want to make smoke where there is no fire. I want to make rain fall on deserts. I wanting to make mountains on plains. I want to fly to the sky, I want to live a long life, I want to know everything.

There is no other kind of human more selfish than a magician.


That is why it is possible to attack a 9-year old girl seriously.

This combination of lance and lightning on a sunny day, had once killed a dragon flying in the sky.

After three years, Emilia’s magic power had become stronger than that time.

It means, Laura is being exposed to an attack that could kill even a dragon.

Normally, there would be no traces left.

Emilia would become a criminal who killed a young girl.


She is trusting her, that wouldn’t happen.


(Look, as I’ve thought)


Laura answered to Emilia’s trust.

While being in between the lance from below and the lightning that fell from the sky, she constructed a defence barrier with her inhuman magic powers.

She perfectly defended my attack.


(But, this is……!)


It was, too perfect. She went over my trust.

I didn’t think she would have no scratches at all.

This is why it is troublesome with geniuses.


(That’s right. I am ordinary. I got too much of myself before I met you. Thank you for letting me realize that. But, the one who will win today, is me)


Emilia’s trump cards are still alive.


I will show you everything that I had from I entered school and until today.


The instance she thought of that.


The one who moved was Laura.


「Sensei. The magic right now, I will copy it!」


Lightning fell again.

But the aim was not Laura, but it was Emilia.




I can’t believe it. She remembered it just by seeing it.


On top of that, it was with no chants. The power of it was also stronger than Emilia.


(I will not lose using my own technique!)


I surrounded myself with full powered defence barrier, and blocked the lightning fall.

Magic powers are being shaved, but the next instance that I would think of holding back I would lose.


「Come forth, Lightning Spirits. Devour my magic powers and thou descend!」


She casts a spell towards the lightning that fell to her.

Emilia’s magic powers spread, and poured into the spirits that control lightning.

The result was, the lightning that fell to attack Emilia, became human shaped and landed on the ground.

And their number, they were 20.


「The tide had been reversed, Laura-san. You are only going to fall to the ground from there. But spirits can fly to the sky. I can attack you one-sidedly. Don’t worry. I’ll heal you if you get injured」


The fight ended easier than I thought.

Even though I was taken aback a few times, she is only a beginner on magic.

Even if her magic powers and talents are enormous, this will happen if she don’t know how to use it.


Just like that, when Emilia was being relieved.


「Come forth, Lightning Spirits. I’ll give my magic powers. And let everyone know. Enlighten them what destruction is」


Laura casted a spell.

And a monster had appeared on the top of the training grounds.


(No. That’s only, a lightning spirit. It’s not a kind of evil god or spirit beast. But, this is……)


20 lightning spirits that Emilia uses. It was larger than those even if you lined them up vertically.

The level of magic powers used to tame spirits was too different.

Probably, to Laura, she only copied my technique.

But, because of that, the difference of talents directly appears.


These small spirits is Emilia’s vessel.

The spirit that sits on the sky like a king is Laura’s vessel.




Emilia ordered to her spirits, and made them fly.

It was a tackle coated with high-voltage current.

Even if that was a dragon or even if that was a griffon, it would be burnt black……but it was absorbed.

The spirit in the sky became more and more larger.


「Slice it」


While Laura was free falling, she whispered.

And then, the giant spirit, changed its shape.

From its right hand lightning stretches, and a sword appeared.

It wasn’t the side to slice a human. A dragon, no, it might be an attack that could split a castle into two.


(I’ll, die……!)


Not being able to resist the fear of that being swung down to herself, Emilia closed her eyes and squatted.

Her will to fight was smashed into pieces.

It means, she had lost. Her life as a magician had ended.

And her life ends nextーー.








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