Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I want to practice the sword


That man was holding a spear.

His age was in the mid forties. He’s older than Laura’s parents.

He is not wearing a uniform, so he might be an instructor.


「What, Sensei. Is it bad to do a mock battle?」


Anna mumbled with despise.


「Mock battle itself isn’t bad……but the opponent is. That is Laura Edmonds who have 9999 aptitude in all magic, right. Being here itself is a problem. If she get exhausted here and it had effects in tomorrow’s lesson, I will get complains from the Magic Department instructors」

「But, the joint training of the Magic Department and Warrior department, is recommended, I learned that in the lessons」

「That’s right, if it was a normal person. And also, there isn’t a joint training in the freshmen very often. First, you should solidify the basics of the areas of your expertise. It is not too late even if you became second years. So, Laura. You go home!」


That instructor, as if to brush away a fly, he flutters his hand.

She went the way of being able to talk to Anna, and she was about to have a mock battle with her.

Being interrupted with that, Laura felt the blood going up to her head.


「That’s tyranny! I wanted to enter the Warrior Department, but it was decided I would transfer to the Magic Department without me knowing……but even so, I endured it and took lessons. And when I was thinking it’s fine, at least during after class, but you still say that is wrong?!! I, love the sword!! I should also have talents in it because I’m Father’s daughter. Please. Even if it’s during after class, please let me be here!」


Laura clings to the instructor, and begged desperately.

So desperately, that it was the first time she begged for something from someone in her whole life.


「Well yeah……your aptitude in the sword is 107. There’s no doubt, a genius. But, it is a normal genius. Compared to that, your aptitude in magic is all 9999, that is unprecedented. It is being said that the Great Sage-sama is around 3000-6000. In the first place, that device’s setting is only limited to 9999, your aptitude number might be a lot higher. Honestly, I also want to train you. I’m looking forward on how much you would grow. But……if you don’t learn magic, it would be the loss for humanity. That’s why……let’s give up, the both of us!!」

「No way……even so, I still want to train my sword!」


After screaming that, Laura started crying with a loud voice.

She cried without caring about the shame and reputation.


It’s not like I don’t like magic. Thanks to Charlotte, I was starting to like it.

But, this and that, are different things.

It is impossible for me to throw away the sword.


Laura wanted to be like her goal, no, she wanted to be a swordsman that would exceed her father.

And being said to give that up, there isn’t something more cruel.


「Uhm……I was passing by, and I heard Laura-san’s crying voice, what happened?」


And, there came Laura’s homeroom teacher, Emilia.


「Ohh, Emilia. You came in a good time. As you can see. Laura challenged our student to a mock battle with the sword. She started crying when I stopped her. I can understand this child’s feeling, but……I’ll leave the rest to you!」

「Ahh, it was like that. Come, Laura-san. Let’s go back. If you want to practice, I will practice with you all you want」

「I don’t want to!! I want the sword!! Aren’t I practicing magic during the class!!」

「Ara. Magic is very deep you know. Even how much you practice, there’s no end to it」

「But, there’s nothing to learn from someone who’s weaker than me!! Sensei, is weaker than me right!!」


Laura said her real feelings.

Usually, she was thinking of that but didn’t say it, but right now, Emilia was only an enemy that was on her way.

The next instance, *Piku* something sounded like it was torn apart.

And,*PikuPiku* Emilia’s temple started convulsing, and a blue vein emerges.


「Weaker……? You said that to me……who defeated a dragon by myself, to me who received the title “Dragon Slayer” from Great Sage-sama……weaker than a student who had just entered school you say?! Ha! Don’t get on yourself even if your aptitude number is 9999, Laura-san!!」

「What if you defeated a dragon! My Father and Mother, said that it was easy even if they were to fight 1 vs 3!!」

「Khu!……Your parent’s have nothing to do with that! We are talking about Laura-san right now!」


Emilia seemed to be really angry.

But, Laura couldn’t turn back with that.


Being denied of the sword, means the same thing as my life being denied.

Bullshit to that aptitude number.

What’s wrong doing what you want after school.


「O-Oi, Emilia……your opponent is a child you know」


The instructor who was holding a spear, tried to calm Emilia down.


「Senpai should shut up!」


But, he was dismissed with that. The angry Emilia was very scary.


「……Laura-san. If you say that much, let’s do a fight. Tomorrow, after the morning’s class. In front of the whole class. I was just thinking that it was about time to let you see what is a magician battle was like. I will use you as an example!」

「Just what I want! If I win, you are going to acknowledge practicing the sword after school right?!」

「Of course. In exchange, if Sensei wins, Laura will be using only magic until graduation. Is it a deal!」

「It’s a deal. Because I would win」

「That confidence, I’ll break it! That is the role of an instructor!」


Emilia reddened her face, turns back, and went out the training grounds while shaking her shoulders.

Laura also roughens her breathing, glares at Emilia’s back, and made a bleah.


「……Emilia, there’s a limit on being childish……that’s too much of a turn off」


The male instructor let out a dismayed voice.

In contrast, the students who were listening around, had their eyes shining.

Instructor vs Student.

And that of an instructor beauty and a freshmen with aptitude number 9999 cards.

It’s determined that it would gather attention.


「Sensei! Tomorrow’s morning lesson, can’t we visit the Magic Department?! I think that seeing other expertise will be a very good lesson!!」

「I agree! By the way, I will bet that Laura-chan would win!」

「Then, I’ll go with Emilia-sensei. Actually, I’m a fan of that sensei」

「Ahh, that glasses are good right」

「What are you talking about」


With that ridiculous momentum enveloping, and even the spearman male instructor was groan like “U〜n”, and started to think about it. It looks like he was also interested in it.


And then, *GuiGui* Anna started to pull Laura’s uniform.


「……You cannot lose. I, want to practice the sword with you. That’s why……」


Anna stared at me with her huge eyes.

I received the impression of a squirrel from that.

But, I knew clearly that fighting spirits were burning on the back of that.

She is also, finding her rival.

If that’s so, I need to answer to that.


Laura also wants to fight Anna. She wants to polish her skills with her.


「It’s alright. It seems, I’m really good in magic. I will surely win. And, I will also win against Anna-san next」


「……I’m looking forward」


When Laura smiled fearlessly, Anna also made a thin smile.


I am the strongest. Both of us think like that.

If not, reaching for the top, is very, very.…








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