Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Time for departure


「Vanguard is nice you know」


That was Edmonds House’s motto.

In fact, Laura’s parents were both vanguards at the time they were adventurers.


Father, Bruno is a swordsman.

Mother, Dora is a spearman.

The two paired as a duo, defeated a giant dragon, explore a dungeon, and were discovering new species of organisms.


They were already retired from the frontlines, but they are still getting rid of the monsters that appear near the town, and their skill weren’t dulled at all.


「Magic is a skill that a weak person uses. They are cowards that sneak behind us vanguards while fighting」


Bruno’s way of thinking was very biased, and if a normal adventurer would hear it he would be outraged.

But, Bruno and Dora really didn’t add a magician in their party after all, and did a lot of feat with only vanguards.

The A-Rank Adventurer husband and wife, that is still being talked about.

In front of that brilliant achievements, everyone would only be reticent.


Not that much like Bruno, but Dora has the same way of thinking.

That’s why, the two of them were not planning to make their daughter Laura to a magician. They weren’t thinking of it at all.


And Laura who grew up being whispered 「Vanguard is good you know」, also decided to be a swordsman like her father.

Register at an Adventurer’s Guild, and live by hunting monsters together with spearmen and axemen.

She believed that without any doubts.


But. Laura has one, a secret that she couldn’t tell anybody.

Although she only practiced a little, for some reason she was able to use magic.

She knew that, because of only curiosity.

When she was 3 years old, she took interest in the magic that was written in the picture book, and imagined about it with a light feeling.


Flames, appearーーshe thought.


As a result a ball of flame really appeared on the palm of her hands.

Laura knew that her Father and Mother despised magic. Magic is something evil.

And that abomination, she used it although it was only as a game.

Laura became frightened, entered her sheets and cried on it.

After that, not using magic at all,  she followed her father, Bruno, who was teaching her the sword, and worked hard by practicing earnestly.  

Laura herself, liked the sword.

She knew that she was getting better each day.

And the one who rejoiced the most in the talent of the child, was Bruno after all.


But when she became 8 years old, she used magic again.

She saw an injured cat at the yard, and instinctively healed it with Recovery Magic.

Although she knew that she was going to be hated by her parents if they found out, she wasn’t able to leave the cat by itself.


And she wonders, why does she have talent on magic.

She didn’t knew all about magic, but without practice being able to release a ball of fire, heal a wound, isn’t it strange she thought.


No, that doesn’t matter.

I won’t use magic anymore.

I will live by the sword.


She hardened her resolution, and Laura became 9 years old.


「Laura. Isn’t it time for you to take the exam to the Adventurer’s School? The Warrior Department there is good you know. The only drawback was that the Great Sage is the school principal……but other than it’s amazing! Normally, the exam is taken around 15 years old, but you are a sword genius. You should pass with a margin. If you already have that level of proficiency, you should go out to the world. You shouldn’t be staying in such a countryside」


The parent that sermons to his daughter that 「You shouldn’t be staying in such a countryside」 is the parent, but Laura who heard that nodded obediently also.


I want to become a full-fledged adventurer as soon as possible. I want to fight monsters with my sword.

Father recognized me. Then I will pass the examination for sure.


「I think that it’s too early though……」


The mother, Dora, said that, but she didn’t deny her daughter’s talents.

If the person has the will to do it, then there is no reason to force her to a stop.

It was because, after all, Dora was an adventurer in and out.


And at the winter that Laura had her birthday and became 9 years old. Riding the carriage with her mother and father, she came to the Royal Capital.

There she would take the Adventurer School’s exam.


She was a swordsman applicant, so she showed her skill with the sword against the examiner, through a match’s form.

The examiner was also a current student.

Originally, having a good fight with him would mean a pass, but Laura won against the examiner.

And her head was also not bad, so she passed the written test with a margin.


「You’re amazing Laura. You are really, Otou-san’s proud daughter」

「Okaa-san’s proud too. Laura is living in a dormitory starting spring huh. It will be lonely if Laura was gone……But it’s true that your talents shouldn’t be buried because of parent’s selfishness. You should do your best」


Being praised by her parents, Laura rejoiced from the bottom of her heart.


I was happy winning against the examiner.

The practice that I’ve been doing until now was bearing fruit.

I want to be strong as I can.


「Someday, I will become stronger than Otou-san and Okaa-san you know!」

「Ohh, you told it huh!」

「Fufu, I’m looking forward it」


And once, they returned to their hometown, and lived their lives as usual during the winter.

When the snow starts melting, riding a carriage, went again towards the Royal Capital.

This time, alone.


If it go smoothly, three years. Laura will learn combat techniques at the Adventurer’s School, and the same time with graduation, she will be a C-Rank Adventurer.

But, if someone was lettered as a failure by the school side, they will be expelled mercilessly, and without waiting for graduation they will have to go home.

Of course, Laura wasn’t worried about being expelled at all.


I am strong. I have a talent in swords. I’m also doing my best.

While looking at the home town that was becoming small, 「I will be the school’s number one swordsman」, I resolute.  


「Also, it would be nice if I make many friends……」


Laura at this time, forgot about, the unlimited talent at magic that she had.

And, that the school’s side wouldn’t let go of that talent alone, she was not able to realize it.








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