Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: My cheeks will stretch!


「By the way, Laura-san. Are you not stupid no?」

「Eh, what is that suddenly?」


Evening. Laura who was relaxing on her room, was called stupid by Charlotte suddenly.

There wasn’t a hint of it, and she also didn’t have any clues, so rather than being angry, she was astonished.

And seemingly not liking Laura’s face, Charlotte raised her eyebrow more and more, *Muni* started to pinch that face.


「I-It hurts, Charlotte-san!」

「You get what you deserve desuwa!」


It looks like she was really angry.

But, Laura had no clues of what that was about, and cannot even apologize.


「That face, that’s a face that means you do not have a clue desuwa ne. Today, you, not only did you went to the Warrior Department’s training grounds, but you also made a fight with Emilia-sensei right!」

「……Ahh, about that huh」

「It’s not “Ahh” desuwa! Even I had not gone for a fight to the Warrior Deparment. Even I had not sent a challenge letter to an instructor!!」

「No, it’s not like I went for fight though. I didn’t also send challenge letter」


In the Warrior Department’s training grounds, I just went there like I’m going to come and play. That thing with Emilia-sensei, it only became like that with the flow of things.

I can say clearly that I did not do that because I aim to be the top of the school, just like Charlotte.


「How can I say this……while having such an obedient face, the things you do are flashy desuwa ne!」


*GuiGui* Charlotte was pulling back both of Laura’s cheeks.


「It hurts, please stop it〜!」

「I would not stop, this is for discipline!」


「Wh-What’s with these soft cheeks……I’ll become addicted to it desuwa!」

「Charlotte-san, your objective is changing〜」


After a few minutes. Laura’s cheeks were finally released.


When I touched it, I feel like it had been stretched.

Isn’t this, bullying.


「Mou, Charlotte-san, you’re cruel!」

「Laura-san is bad because you seduced me with that cute face desuwa!」

「I don’t remember doing that!」


Laura’s face was always like this.

If her face would be a valid reason to pull her cheeks, then Laura’s cheeks would be pulled at all times.

It would surely be stretched that it touches the ground.


「Well, enough about the cheeks……are you okay? Emilia-sensei is young, but she’s a A-Ranker Adventurer. Definitely top-notch. There is the wall of experience that cannot be done with only talents desuwa. You, you made the condition that you cannot use the sword until graduation if you lose right? Is that alright? Would she not forgive you if you apologized right now?」


Being told that, Laura’s eyes rolled.


Why is this person who is called Charlotte Gazard, thinking such cowardice.


「Charlotte-san, if you were in my position, would you say sorry because you are afraid of losing?」


This time, Charlotte groaned like “Uu”.


That is the natural thing, for people like Laura and Charlotte.


I want to reach the top, I want to become stronger. There are a lot of ways to do that, but the two of them were clumsy.


In these few days, I knew only by talking.

We were alike.

We were not good at having a detour, we only know how to charge. Rather than standing still and think, we’d rather repeat tackling.

It might seem like it is inefficient, but this is the best way.

Because, the moment that I stopped living like this, I wouldn’t know what to do.


「……Certainly, that was thoughtless words. Then, let us change the topic. How do you plan to win? I do not now anything about what Emilia-sensei can do desuwa. There is no way of making a plan. There is only one thing you can do. Bring out everything that you can do right now. It means, it would be head-on fight with power. Even if Laura-san’s aptitude in all kinds of magic is 9999, I can only say that having an A-Ranker as an opponent is bad desuwa. Yet, when I look at your face……I can only see that you are not considering defeat……」

「Don’t tell me that. Even I wouldn’t think too much of myself like that. The opponent is a sensei. I am also thinking that I might lose」


To be precise, when we were having a quarrel at the training grounds, I was very confident.

But, being composed after that, I had to admit it was reckless.

Even so, even if the same situation happens again, I would probably do the same thing.

Considering, if I win against Emilia, I can practice the sword after school.


「I’ll fight and win. With only that, I can have what I had wanted. It’s easy to understand and very simple. In addition, even if I lose it’s not like I would die. I would just need to focus on magic until graduation. There’s no reason to run away. Three years is very long, but I can’t handle it any longer. Tomorrow, I will win against Emilia-sensei, and I will get my freedom after school. I am not thinking about anything other than that」

「I see. Laura-san. You, you really have the same way that I think. But, even so……」


Charlotte stopped her words for a minute, let out a sigh, and smiled wryly.


「When I hear it from another person, it makes me realize, how ridiculous that kind of thinking is」

「I-It’s not that ridiculous!」


Although Laura was being serious.


Why do I have to be called stupid so many times in a day.


She had no clue.




「B-By the way, Laura-san……I’ll swallow my pride and ask something of you……」

「What is it, Charlotte-san. If it’s something that I can do, I’ll do it you know」


Turning of the lights, the room darkened.

They both went to their bed, when she was preparing to sleep.

Charlotte started to “ask” for something with a ruffled, bad tone.

As far as Laura knew, Charlotte was always brisk on her speech. That Charlotte, was being tame, so it should be something very important.

Laura forces her heavy eyelids, and keeps an ear out for what she was asking for.


「Uhm, actually. For a long time, I was always embracing my stuffed toy when I am going to sleep……and without that, I could not sleep……and Laura-san, is almost the same size with that stuffed toy. That is why……」

「Ahh! That’s why everyday, when I wake up, Charlotte-san was always embracing me huh! I was thinking of what’s that about」

「Yes……that’s why, today also……」

「It’s ok desuyo. Rather, I’m happy. Wa〜i, I will be embraced by Charlotte-san!」


Laura was remembering the times she slept together with her mother in the past, *KoroKoro* and rolled over to Charlotte, and laid down close to her.


「Come now, please! Do what you want to me!」

「Th-Then, without reserve, I am going to hug you desuwa……!」


Charlotte puts her hands around her, *Mugyu* and pushed Laura to her chest.

Soft, and warm.

That was, even for Laura, a very good feeling.

But, she cannot be compared how mesmerized Charlotte was.


「Hafuu〜……how splendid and comfortable this embrace is……Laura-san, your pillow aptitude is also 9999 desuwaa〜」

「Ehehe, thank you very much」

「Laura-san, you shouldn’t grow up until graduation. This size is the best you know」

「Yes………no way! I want to grow up properly!」

「You shouldn’t!」

「No way!」

「You can’t!」



Exchanging words like that, after a few minutes.





While embracing each other, the two of them got to sleep together.









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