Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Although I know that it’s childish


Emilia Arkland had confidence that she excels.

In the first place, she thinks that people who doesn’t have confidence in themselves shouldn’t be an instructor.

It would be rude to the students.


I decided to be an adventurer at 14.

I was saved from an orcs and goblins horde that attacked our village by the Great Sage who was nearby by chance.

Living legend, Calrotte Gyrdorea.

Her silvery-white hair that flutters by the wind was beautiful. Her back, looked so manly. The one attack that she swept the orcs and goblins with, it was very dazzling.

And ,”It’s all right now”, her smile the time she reached out her hand to me while saying that, she looked like a goddess to me.


And the next year, Emilia entered the Royal Gyrdorea Adventurer School.

After three years, she graduated with summa cum laude, and became a C-Ranker Adventurer.

From there, she rose up with irresistible force, and climbed up to B-Rank in only two years.

And a month after that.

She quickly sensed the dragon that flew nearby the royal capital, and defeated it by herself.

With this, she became A-Rank. At that time, 20 years old.

She was the youngest living A-Ranker Adventurer.


And from the Great Sage that she admired, she received the title of “Dragon Slayer”, and was invited to be an instructor of the school.

And, right now, 23 years old.


Even now, I still have no doubts that I excel.

Even as an instructor, I had been doing well up until now.


But, this year’s freshmen are ridiculous.

Emilia’s aptitude in magic is 80-90. At her class year, she was the most talented.

But this year, being over 80 at their best skills are not uncommon. There are also those who exceeded 90.

If you talk about Charlotte Gazard, her aptitude in attack magic is 120. A genius among the geniuses.


And what makes that to the extreme is, Laura Edmonds.

Magic aptitude value all 9999.

It was ridiculous numbers, that all you can do left was to laugh.


Every instructor, became restless in front of Laura’s talent.

Even if white was black, she should enter the Magic Department, they became rushing like that.

It was some kind of a panic situation. After all, she had more talents than the Great Sage.


And Emilia, was happy because she became the homeroom teacher of the magic aptitude value all 9999 girl.

She was looking forward on how she would grow.

Simply, she would grow a hundred times faster than a decent genius. She might become stronger than herself by the time of graduationーーshe had half-hearted recognition about it.

That was naive.


In the first day of class, she shot that magic with ridiculous power, and she almost killed all freshmen.

And Emilia, couldn’t protect the students completely.

The defence barrier that Emilia constructed, was on the verge of collapsing

But, Laura cuts in the magic formula, poured in magic, and strengthened it.

Thanks to that, everyone had no scratch. It ended without anything happening.


「A 9 year old girl who had just entered school, cuts in my magic formula, and even strengthened it……what the, what was that. Even I, have pride at least」


It’s not like she had bad intentions.

Instead, I should’ve said thanks to her, for stopping it from becoming a devastation.

But, not being honest there, is my immature part.

Envy comes first.

I felt like all the hard work that I had done until now, was denied.

The path that I walked through for years, was only the first step to that girl, I was shown that.


「And to protect that small pride, I picked a fight with a student……Really, what am I doing」


If it was alright, at least during after school, I would’ve let her practice her sword.

More than that, after the freshmen got used to school quite a bit, Emilia would’ve said that herself.


But instead of that, Emilia was enraged by the words “there’s nothing to learn from someone who’s weaker than me”.

The opponent was a child, and also seriously.


Instructor failure. Adult failure.

While being conscious of that, Emilia, will be on a duel against Laura tomorrow. There is no change on that plan.

After all, I’m an adventurer.

There no way “normal adults” would exist in adventurers.

If they see someone stronger than themselves, challenging them is the only choice.

If not, you cannot say that you are an adventurer.

That is why half of the instructors, have experience of challenging the Great Sage and had met defeat.


「How childish」


There was co-workers that said that. But in that face “I’m jealous” is written.


「If you lost, I’m the one next」


There were also instructors who honestly said that.


Really, really, what a timely group.

Although they are usually making a bossy look in front of the students. Their mental age hadn’t changed since their teens.

They cannot help themselves wanting to fight.


In front of Laura Edmonds, who was a chunk of talents, ignoring and thinking that she was a different living thing than themselves, was the proof of being normal. It’s how adults think.

Emilia Arkland is 23 years old. After half a year, she would be 24.


But tomorrow, with all of her heart put into it, she is prepared to fight that super-genius.

Without caring about the win or loss, she is planning to recognize Laura’s freedom after school, this is already, a fight for herself.

Of course, if they’re going to do it, she’s planning to win.









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